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Ultimate Album Justice: Best of the 2010s Edition (ALL REVEALS COMPLETE!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ironheade, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Indeed there was, run by @DJHazey using the same format that I now am.
  2. I’m so sorry, @Ironheade ! Hugs!

    There was a general edition a few years ago, Carly Rae Jepsen won that one if I remember correctly.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It feels like both Ultimate Album & Song Justice just started a few months ago but let's blame corona for that
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  4. 10. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

    47 Points – @Seventeen Days (10) + @MollieSwift21 (8) + @Petty Mayonnaise (7) + @beyoncésweave (6) + @Reboot (6) + @Trouble in Paradise (4) + @theelusivechanteuse (3) + @Butterfly (1) + @vague (1) + @Crisp X (1)


    Year: 2018
    Country: USA
    Label: MCA Nashville
    Genres: Country
    Songwriters: Kacey Musgraves, Trent Dabbs, Luke Dick, Ian Fitchuk, Jesse Frasure, Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey, Shane McAnally, Tommy Schleiter, Daniel Tashian, Amy Wadge
    Producers: Kacey Musgraves, Ian Fitchuk, Daniel Tashian
    Chart positions: #4 (USA), #6 (UK)
    Sales: 735,000 (USA)​

    Track list
    1. Slow Burn
    2. Lonely Weekend
    3. Butterflies
    4. Oh, What a World
    5. Mother
    6. Love is a Wild Thing
    7. Space Cowboy
    8. Happy & Sad
    9. Velvet Elvis
    10. Wonder Woman
    11. High Horse
    12. Golden Hour
    13. Rainbow
    Japanese bonus tracks
    14. Merry Go 'Round
    15. Follow Your Arrow
    16. High Horse (Violents Remix)

    Track picks and commentary

    Seventeen Days:
    Personal Favorite Song: “Space Cowboy”
    - Newcomer Recommendation: “High Horse”
    - Underrated Favorite/Deep Cut: “Velvet Elvis”

    Personal Favorite: Rainbow
    New listener: Oh, What A World
    Deep cut: Mother

    Petty Mayonnaise:
    Favorite: Rainbow
    Beginner: High Horse
    Deep Cut: Love Is A Wild Thing

    Favourite: “Oh, What A World”
    Recommendation: “Slow Burn”
    Deepcut: “Happy & Sad”

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique etc. etc.

    personal favourite: Slow Burn
    the song you would recommend to a newcomer: High Horse
    personal underrated favourite or deep cut: Happy & Sad

    Trouble in Paradise:
    Personal Favorite: Oh, What A World
    Song to Recommend: Slow Burn
    Deep Cut: Happy & Sad

    Kacey Musgraves spoke about how the writing of Golden Hour was inspired by entering the “golden hour” of her life. Things were in flux but in a good way. After the disorienting transitions and twists of my early and mid twenties, I too found myself entering this golden hour. Life had settled into a pattern of contentment in more ways than I could even fathom. I’m no longer battling my own identity and the personal upheavals of relationships with people doing the same. Instead, I’m facing the ho-hum feeling of a weekend without my partner and the struggles of making a relationship work long term. More than that, I’ve turned my gaze outward.

    Throughout Golden Hour, Kacey does the same: mourning the way time and distance can get in the way of connection in “Mother” and marveling in the wonders of the universe and love in “Oh, What a World.” Love is a constant in Golden Hour, but Kacey explores it with the nuance of someone who’s felt the highs and lows and has learned it’s the easy warmth of contentment that brings about the glow. “Butterflies” glides by in a rose colored haze until you unspool the lyrics to find the heart of being rediscovered in love. “Love is a Wild Thing” and “Space Cowboy” are either side of the maxim that love requires freedom. The album ultimately ends with the one-two punch of “Golden Hour” and “Rainbow” reflecting the need for both an abiding love for another and one’s own self love to reach true happiness.

    a. Fav: Slow Burn
    b. For newcomer: Butterflies
    c. Underrated: Golden Hour

    Personal Favourite: Slow Burn
    Song I'd Recommend...: High Horse
    Underrated/Deep Cut: Butterflies

    my personal favourite: Love Is A Wild Thing
    the song I would recommend to a newcomer: High Horse
    my personal underrated favourite/deep cut: Happy & Sad

    Crisp X:
    Personal favorite: Slow Burn
    Recommanded to newcomers: Space Cowboy
    Favorite deep cut: Oh What a World
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  5. 8. Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time
    (1 of 2)

    49 Points – @Runawaywithme (10) + @Phonetics Boy (9) + @japanbonustrack (8) + @Island (6) + @fatyoshi (5) + @AshleyKerwin (5) + @aux (4) + @Hurricane Drunk (2)


    Year: 2013
    Country: USA
    Label: Capitol
    Genres: Indie Pop/Synthpop/Noise-Pop/Alternative Dance
    Songwriters: Sky Ferreira, Jordan Benik, Ashlee Gardner, Daniel Nigro, Jeremiah Raisen, Justin Raisen, Ariel Rechtshaid
    Producers: Ariel Rechtshaid
    Chart positions: #40 (AUS), #45 (USA)
    Sales: 39,000 (USA)
    Track list
    1. Boys
    2. Ain't Your Right
    3. 24 Hours
    4. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)
    5. I Blame Myself
    6. Omanko
    7. You're Not the One
    8. Heavy Metal Heart
    9. Kristine
    10. I Will
    11. Love in Stereo
    12. Night Time, My Time
    International edition bonus tracks
    13. Everything is Embarrassing
    14. Everything is Embarrassing (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)

    Limited edition bonus disc: Ghost EP
    1. Sad Dream
    2. Lost in My Bedroom
    3. Ghost
    4. Red Lips
    5. Everything is Embarrassing
    Japanese edition
    1. Boys
    2. Ain't Your Right
    3. 24 Hours
    4. Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)
    5. I Blame Myself
    6. You're Not the One
    7. Heavy Metal Heart
    8. Kristine
    9. I Will
    10. Love in Stereo
    11. Night Time, My Time
    12. Sad Dream
    13. Lost in My Bedroom
    14. Ghost
    15. Red Lips
    16. Everything is Embarrassing
    17. Everything is Embarrassing (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)
    Track picks and commentary

    This album means so much to me it’s hard to put into words. There was never any doubt that it would be my number one of the decade. Throughout most of my teenage years, I had this album on repeat and in a way grew up with it. I would put my headphones on and blast this album whenever the world felt like it was all too much, and I just felt like shutting down and somehow this album would help me make some kind of sense of what’s going on, or at least make me feel somehow comforted for a while, even though it’s not exactly an uplifting listen, it’s very cathartic in parts. There’s something about this album it’s hard to put your finger on. It’s dark and frantic and angry and even disturbing in parts, but it also has a big beating pop heart at its core, just one that’s been bashed a little, and sheer grit and determination in Sky’s delivery and lyrics. The production on the whole thing is stunning, and feels like being transported to another dimension, and isn’t exactly like anything else I’ve ever heard before (or since, for that matter)despite a wide range of obvious (and so not so) influences. I still get such a rush when the guitars and drums in “Boys” kick in, and just before the mighty 24 hours climax in the chorus and in lots of other moments on the record I go on to rediscover whenever I replay it. I genuinely couldn’t really imagine my decade without this album, and all the memories it’s soundtracked from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and I have yet to grow tired of any of it. And not to mention it but it is a shame that for whatever reason she hasn’t been able to put a record since, here’s to hoping that changes this decade, but even if doesn't, she’ll always have this mighty beast of an album, and nothing can take that away from her.

    Favourite: Night Time, My Time
    Recommended: 24 Hours
    Underrated: Kristine

    Phonetics Boy:
    The album that induced tears.

    Personal favourite - Heavy Metal Heart and I Blame Myself; they're inseparable, sorry
    Recommendation - 24 Hours
    Underrated - Ain't Your Right

    Personal fav. "Night Time, My Time"
    Recommend. "You're Not the One"
    Deep cut. "Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)"

    favorite: I Blame Myself
    recommendation: You're Not The One
    underrated: Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)

    Personal favorite: 24 Hours
    Song for newcomer: You're Not the One
    Favorite deep cut: I Will

    Absolutely wonderful and everything I needed at the time of its release. Every track on this short of maybe Kristine means so much to me.

    My first exposure to Sky Ferreira was 24 Hours being a free iTunes single of the week. This was if I remember correctly, not too long before Night Time, My Time came out so it was good timing in terms of me becoming a fan. I missed out on most of the mess that came before that, short of being able to find a physical copy of the B-Sides CD but not the actual album ddddddd.

    Writing this up really made it sink in that we've hit the 2020s and I'm still perched for the next release. I'm a clown.

    Favorite: You're Not the One
    Recommended: You're Not the One
    Underrated: Kristine

    The alternative pop rock album of the decade.

    My personal favourite track on here is Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay), that chorus is just perfection. The track I’d recommend to a newcomer would be You’re Not The One, certainly the poppiest thing on here. My favourite deep cut is Omanko, a banger.

    Hurricane Drunk:
    Everything Is Embarrassing
    You're Not The One
    I Will
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  6. 8. Grimes – Art Angels
    (2 of 2)

    49 Points – @sfmartin (10) + @japanbonustrack (10) + @happiestgirl (10) + @Verandi (9) + @Hurricane Drunk (8) + @theelusivechanteuse (1) + @ohnostalgia (1)


    Year: 2015
    Country: Canada
    Label: 4AD
    Genres: Art Pop/Electropop/Alternative Dance
    Songwriters: Grimes, Aristophanes, Janelle Monae
    Producers: Grimes
    Chart positions: #16 (CAN), #28 (NZ), #30 (AUS), #31 (UK/IRE), #36 (USA)
    Sales: 50,000 (USA)​

    Track list
    1. Laughing and Not Being Normal
    2. California
    3. Scream (feat. Aristophanes)
    4. Flesh Without Blood
    5. Belly of the Beat
    6. Kill V. Maim
    7. Artangels
    8. Easily
    9. Pin
    10. Realiti (not on vinyl release)
    11. World Princess Part II
    12. Venus Fly (feat. Janelle Monae)
    13. Life in the Vivid Dream
    14. Butterfly
    CD edition bonus track
    15. Realiti (demo)

    Japanese edition bonus track
    16. Go (BloodPop Remix)

    Track picks and commentary

    Personal favourite - Kill v Maim
    Best for a new listener - Realiti
    Underrated pick - Artangels

    Nowadays I can't stand Claire but I would be lying if I said this album didn't have a big influence in me... Sounds exaggerated but it brings me back to some of the happiest memories of my life, when I started treatment for my mental disorders haha. I related to this album a lot at the exact time of release which is funny. 10/10 .

    Personal fav. "Butterfly"
    Recommend. "Kill V Maim"
    Deep cut. "Pin"

    My Favorite: Belly of the Beat
    My Rec for First Time Listeners: Flesh Without Blood
    Underrated Gem: Artangels

    Personal favourite: Flesh Without Blood
    Song I'd recommend to a newcomer: Kill V. Maim
    Personal underrated favourite or deep cut: Easily

    Hurricane Drunk:
    Flesh Without Blood

    a. Fav: California
    b. For newcomer: Art Angels
    c. Underrated: Butterfly

    Favourite Song: California
    Newcomer Song: Flesh Without Blood
    Underrated Song: Butterfly
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  7. 7. Taylor Swift – 1989

    53 Points – @ohnostalgia (10) + @Ugly Beauty (10) + @Ashling92 (10) + @happiestgirl (9) + @Dangerous Maknae (7) + @Serg. (4) + @DJHazey (2) + @saviodxl (1)


    Year: 2014
    Country: USA
    Label: Big Machine
    Genres: Synthpop/Electropop
    Songwriters: Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Imogen Heap, Max Martin, Ali Payami, Shellback, Ryan Tedder
    Producers: Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Nathan Chapman, Imogen Heap, Greg Kurstin, Max Martin, Mattman & Robin, Ali Payami, Shellback, Ryan Tedder, Noel Zancanella
    Chart positions: #1 (USA/CAN/AUS/NZ/UK/IRE/NOR/NLD/FLA/SWI/MEX)
    Sales: 10,100,000 (worldwide)​

    Track list
    1. Welcome to New York
    2. Blank Space
    3. Style
    4. Out of the Woods
    5. All You Had to Do Was Stay
    6. Shake It Off
    7. I Wish You Would
    8. Bad Blood
    9. Wildest Dreams
    10. How You Get the Girl
    11. This Love
    12. I Know Places
    13. Clean
    Digital download deluxe edition bonus tracks
    14. Wonderland
    15. You Are in Love
    16. New Romantics

    Target deluxe edition bonus tracks
    17. I Know Places (piano/vocal voice memo)
    18. I Wish You Would (piano/vocal voice memo)
    19. Blank Space (piano/vocal voice memo)

    Track picks and commentary

    Favourite Song: New Romantics
    Newcomer Song: Out of the Woods
    Underrated Song: You Are In Love

    Ugly Beauty:
    Favorite Track: Style or Clean
    Underrated: U R In Love
    For Beginners: Shake It Off or Blank Space

    Personal Fave Song: Out of the Woods
    Song I’d Recommend: New Romantics
    Underrated/Deep Cut: I Know Places
    1989 speaks for itself - it’s a perfect pop album. I could’ve made a strong case for any of the 3 best Taylor albums of the decade (Speak Now and Red being the other two), but for sheer consistency and amazing pop, I have to give it to 1989. This was Taylor’s imperial era, and I’m so glad I was there to witness it. The 1989 tour was also the first time I saw Taylor live, after making a very last minute decision to see her while on a business trip to Toronto. That concert was absolutely incredible and probably the moment when I went from fan to Swiftie stan. There’s genuinely so much to love on this album, but my personal holy trinity is Out of the Woods, New Romantics and Blank Space.

    My Favorite: Out of the Woods
    My Rec for First Time Listeners: Style
    Underrated Gem: You Are In Love

    Dangerous Maknae:
    Favorite: Blank Space
    New Listener: Shake It Off
    Underrated: All You Had to Was Stay

    Personal Favourite - I Know Places
    Recommend - Style
    Underrated - Wonderland

    Favorite: I Know Places
    Recommendation: Blank Space
    Underrated Gem: I Know Places

    There's not much to say about this masterpiece, not only for Taylor fans, but for pop music as whole. Pop-country full gone pop at its best. I don't think she'll ever top this, but I hope I'm wrong!
    Top 3 tracks: All You Had to do Was Stay; Blank Space; Welcome to New York
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  8. 6. Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

    58 Points – @vague (10) + @Verandi (10) + @happiestgirl (8) + @Riiiiiiiii (7) + @Dangerous Maknae (5) + @Ashling92 (5) + @MollieSwift21 (5) + @KingBruno (4) + @2014 (3) + @Seventeen Days (1)


    Year: 2012
    Country: USA
    Label: Stranger/Interscope/Polydor
    Genres: Art Pop/Chamber Pop/Trip Hop
    Songwriters: Lana Del Rey, Chris Braide, Mike Daly, Emile Haynie, Dan Heath, Jim Irvin, Tim Larcombe, The Nexus, Rick Nowels, Justin Parker
    Producers: Al Shux, Patrik Berger, Jeff Bhasker, Chris Braide, Mike Daly, Emile Haynie, The Nexus, Rick Nowels, Justin Parker, Robopop
    Chart positions: #1 (UK/AUS/IRE/FRA/GER/SWI/AUT/WAL/NOR/GRE), #2 (USA/NLD/POL)
    Sales: 12,000,000 (worldwide)​

    Track list
    1. Born to Die
    2. Off to the Races
    3. Blue Jeans
    4. Video Games
    5. Diet Mountain Dew
    6. National Anthem
    7. Dark Paradise
    8. Radio
    9. Carmen
    10. Million Dollar Man
    11. Summertime Sadness
    12. This is What Makes Us Girls
    13. Born to Die (Woodkid and the Shoes Remix) (French standard edition only)
    North American iTunes Store and Japanese bonus track
    14. Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)

    Target edition bonus tracks
    13. Without You
    14. Lolita

    Deluxe edition bonus track
    15. Lucky Ones

    French deluxe edition bonus tracks
    16. Video Games (White Lies C-Mix)

    Reissue - Born to Die: The Paradise Edition

    Disc 1
    1. Born to Die
    2. Off to the Races
    3. Blue Jeans
    4. Video Games
    5. Diet Mountain Dew
    6. National Anthem
    7. Dark Paradise
    8. Radio
    9. Carmen
    10. Million Dollar Man
    11. Summertime Sadness
    12. This is What Makes Us Girls
    13. Without You
    14. Lolita
    15. Lucky Ones
    16. Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix) (Japanese edition only)
    Disc 2
    1. Ride
    2. American
    3. Cola
    4. Body Electric
    5. Blue Velvet
    6. Gods & Monsters
    7. Yayo
    8. Bel Air
    9. Burning Desire (iTunes edition only)
    10. Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais) (French iTunes Store edition bonus track)
    Disc 2 – German Amazon edition bonus tracks
    9. Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)
    10. Summertime Sadness (Todd Terry Remix)
    11. National Anthem (bretonLABS Remix)
    12. Blue Jeans (RAC Mix)
    13. Born to Die (Kris Di Angelis “Love Below” Remix)
    14. Video Games (Jakwob and Etherwood Remix)

    Box set edition bonus CD
    1. Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)
    2. Video Games (Omid 16B Remix)
    3. Born to Die (Moodymann Remix)
    4. Born to Die (Gemini Remix)
    5. Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix)
    6. Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)
    7. National Anthem (Fred Falke Remix Edit)
    8. National Anthem (Tensnake Remix)
    Box set edition bonus 7” vinyl
    1. Blue Velvet
    2. Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)
    Track picks and commentary

    my personal favourite: Ride
    the song I would recommend to a newcomer: Off To The Races
    my personal underrated favourite/deep cut: This Is What Makes Us Girls

    Personal favourite: Off to the Races
    Song I'd recommend to a newcomer: Ride
    Personal underrated favourite or deep cut: American

    My Favorite: National Anthem
    My Rec for First Time Listeners: Video Games
    Underrated Gem: American

    favorite: National Anthem
    recommend: Born To Die
    underrated: Carmen

    Dangerous Maknae:
    Favorite: Off to the Races
    New Listener: Summertime Sadness
    Underrated: Lolita

    Still my favourite Lana album, what a brilliant debut. I’ll never tire of her dreamy, melancholic vibes...her music has a way of making you feel like you’re driving through California with the wind in your hair.
    Personal Fave Song: National Anthem
    Song I’d Recommend: Video Games
    Underrated/Deep Cut: Diet Mountain Dew

    Personal Favorite: Born to Die
    New listener: Video Games
    Deep cut: Dark Paradise

    Born to Die was the most idiosyncratic debut album released in a very long time. Over the long haul, it marked the critical switch for 2010’s pop soundscape from bloated EDM to gloomy and hip hop-inspired.
    Best song: Video Games
    Recommended song: Summertime Sadness
    Underrated song: Carmen

    A complete an utter artist from the very first second her debut was released to the masses, this record has grown so much over time and is the perfect starting point for one of this generation's leading songwriters. Lana has a gift and this album will never let up
    Personal fave: Born to Die
    Beginners: Video Games
    Underrated: Summertime Sadness

    Seventeen Days:
    Personal Favorite Song: “Off to the Races”
    - Newcomer Recommendation: “Summertime Sadness”
    - Underrated Favorite/Deep Cut: “American”
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  9. Welp it's game over for me. *prays for Emotion to miss the #1*
  10. She made it to 8! I'm so proud.
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  11. Whew I love Golden Hour so much. An album.
  12. Whew
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  13. That was my commentary
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  14. Beyoncé getting both Lemonade and Self Titled into the Top 10 is iconic but that surely means she isn’t getting #1.
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  15. Golden Hour is a modern classic. I admittedly don't listen to it that often, but every time I do it feels like coming home. All the songs on that album have a very warm, comforting quality to them. Slow Burn is the best song on it, for me, but Lonely Weekend and Happy & Sad are close seconds. The latter describes my depression and anxiety so well.

    I very nearly voted for 1989, but I figured it wouldn't need my points. After being very "anti Taylor" for silly reasons, 1989 really made me sit up and listen to her. Seeing her live on the 1989 tour only solidified my newfound love for her. (Sadly it didn't last long.) I've always had a soft spot for You Are in Love.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Imagine if it's a Beyoncé top 2 - deserved'T
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  17. I think our picks were mixed up.
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  18. Yeah as much as I love it, Emotion winning just feels so expected and dare I say...a bit boring.
  19. It would be Popjustice if Beyoncé comes out on top with #1 and #2 but Carly winning just seems so predictably obvious. I’d like to be proved wrong for once but honestly I can’t see that happening.
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  20. If Carly wins this then we could say the forum went into three fases:

    Steps stanning as ultimate fave
    Girls Aloud stanning as ultimate fave
    Carly Rae Jepsen stanning as ultimate fave

    Obviously Britney, Madonna and more recently Beyoncé are a consistent force in that manner.
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