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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

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    1998 | Konami | PS1 | Action

    11 Points: @Squashua


    I have an admission: this game is pretty stupid. Essentially, you are a badly rendered, morphsuit wearing stereotype (cowboy, ninja, edgy girl, redhead twink, anime Daniel Radcliffe) with a magical glove sent into the PS1 pixilation equivalent of the Hunger Games (it’s literally a gameshow of doom) where your only weapons are rocks, logs, penguins, rockets and grenade vomiting Easter Island statues in a bid to make it out of there in one piece. However, alongside being stupid it is also HILARIOUS, ridiculous and the most fun you can have beating the crap out of annoyingly voice-acted randoms in an arena in a world before Super Smash Bros. was even a thing.

    “WAIT”, I hear you cry, “this came BEFORE the Hunger Games AND Super Smash Bros??” Why yes, yes it did and therein lies this game’s true ‘ahead-of-its-time’ status. I cannot begin to analyse for you how or why I gathered such sheer glee at throwing a giant dinosaur egg at the bowl-cut sporting, snot-green catsuit wearing Bubba only for said dinosaur to spawn, stomp on Joey (a.k.a an out-of-drag Blair St. Claire in pixel form) and literally throw Arnold, the dumb jock blonde with a huge stupid chin, with its teeth into a wanton giant red missile sending boulders flying across the stage as strobe lights flashed lazily. There was no real purpose to what you were doing other than to see your character frantically avoid all the calamities contained in a single square field. The fact you could even use the lifeless bodies of your enemies to fling at others and do damage (or just into a quicksand whirlpool or angry penguin for kicks) just demonstrates that this was a kill or be killed scenario. Eventually you can earn more psychedelic gloves, some new stages and a new dude to batter in the face with a log but until that point, have fun avoiding the chaos (but not on PS2 as, bizarrely, it was one of the only games that wouldn’t work on the later Playstation models. Shame – I want HD cartoon deathmatches for points, fetching gloves and golden hearts gosh darn it).

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  3. I just... what?
  4. LiK


    Me reading the last few pages not knowing anything about these games.
  5. That game seems pretty iconic tbh
  6. IT'S TIME



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    (AKA Sealed Memories.)

    1999 | Konami | PS1 / PS2 | Card Game

    11 Points: @Sprockrooster


    This game had the big disadvantage being released among the big momentum that Pokémon created in my life. I never really followed the tv series so I got into this game quite blind, but my little brother did follow this and got me through the game. However the fusing of several cards and creating awesome dragons and queens snatched my life. Queen of the Autumn Leaves snatched my bussy and wig, scalping me to the bone. What a queen. Wow. A true moment and giving this game instantly longevity.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Also Duelists of the Rose and this were the only Yu-Gi-Oh games to make the list so scream at them both leaving before a single main Pokémon game. Talent always wins!


    i spent hours randomly trying to fuse anything that looked like a fairy to get this queen right here

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  9. Hoping there's some Digimon representation though.
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  10. Despite being really into the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and the card game for several years, so much so that I jumped ship completely from the Pokemon TCG after the final Gen 3 sets/early Gen 4 sets, I never played many of the games. I had the first GX game and one of the Yugi era games which I found in my stuff recently. I rebooted it and confirmed one of the big memories I had of it which is that you were able to duel dogs and cats on the street ddd. I tried a ROM of the Dungeon Dice Monsters game a while back and it was terrible.
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  11. I need a whole YugiOh-game dedicated to him. I never knew I needed an even gayer, kookier german version of Pegasus, but here we are.
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  12. Not you whores letting this thread fall on to the second page!?


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    2010 | Gust Co. Ltd. | PS3 / Vita | JRPG

    11 Points: @soratami


    I discovered the Atelier series with Atelier Rorona, this game's prequel, and I was instantly hooked, and I've played 9 of these games since then. This series gives me something I don't really get from any other, as it manages to both be extremely relaxing with its light and laidback tone and pretty visuals and music, but also extremely addictive with the time-managment, exploring and alchemy gameplay.

    I picked Totori for this list because, besides the series strong points listed above, Totori's journey to find her missing mother and her growth as an alchemist, explorer and as a person are very engaging and emotional, and Totori herself is one of the series best protagonists.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Wait is that gif link broken for everyone or just me?

    Is the forrem falling apart again?

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  14. they dont show up for me either.

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  15. LiK


    Not seeing them either.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Apparently it's an issue with Imgur. FANTASTIC.
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  17. Not only does my game get eliminated, it gets a broken elimination. That's sad huh?

    @Rainbow Trousers you should have participated to support the alchemists.
  18. @Animalia just write the game title underneath?

    Yu-Gi-Oh is amazing! The games.... don't really live up to how incredible the show is. I have a Magician Girls deck that is my prized possession.
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  19. It looks like it's happening to imgur embeds on other forums too, so it might be a problem on XenForo's end and should hopefully get fixed soon! The show must go on though, be it through other hosts or yeah just typing the name and editing the logos in later.

    Me crawling back to tinypic again after the Disney debacle

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  20. Sis just use imgsafe or imgbb.
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