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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Hey gewls! Sorry the last week or so has been a bit slow, my fellow scunties (yikes) will testify that this is the best weather Scotland's been graced with in basically my entire living memory so my forrem time's been suffering almost as much as my poor, unprepared sinuses.


    Also before we jump into the 12-pointers:

    Lemme add that firstable, Xillia 2 is both a fantastic game in its own right and a consistent, well-thought out sequel to one of my faves (which is a rare phenomenon in video games innit); it only just missed out on my own list so I was psyched to see @kalonite opt for it over the original! We shared a single copy of the game even though we lived hours apart at the time, but seeing our favourite characters being dumb and painfully loveable for another 80 hours made the fact that I could only play it at weekends after a three-hour journey so amazingly worth it.

    Also I finished it first so I got to watch @kalonite beat it and I knew exactly what choices he would make and exactly what would happen but couldn't say anything ddd. After the credits, concept art of Ludger & Elle comes up on the screen and it was all very


  2. = #305


    1995 | Sierra On-Line | PC | Adventure

    12 Points: @Robert


    Putting aside the fact that this is the third Sierra live-action point-and-click game we’ve met in the last week, this is… a strange game. Phantasmagoria was a supernatural horror written and produced by the woman behind the King’s Quest series, as a way for her to prove she was capable of more than just twee fairytales – and oh, capable she was. Some might say too capable. The abundance of extreme gore (made using realistic dummies) and a particularly disturbing rape scene meant several major retailers refused to stock the game and a whole lotta hullabaloo was made about it with regards to the VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES ARE POISONING OUR YOUTHS debates at the time. Of course, all the controversy just made the game hugely successful and cemented its place as a cult classic.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I'm living for this Tales love. And I hope @kalonite ended up getting/seeing the good ending eventually!
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  4. @Animalia if you change your imgur links from https to http they start showing up properly again.

  5. I loved this game. It was really creepy but also had good puzzles and story. I was quite young when I played it though and it gave my younger brother nightmares so I then had to stop playing it when he was around.
    I wish there were more live action games around nowadays.
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  6. You bet I went back and re-did it immediately to get the 'Good' ending! And then spent another bunch of hours playing poker and fighting massive monsters to earn enough money to fully pay off my debt to see what happens after.

    I've done a new-game plus fairly recently too, which was a ton of fun.
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  7. Oh goodness, yes! Phantasmagoria was great! We used to play it with my childhood friend, but I don't think we ever beat it completely as we were scared shitless and couldn't deal with the fast action sequences. I also like how it showed me what "eat dirt" really means. Or the bottle scene, it was nice as well...
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. = #305


    2002 | Argonaut / Eurocom | Various | Action-Adventure

    12 Points: @Aidan


    One of my all time favourite games from my childhood. Getting to explore Hogwarts in so much detail and fly around your broomstick was just amazing. Quidditch was so much fun as well. Although I did find this game really hard at times, having to sneak past Prefects was so hard that I had to use a cheat disk to disable AI kii


    Not @Aidan dedicating a whole tenth of his list to Harry Potter games; the stan JUMPED out. I never played this one ‘cause I’m fucking terrified of spiders so the film freaked the shit outta me and I tried to pretend it never happened and yep looks like I dodged an eight-legged bullet girls


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. I...actually wouldn't be shocked if my game out was my 16 pointer.
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  11. = #305


    1992 | LucasArts | PC | Adventure

    12 Points: @DominoDancing


    The last act in Atlantis is a bit shit gameplay-wise, but with all the talk about interactive movies appearing in the early to mid-nineties, this really felt like playing an Indiana Jones movie. I was shocked to the core when Sophia died in the end, as I wasn't aware for years that the game actually had a "good" ending where she survived.


    LucasArts’ point-and-click adventures are so iconic ugh. I think I might have played this once myself when I was super young, but I mostly remember my mum playing it with my older brother all the time and they still bring it up whenever talk turns to video games at family occasions. Iconique.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I'm loving all the love for point-and-click-adventures in this rate.
  13. Both The Last Crusade and The Fate of Atlantis were amazing, true family favourites. Hope some of the Broken Sword games get a mention, too, don't think any have come up yet?
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  14. None yet, but who knows if any will! That means yes.
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  15. Darksouls WISHES
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  16. LiK


    You really should! PS3 was such a monster when it comes to exclusives and unique games. My backlog for it is still growing as I don't intend to stop playing it anytime soon, until Sony brings most of its library to PS Now (I really dunno what they're waiting on?).

    I've recently finally got around to finally playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
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  17. Chamber of Secrets was one of the other childhood games of mine. Jesus, it was sooo good.
  18. [​IMG]

    = #305


    2005 | Tose | NDS | Platformer

    12 Points: @BEST FICTION


    I pre-ordered this the same day it was announced. I went to the damn store just to put my money down on this game. I was so fucking HYPED. This was such a game-changer for me. Growing up I used to feel so ashamed of my taste in games because my parents were never very happy with my character selection. It was a big deal for me to go down to the shops and pre-order this myself with my own money and I remember thinking beforehand, oh god this will be so embarrassing. But no, I went there and I did it and I was so proud of my 12 year old self for doing that.

    The game itself could obviously be better, but it had such a significant impact on me. Peach was always my queen growing up. When it comes to favourite characters, Peach & Chun Li were my top 2 my entire childhood. So for Peach to finally evolve into her own was so groundbreaking for me, and I still love and appreciate this game so much. Gimme a sequel!


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. When I saw there was a Super Princess Peach 2 and thought I was about to make @BEST FICTION's day


    When I realised it was a fangame made for cracked Wiis

  20. I never played Super Princess Peach but I always wanted to, for some reason my family has the case for the game but we don’t actually have the cartridge which pisses me off, we must’ve gotten the case when we swapped DS games with my cousins years ago. I find the whole mechanic of Peach having powers based on her “moods” a wee bit sexist but still the game looks so colourful and fun. Make a sequel for the Switch Nintendo, and give Daisy a mainline game as well.
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