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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. I'm so happy someone acknowledged Sonic Rush. It's the last Sonic game I properly enjoyed.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Did we all try the news about the sequel. I thought the news about the sequel made my whole fucking year.
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  3. = #347


    2016 | Thekla, Inc. | Various | Puzzle

    10 Points: @madeofghosts


    Any puzzle game where I have to draw little diagrams for myself is 100% my cup-a-soup, please understand that first of all. Playing this game I found myself having to draw diagrams IN FOUR DIFFERENT COLOURS because it is just that kind of next level shit. The hands-off teaching approach is quietly brilliant and of the 600+ puzzles there are about 10-15 that are so extraordinary they genuinely made me get up off my seat and gesticulate wildly at the screen. It doesn't seem possible that this game was made by humans.


    Ahhhh this has been on my Must Play list for so long just based on its gorgeous aesthetic and hearing @madeofghosts say they had to break out a notebook to solve some puzzles is giving me Ni no Kuni teas so consider it very much bumped up the list.



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I keep considering getting this game whenever I see it on sale. It does look very interesting but I always wonder if it's actually fun to play. I need to actually get it sometime.
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  5. I paid £30 for it because I couldn't wait for a sale. Worth every penny.
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  6. Talking about buying something for 3000 cents in the 3000th post. Iconic.

  7. I just had to.

    I am sorry.

    actually I am not.
  8. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    This video kinda scared me off The Witness honestly.

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  9. Honestly I really like that YouTube guy and I don’t have any significant disagreements with the video as such, i would only say that the positives mean more to me than the negatives. Likewise his criticisms of Breath of the Wild are totally fair but I love that game too.

    I am gonna smugly post his “Super Mario Odyssey: it’s no masterpiece” when that comes up though cos that vid is 100% truth.
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  10. = #347


    2009 | Namco Bandai | Wii | Action-RPG

    10 Points: @LE0Night


    A Tangent™, but sometimes I get caught up thinking about just what happens to games like these. The casualties of the gaming industry’s indifference (on occasion bordering on near open hostility) to actually preserve their catalogues in any way, shape or form. The Folklores, the Henry Hatsworths, the Lost Kingdoms. The flawed gems who only collected moderate to average critical attention, the games whose studios have vanished, who failed to catch a crowd, fell between every chair and won’t ever have anyone to cheer on a remake or remaster or even a plain digital release and don’t have anything left in their future but fading into complete and utter obscurity.



    As a product of the post-apocfalokic boom of early 2010-whenever, Fragile Dreams was a bit of an oddity. Less concerned with the violence and the borderline emotional terrorism its peers favored (The Last of Us, the Walking Dead etc) and instead hewing closer to the quieter, more sombre and supernaturally tinged slice-of-life (the genre, that is, not popjustice member and icon @Slice of Life) moments of the sort found in series’ like Mushishi, Haibane Renmei and Natsume's Book of Friends, it took a wide leap over the familiar oh-so-edgy postulations about what kinds of depraved bullshit humans are capable of in dire situations by wiping them out almost entirely. An unspecified calamity having literally evaporated about 99% of the human race a few years earlier, things start as they mean to go on: left completely alone in the middle of nowhere, you set off to honour the last will and testament of your recently deceased father; a wish for you to venture out and search for new company to replace his own, with no certainty or even the faintest of evidence that such a thing even exists anymore.

    It sounds like a setup for emotional manipulations of the most shameless sort, but they never really come. I don't think anyone ever cries in it, even. It never wallows, never takes any big cheap swings at your tear-ducts, only indulging in hushed little bittersweet vignettes about loneliness, friendship and empathy.

    Remember that one scene in Spirited Away where Chihiro gets on a train to nowhere for a bit of character development and is surrounded by ghosts and images of various fleeting scenes that all somehow creates the most weirdly indistinct melancholy about everything yet nothing in particular and it’s all set to that fucking gutwrenchingly beautiful music.

    Pretty much that.

    It’s hardly perfect, far from it. The gameplay in particular has a few messy quirks and choices; while the combat is generally at least adequate, it has some curious ideas about the proper form of weapon durability (it’s left up to an invisible RNG and it’s perfectly possible for things to break not even two swings after you’ve just bought it (the vendor in this game is a sight, by the way)), the motion controls are generally wonderfully immersive when they’re relegated to walking and waving your flashlight around, less so when you have to manually aim a slingshot at airborne enemies on top of a derelict rollercoaster you drop right off if anything so much as coughs in your general direction, and so on.

    There’s a particular episode somewhere just around the halfway point where its peaks and foibles come to a near perfect head, a petulant little spirit stopping you dead in your tracks and sending you off on the most irritatingly arbitrary sequence of backtracking item hunts for no particularly well defined reason. When you make your way back, though. the reward for your efforts are devastating, an absolutely wrenching monologue about the acceptance of death at old age that haunts my mind to this very day. At the time I had to turn it off and go take a walk.

    It's why I've never forgotten about it, in spite of its many faults. The atmosphere is perfection. Lonely and profusely melancholy, wandering through destitute and completely vacated public facilities in echoing silence, littered with remnants of memories from long dead people reflecting on their lives and regrets fully aware that they’re about to die unmourned and alone wondering if anything they ever did even mattered a single bit an-


    You can pet kittens in it.



    The soundtrack is beautiful, though. You have to dive through Youtube for it (here have a playlist) but besides a battle track or two it consists pretty much entirely of lovely plaintive piano melodies, perfect for study music, insomnia playlists, pensive introspection etc.

    The English voice cast sports VA legends like Laura Bailey (for your consideration, her crowning achievement), Troy Baker, Johnny Yong Bosch, Eden Riegel, Karen Strassman etc., if you keep track of such things (I played it in Japanese I've no idea how well they did ddd).


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  11. Amazing write-up. @LE0Night did that.

    I've always wanted to play that game as it looked exactly like the kind of thing I'd like, but unfortunately I never actually got a Wii to play it.
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  12. He


    I've always wanted to play it.
  13. Not this write-up reminding me that I never finished watching this series ddddd. Along with Noragami and whatever else I have neglected to finish.

    Anyway, that game sounds so good so I must check it out!
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  14. Y'all ready for this last pick?


    = #347


    2016 | Square Enix | PS4 / Xbox One / PC | JRPG

    10 Points: @OspreyQueen


    I like it, alright.



    Nah, lemme attempt to suppress my bias in the spirit of the rate. My experience and critiques of Final Fantasy XV basically boil down to “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed”; I mean, what hurts the most is that XV had so much potential. I liked the “bro trip” angle of the story (well, with the stipulation that there also be great female characters, which I personally believe it sorely lacks but that’s a whole ‘nother tirade in itself), an open world setting with the car (a flying car, no less) to traverse it etc. was really exciting and of course it looks gorgeous. But, personally... the characters and relationships feel hollow thanks to barely a handful of repeated voice clips, the car journeys quickly become tedious to the point where you might as well put the controller down and make a cup of coffee, check popjustice etc. ‘cause there’s nothing to do for five minutes but it’s still quicker than the ridiculous loading times you would've been subjected to had you fast travelled, and there’s little point in stunning graphics if the world is barren and uninteresting anyway, y’know? welp I swear this is me trying to be nice.

    At the end of the day, people can love imperfect things. Hell, I just platinumed Ni no Kuni II despite having issues with basically every aspect of it ddd. @kalonite loves XV, we’ve ended up in countless arguments heated debates about it since its release and hopefully he'll wrangle up some positivitea once he's done waging war with Fortnite's poor unsuspecting servers. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of opinion and how you personally feel about the game’s characters, story and gameplay - I can see why some might love all those things and in all seriousness as a fan of the series I'm happy that a lot of people do, it's just... not the tea for me, sadly. Then again I should probably point out that I've only played the first ten hours or so myself then just watched kalonite play the rest so really what do I know ddd.




    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]

    Capcom vs. SNK 2 (BEST FICTION)
    Carmen Sandiego: Secret of the Stolen Drums (VivaForever)
    DanceDanceRevolution II (iheartpoptarts)
    Final Fantasy XI (stuaw)
    Final Fantasy XV (OspreyQueen)
    Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (LE0Night)
    GTR2 (Empty Shoebox)
    Metroid Prime 3 (He)
    N+ (beyoncésweave)
    Rugrats: Search for Reptar (2014)
    Sonic Rush (KingBruno)
    Steins;Gate (soratami)
    Super Meat Boy (Filler)
    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (roblognick)
    The Witness (madeofghosts)
    We Love Katamari (NecessaryVoodoo)

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  16. the first final fantasy game which I had literally no desire in to play / finish
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  17. Kind of shocked my 10-pointer is still in.
  18. dddddddddddd


  19. Counterpoint:

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