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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. NOT when the best Fire Emblem game went out in the one point round.

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  2. He


    Can I have a tutorial of this please? I tried looking a bit and it looking complicated.
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  3. = #401


    2011 | Atlus | PS3 / Xbox 360 / PS4 | Adventure

    7 Points: @junglefish


    Whew I was shook no one had picked this when voting closed, but then @junglefish swooped in and saved Sexy Persona™ from obscurity. Catherine follows a similar gameplay structure to the Persona series, with the player living protagonist Vincent’s romantically-challenged life through choice-heavy dialogue during the day, then completing notoriously difficult platforming puzzles in his nightmares. Despite that difficulty and some… questionable characterisation at times, Catherine became a surprise cult hit and landed on several game of the year lists; an extended remastered edition titled Catherine: Full Body is being released in Japan later this year, with an international release hopefully not too long afterwards.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Iconic game. I played it multiple times to get all the endings and it was worth it. Really looking forward to the new version with all the extra content.
  5. You can keep Radiant Dawn, its canned support conversations and that useless oversized roster.

  6. Yeah, Catherine is iconique (tm) and I was also about to put it on my list...but well, a different game from that series deserved it a bit more
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  7. I had no idea a remastered edition was coming out! I lost countless nights to that game, both playing and having fever dreams about it ddd
    Truly an iconic game and while it doesn’t escape the problematic characterisation Atlus is often guilty of, the story is so engaging that you really get attached to all the characters.
  8. I voted for the correct Fire Emblem.
  9. There's supposed to be a third romantic interest in the new version of the game so more characters to get attached to!
  10. Qatherine is coming.
  11. I would've voted for Catherine if I ever bothered to finish it.

  12. Also this game is so fucking iconic. I never even owned it but I used to play it on my cousin's computer and always play the Egyptian gods because my entire family is obsessed with Egyptian mythology.
  13. And the last person to lose their 7-pointer is…

    ah shit


    = #401


    2015 | Rocksteady Studios | PS4 / Xbox One / PC | Action-Adventure

    7 Points: @Animalia


    Okay firstable, I swear this genuinely came up last on the randomiser and I ain’t pulling shenanigans here ddd. Secondable, noooooooo the end of my invincible streak cometh. As I said when Arkham City was eliminated, I’ve always been a big fan of how effectively this series portrays the Gotham atmosphere and how clean and satisfying the gameplay is, but whew Arkham Knight took it a whole ‘nother level.

    It’s hard to talk about this game when the main premise and a lot of why I love it so much is reliant on a fairly major spoiler, but I can comfortably say that certain aspects of how the game plays out and presents itself are so far beyond what most of our faves could ever hope to achieve. Scarecrow is the HBIC when it comes to Batman villains teebs (the Joker found rotting etc.) – his bits in Asylum were iconic and it felt like a massive oversight to leave him out of City almost entirely, so when the announcement came that he was the main villain of the next instalment I was instantly hyped to hell and oh man they didn’t let me down. The hallucinogenic nature of his ooky spooky fear toxin presented so many opportunities for the story and the world and they didn’t miss a single damn one so every moment of the game is packed the brim with amazing, incredible, never been done before, not afraid to reference or not reference etc. goops and gags.

    I was nervous that the addition of the batmobile into the series would feel awkward and turn it into GTA-lite, but it works better than I ever could have imagined and the satisfaction of activating the car’s homing device and swan-diving off a building at just the right moment to stylishly flip into the driver’s seat never wore off. The cast of B-list villains to apprehend might be a bit weaker than in the previous games due to them throwing all the big hitters into the main story, but Professor Pyg is iconic, the Hush mission is one of my favourite parts of the whole series, and as always, tracking down and solving literally hundreds of Riddler puzzles was as entertaining as it was fucking infuriating.

    For a series already so incredible and unique, Arkham Knight lifting it to new heights of gameplay and storytelling was no mean feat, but the ingenious twists, turns and momenTs (anyone who’s played it knows what I’m talking about ddd) truly lifted it above the first two games in the series and comfortably into Top 20 games of all time territory for me.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG]

    Age of Mythology (beyoncésweave)
    Arkham Knight (Animalia)
    Catherine (junglefish)
    Chrono Cross (Petty Mayonnaise)
    Diablo III (Number)
    Dungeon Keeper 2 (NecessaryVoodoo)
    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (OspreyQueen)
    Hitman: Blood Money (madeofghosts)
    L.A. Noire (DominoDancing)
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (joe_alouder)
    Lufia II (KamikazeHeart)
    MacBrickout (DJHazey)
    Mafia (Alouder98)
    Mind Wall (Filler)
    Need For Speed 2 (Sprockrooster)
    Papers, Please (diamond dogs)
    Scooby-Doo!: First Frights (VivaForever)
    Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 (Squashua)
    Sonic CD (KingBruno)
    Toontown (vikeyeol)
    Toy Story 2 (HeartSwells)
    Zoo Tycoon (MollieSwift21)

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  15. Sis we always played flying hippos and nothing else.

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  16. It didn’t stop me.
  17. Oh my GOD.
  18. You got me screaaaaming! Iconic rate.
  19. LiK


    Arkham Knight is in my top 10 fave games of this generation. I actually didn't think they'd end up topping City, but somehow they did. I still need the Platinum... one day I'll get it.
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  20. Arkham Knight is on my ‘games I own and need to get around to playing one day’ list.
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