Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)


We’ve done songs. We’ve done albums. Now, the time has come for us to count down Popjustice’s favourite video games. Your mission is clear, but not easy: rank your Top 20 video games of all time. Any games from any time for any console, device or system are fair game. You picked up a Switch with Zelda this week and have finally experienced true happiness? Share that love. You’re a Kylie stan and cherish fond memories of playing Pong when it first came out? Be my guest. You owe Temple Run a blood debt for helping you survive a few months' lectures? The iconic Solitaire game on Windows PCs? The DDR machine in your local seedy bowling alley? The gaming world is your oyster, ladies. I feel like I should draw a line somewhere around specific 2004 Miniclip Flash games or the jumping dinosaur on Google when your internet goes tits-up but hey, if there’s demand then who am I to stifle your passion.

On that note; as ever, providing commentary for your picks isn’t mandatory, but I would greatly appreciate it ‘cause frankly I’m hoping y’all can do the heavy lifting when it comes to write-ups so we can bash through this at a reasonable pace and without me having a single nervous breakdown in the process. I live for page-long essays detailing complex life histories and emotional connections to pop culture, but even just a few wee words or a choice gif justifying your choices would be grand. Now, I imagine there will be some humming and hah-ing about what constitutes a full game and whatnot, so I’ve prepared a handy wee guidebook of rules for your perusal. So without further ado, let’s dive on in!




Compile an ordered list of your Top 20 video games & send it to me via PM with as much commentary as you like – please make it clear which way your ranking is going (i.e. “#1” for your top pick). Help me not fuck up.


Your #1 game will receive 20 points, #2 will receive 19, etc. etc. down to #20 getting a single point. If a game receives multiple votes from different people, its point total will be multiplied up as follows: 2 voters = x1.1, 3 voters = 1.2x, 4 voters = 1.3x, etc. up to a cap of 11+ voters = 2x.


As with all rates that are based on people submitting their own picks and not on a fixed list, please bear in mind when commenting that a lot of the games we’ll talk about might have some kind of sentimental value to someone here. Criticism is welcomed, just don’t be a dick about it xo


Rule #3 obviously does not apply to Final Fantasy XV.


Expansion or DLC packs are not eligible. I know this might get sticky when it comes to MMOs and such where the expansions are massive and change the core game considerably, but for my everyone’s sake, let’s keep it simple.


Episodic games like Life Is Strange will be considered as one full game; in the case of Telltale series, each season will be considered one game.


Remasters/remakes are gonna be awkward as fuck and will probably have to be judged on an individual basis depending on how big a difference there is between the versions, e.g the Final Fantasy X/-2 remasters would be the same as the originals, but the Ratchet & Clank/Crash remakes would be considered as new games in their own right? wejustdontknow.gif


Pokémon. Always making everything difficult except their actual games. We’ll work on a generation basis – Red/Blue/Yellow will be considered one game, as will Silver/Gold/Crystal, X/Y, etc. Remakes (or sequels, in the case of B2W2) will be considered separate – a vote for Omega Ruby would not count as one for Ruby, for example. The only issue there is USUM ‘cause they straddle the line between updated version and sequel, but let’s be real no one’s voting for them anyway so WHO CARES.


We’re not guarding state secrets here; feel free to talk about your faves in the thread, post FYCs or honourable mentions etc. if you want to – it ain’t that serious! Just, let’s not all post our entire rankings as soon as we’ve made them, or the whole thing would be kinda pointless.



So, aye. We'll set a preliminary deadline of April 1st - a full month.

Let's play.


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Also, not the best part of this realizing that I can justify spending hours replaying video games instead of doing productive things to my husband. He's lived through rate crunch time before. NO THE HEADPHONES CAN'T COME OFF DURING DINNER.