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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. We finish up the weekend, and this batch, with the first game to earn three votes!

    and whew, it's a doozy.


    = #236


    2009 | Square Enix | PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC | JRPG

    10 Points: @Lost Boy
    2 Points: @Xanax
    1 Point: @stuaw

    Mulitplier: 1.3x

    Total: 16.9

    Lost Boy:

    Let’s get this out of the way straight away, this is one of the greatest Final Fantasy games. Everyone gets immediately caught up in how ‘on-the-rails’ it can be, but does that take away from the incredible battle system? The rich and complex world? The often frustrating but realistic character pools? Not at all. And it’s beautiful. Not even on a simple graphical level. The sci-fi world and colours of Cocoon, the sprawling landscape of Pulse, the terrifying L’Cie, the stunning (but useless) summons. I think the soundtrack is also consistently one of the strongest in the entire franchise, blending orchestral elements with the electronic into consistently heart raising epics.

    If you take the time to delve into the lore, it’s almost mind-blowing in its complexity - it rivals Spira.

    Also it has the best Final Fantasy character - Fang.

    Oh and finally… the cutscenes? Fuck me into little pieces, nothing compares.



    Yes, the game is very linear. And yes the "tutorial"-feel can be annoying at times but honestly this is such a solid game with a classic/timeless final fantasy-feel (and is much better than 15 ddd.)

    The soundtrack is epic and especially the battle-theme is breathtaking and sits perfectly in the canon of the most iconic final fantasy-tracks. I mean dragging out a fight just to hear the violins in it speaks for its quality.

    Also, while not all characters are endearing. Lightning is fucking boss dot com dot org. I mean which other gaming character has snatched themselves a whole Louis Vuitton campaign plus a sequel with roughly 90 outfits? The X-2 girls are shaking.

    Honestly, I had so much fun playing this. I think that this is such a controversial game in the franchise really speaks about the overall quality of all the games. + the ending is quite beautiful.



    I don't think this will be a popular choice. It places low for the linear gameplay, but the world is interesting (a giant, floating hollow sphere? Fuck yes!) and I would have loved the chance to explore Cocoon more. The battles were fun, the characters were enjoyable and the Gestalt Mode for Eidolons was a nice twist on an old Final Fantasy trope. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby at the end. Plus:



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. [​IMG]

    Final Fantasy XIII (Lost Boy, Xanax, stuaw)

    - - -

    Braid (madeofghosts, Stradiwhovius)
    LittleBigPlanet (stuaw, ThisIsRogue)
    Mirror's Edge (Oleander, Filler)
    Street Fighter IV (eliminathan, AshtrayHeart)
    Super Paper Mario (Posh Spears, Stradiwhovius)
    Tekken Tag Tournament (Tribal Spaceman, Xanax)

    - - -

    Dragon Warrior IV (send photo)
    Guild Wars (Animalia)
    Habbo Hotel (HeartSwells)
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (OspreyQueen)
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (ThisIsRogue)
    Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (DominoDancing)
    Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse (VivaForever)
    Oddworld: Munch's Odyssee (Tribal Spaceman)
    Rise of Nations (Hyrulian)
    Subeta (Number)
    Tecmo Super Bowl (DJHazey)
    Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (beyoncésweave)

  3. me after losing not one, but two games today

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  5. I love Mario and Kirby.


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  6. [​IMG]
  7. RJF


    I got to the point in Final Fantasy XIII where all the characters are united for the first time and the jobs board... thing expands, and I just... gave up? I didn't have much of a problem with it. The battle system was great and encouraged genuine strategic thought. The world seemed interesting if appallingly explained (and no, I really shouldn't need to dive into a constantly updating encyclopedia in the menu screen to keep up with the game's mythology) and the characters were also far more interesting than their counterparts in Final Fantasy XII (another title I just could never really get into). The platformer-esque setup to the world was not appreciated though. It just felt like you were progressing through levels a lot of the time.

    I don't know. I've definitely settled into being a FF7-10 boy (maybe adding 6 soon; gonna get it on my tablet) but I didn't dislike 13
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  8. Tekken Tag 1 <3 Essentially Tekken 3 on steroids.
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  9. Curious if the sequels will show up too. I liked the whole trilogy a lot. Though not enough to actually vote for any of them I guess ddd
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Looks like I finally got my wish kii. I had a feeling that if I were to lose another game soon it would be this one. I'm just glad someone else voted for it! As others have said, it has its faults but those visuals are eye candy. We love a game that isn't afraid to go all-out with the big, bold colors. The Red Velvet of games.

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  12. Lighting Returns has all that fashun though, it could happen.
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  13. Walk into the club purse first...

    13 is amazing and the people who don't like it generally were just not good at it.
  14. Late to the party, but Super Paper Mario was pure innovation when Nintendo didn't even need the gamble (coming off of TTYD, no one was asking for a formula shake-up), and I give them major kudos for that. I personally loved the 2D-to-3D mechanic; I like anything that makes you take a second look at your environment. Gameplay had messy points, but playing as Bowser had to be a Mario franchise first, no? And the story was miles better than anything in the series that's come around since.

    (But then that's not saying much, is it ...)
  15. I honestly got a lot of mileage out of XIII once I dived into the post game content. The battle system has a limitless ceiling that is especially rewarding the more you explore Pulse.

    It could have used more attention to balancing the storyline but it's been one of my favorites in the series to fully explore.
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  16. Whew I meant to post about this last night but it took longer than expected.

    I’m pretty conflicted when it comes to XIII. I think it has one of the strongest casts in the entire series, the whole fal’Cie/l’Cie angle is a fantastic concept on paper and it’s undeniably stunning visually. The linearity of the story itself doesn’t bother me too much as I feel like the disappointment was borne from the promise of a new console generation when Squeenix never really implied they’d be changing the formula there, but my main issue is the fact that basically every other major aspect of the gameplay is equally one-dimensional. The paradigm system is, again, great in theory, but the game very rarely gives you any reason not to just mash auto-battle so only the first five seconds of a fight actually involve any kind of thought. Add to that the single worst character development system in the entire franchise which is quite literally a linear hold-X-to-power-up moment of developer laziness and, as @RJF mentioned, the game’s half-assed attempt at platforming which amounts to merely – you guessed it – holding X to jump when you get near a ledge and… eh. I won’t pretend like I didn’t love XIII when it first came out (I had a separate save file just before the FMV below that I kept to show my friends in an attempt to convert them – rewatching it now it’s a bit all over the place but I maintain it’s some of the greatest visuals of the series) but the few times I’ve tried to replay it since then I’ve always given up ten hours or so into it when I realise I’m just not having fun.

    I have no problem with in-game encyclopaedias or codices the player can choose to read for non-essential information or lore (see: Mass Effect, The Witcher 3), but Final Fantasy XIII expects you to keep up with several constantly updating walls of text just to understand the core plot of the game, which again just reeks of lazy game design. A lot of these issues come down to the fun fact that most of the art, FMVs etc. were made before any of the actual plot was finalised, which is an ass-backwards way to write anything and culminates in a confusing, poorly told story and inconsistencies/plot holes like a fairly major character being written out then randomly reappearing in a cutscene a few hours later with a terrible explanation. It’s just so frustrating ‘cause there’s a really interesting story set in a complex, gorgeous world hidden under layers of bad decisions and failed expectations. It’s the ARTPOP of Final Fantasy ddd.


    Yeah, no one voted for XIII-2 or Lightning Returns, the former of which is what she deserves but the latter is kind of a shame teebs; Lightning Returns is a dumb, fun romp through an utterly ridiculous story and a gimmicky roadblock of a final boss that threatens to ruin the whole experience BUT it’s basically a Lightning dress-up simulator and my gay ass lived for the absurdity of it all. The Yuna costumes were iconic.


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  17. I just couldn’t get into FFXIII, there was something about it, like it had no soul, I don’t know. I got a lot further with the second game but still came to a halt with that too.
  18. Yeah, I agree with the above. The crystal level up system was absurd, that’s what ultimately made the linearity a chore. But the world and characters really do elevate it. I’m one of those that will dive headfirst into the lore and sit and examine the cutscenes and world as a whole, I understand others aren’t and that the lore in XIII is very... heavy handed.

    The sequel is a MESS. That’s a plot done wrong... the whole chaos thing / paradox and travelling through time. Not here for it.

    Also I say this ALL the time but Fang really is one of the best Final Fantasy characters they’ve ever done. Give me that guardian badass female lead without her revolving around a man. In fact, the character pool in XIII is pretty diverse, complex and strong. I tend to be drawn to that, just like X with its phenomenal character writing and the whole plot being a fantastic vehicle to explore them.
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  19. XIII is controversial because it felt very different and alien to the franchise. Overall I liked it, as I didn't find myself hating all those things people found irritating. I can't agree with @Animalia about the paradigm system though. The first linear part of the game forces you to use all of the available paradigm to win and later the most tough bosses demand your utmost attention as a well-timed paradigm shift could make or break the whole battle earning you a 5-star rating for the battle in the end. I'm still fuming that those damn Adamantoises didn't give up their Trapezohedrons willingly so I could platinum the game. XIII-2 was almost on my list, it just made eveything gameplay-wise a whole lot better and I never was too picky with my stories. Lightning Returns was fun as well and I had a blast with it as it once again flipped everything from toe to head.
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  20. Oh I didn’t mean the paradigm system above. I loved that. XIII’s battle system is one of the best in the franchise - the problem was the crystal level up system. It essentially meant you couldn’t personalise the characters and ultimately had to use Hope if you wanted to beat the game... or spam Vanille’s death spell.
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