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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    dsgfjshjds I still can't get over the comic sans in BtN's logo
  2. Did you know you can beat Clue in under a second?

  3. Me when yet another of my entries is eliminated.
    I don't know what that is so I guess not.
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  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Oooh I loved that version of clue too!
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  5. This version of Clue was my favorite computer game. The murder animations in it were terrifying (and sometimes comical... Ms. White with rope!)
  6. I’m not sure if it was that version of Cluedo, which I’m sure I had as well, but I had a Cluedo game with real actors in that you interviewed. I remember one of the stories was called The Road to Demascas. Does anyone remember it?
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  7. It's an item Pokémon can hold to heal some HP after it hits 50%/turns yellow!


  8. = #326


    2015 | Everything Unlimited, Inc. | PC | Adventure

    11 Points: @Filler


    Often, when people defend games as art, they wheel out big cinematic blockbuster games as evidence – as if to prove games can hold their own with film by replicating it. The Beginner's Guide is a far more pure example, because it doesn't remotely aspire to be a work of great visual beauty – what makes it interesting is it tells a story that fundamentally could ONLY be told as a videogame. It couldn't meaningfully be adapted to any other medium. The player complicity that people cite for things like Shadow of the Colossus and that phosphorus bit in Spec Ops: The Line or whatever is, I think, more interestingly realised here than in anything else I've played. I don't think this is the greatest work of art I've encountered in gaming, but it is the game that most indisputably is art.


    The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed The Stanley Parable, The Beginner's Guide is a series of small, abstract puzzles and scenarios which ask the player to deduce what kind of person the developer is through their work. It sounds really cool and has sparked a ton of conversation about its interpretations and conspiracy theories online, but it also appears to have a massive fuck-off maze that's raising my heart rate just looking at it jesus christ


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. PJers have such an... eclectic taste in games, I'm amused.
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  10. I'm pretty sure that's a GIF of the very last shot of the game!

    If I remember rightly, you don't navigate that maze – all you can do is float away from it contemplatively. There is, shortly before that, an invisible maze – you fail that if you touch the invisible walls. (You're not actually expected to complete it, but I hear that it is technically possible.)
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  11. what are these games???
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  12. The 11 point section has definitely been wild. It's like everyone saved the most obscure game on their list for it.
  13. they all sound like obscure games which you can find on the software pyramide...reduced to like 2-3 euros but still collecting dust.

    no shade.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. = #326
    2009 | Namco Bandai | PSP | Sim / Rhythm

    11 Points: @junglefish


    I love this forum. I mean, where else would Dark Souls, New Style Boutique, Mortal Kombat and Idolmaster find themselves sitting together? So, my only knowledge of this series before tonight was Tales games usually having an overpriced Idolmaster tie-in DLC costume set I can never justify buying, but whew a quick skim of the Wikipedia page and a couple of videos later I am sold. You play as a music producer, training wannabe pop starlets in charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent through rhythm mini-games and schedule-planning etc. for a year then see all your work rewarded with a big, awkwardly-choreographed farewell concert? My gay heart swoons.

    Leaked footage of @junglefish at his girls' concerts:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. I've always been curious to try the [email protected] series, but I think most don't end up getting released in the West unfortunately.
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  17. Friends.

    The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide are so good.
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  18. ddd so this is the only game from the series I've played on a PSP emulator and it was a fan translated version, but I wasted so many hours in it. Even though it's actually a pretty linear game and the gameplay is repetitive, you really grow attached to the idol you're managing and you can't help but feel proud when you manage to take her from flop to rising star to top idol. I wish I could do the same for some of my faves.

    It's not a perfect game by any means (the main character is a perv and the dialogue is... questionable at times), but I truly love it. All my fellow pop loving gays should play it at least once.
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  20. *looks at my 11 pointer*
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