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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. I chortled.
  2. I never got the chance to play Tactics but was very into A2, easily one of the most enjoyable FF titles of later years. I do remember dropping it once I kept failing one of the dispatch missions with whatever squad I fielded despite a high success rate - this small act caused a wave of annoyance after completing every mission that cropped up and fatigue had truly set in. I must have been so close to the end but my save is long gone, sadly. Maybe I'll start afresh one day - mostly so I can revel in the Gria, cos who doesn't wanna stan coral-haired dragon girls?

  3. hiya today was the big family thing and I've been cooking since 10am today so I'm fucking exhausted but I'm so glad I have a chance to get this out before midnight so I don't lose my streak of not missing a day yas

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    h2gkmo this is a complete coincidence that this is turning up now, but Vagrant Story was the next game made by the team who developed Final Fantasy Tactics – though not a direct continuation, it was also set in the world of Ivalice and contains references to the plot of the previous game. Vagrant Story is famous and much-loved for its extensive weapon modification system, its complex plot filled with political scandal and intrigue, and its odd take on the RPG format with very few characters other than the protagonist. Those PS1 graphics tho.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Is Tactics Advance/A2 a lot like the original Tactics? Never played the original Tactics; didn't own a PlayStation (we were a Nintendo and Sega family), and was actively anti-PSP at the height of the DS v. PSP console war. I played a lot of Advance and some of A2 and found them enjoyable, and certainly loaded with content, but they never quite gripped me the way Fire Emblem or Advance Wars did. I remember the unfocused story leaving me cold.
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  5. Wait... I could've sworn Vagrant Story had already been eliminated. Must be mixing it with something else.

    That's another game I've always been curious to play but never got around to it.
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  6. I confuse it with Radiant Historia. Maybe that's it?
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  7. The original is far more mature than Advance at least. It's basically a war epic, with an entirely different atmosphere from Advance's bright and colorful world. It's a bit reminiscent to Suikoden in terms of style, if you're familiar with them.
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  9. I wanted to get into Vagrant Story so badly, but the battle system was too hard for the little me.
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    This game was the first to truly spark my newfound interest in fighting games. The earlier games in the series never really had any characters that I felt were important enough to me. Sis got ha faves Chun-Li, Cammy, Rogue, Psylocke and Storm to choose from in the earlier games. I only really had Ken, Cyclops and Sabretooth, the latter being a character I don't really care about. So I remember going from not really knowing the game is coming out to intently and eagerly following every reveal after my best judy was revealed.

    For a little backstory, I used to stan Cyclops back when I was a seven year old who was "straight". Then as kids I saw X-men Evolution which was my first exposure to what would become probably my favourite fictional character (What a weird sentence to write). After Evolution opened my eyes I realised Cyclops was trash and Jean was my new fave. In 2002 our parents bought us a dvd box set that came with the original X-men movie and X-men : Next dimension for Xbox (great game btw). That was the first time I had seen Jean Grey as the host of the Phoenix because in X-men Evolution and the first X-men movie she didn't come into contact with it. So about 9 years before Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out I was already a Phoenix stan.


    Because Ken, Cyclops and Sabretooth didn't make the cut, I had to form a team around Phoenix. When watching trailers I was immediately caught by Amaterasu because she looked so interesting. Little did I know that later she would become my favourite Capcom character (more on that later).


    Also @BEST FICTION had already lost interest in Storm as a character because he was a Rogue stan so I snatched ha up quick since I needed an assist character with a good DHC.


    In terms of the actual game, although MvC3 uses 3D models, it still moves at a very fast pace. Not at the same speed as MvC2 high level gameplay does but due to the many glitches that are prevalent in all Capcom crossover games, MvC3 and UMvC3 has characters zipping all over the screen waiting to land a single hit for a touch of death combo. The speed at which the game moves is one of the main reasons I love it so much, as someone in Australia with shitty internet, I barely had people to play this online with. So I would bunker down and spend hours practicing movement alone in training mode. In fact, MvC3 is the first game that I actually had fun in training mode trying to come up with new combos and ways to open the opponent up. This was mostly due to my team being pretty unorthodox and unexplored so instead of having all of my team's optimized combos available online I had to try and make them myself. So I spent hundreds of hours playing this fighting game alone and still managed to enjoy myself doing so which is:

    A) Sad
    B) More than I can say for most single-player games
    C) Really Sad

    My main gripes with the game are the fact that people thought Phoenix was overpowered when the game came out, compared to the state of the game now Vanilla Phoenix was pretty weak. Her ability to fly up, throw a homing fireball and then teleport behind you was the bane of online players existence when the original game came out but now characters like Morrigan can lock you down forever with soul fist spam and Vergil can do a hundred mixups and crossups at a time. This is all fine but because the game went from MvC3 to UMvC3, the producer decided Jean had to get severely nerfed to make her fair and they really overdid it. The entire cast has a guaranteed way to prevent Dark Phoenix from happening but people had just not found them yet. Now that she's extra weak and everyone can counter her she still gets antagonized as being a cheap character. Straight gamers stay pressed because girl characters get to be strong. Even canonically sis would have been the strongest fighter but we can't have that.


    I hate this winquote because Phoenix Wright was a fan favourite during the reveal of Ultimate while Phoenix haself was the single most hated character.

    A mess that people go from cheering Deadpool, to laughing at Phoenix Wright and then instantly booing Jean. Misogyny at it's finest.


    The first theme obviously has to be Phoenix's theme because that one trailer I posted in the beginning shook me to the core. The way they used the Dark Phoenix transformation during the breakdown I always think of it when the actual song plays.

    The Amaterasu theme originally was a cute bop but after playing ha game (more on that later) it got a whole new meaning since it's now a remix of one of the most impactful video game songs I've ever heard. Still kind of bops a bitsy though.

    The music gives me Tina Cousins but with iconic shit vocals and lyrics. I LIVE!


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]

    Civilization V (DominoDancing)
    Final Fantasy Tactics (Petty Mayonnaise)
    Halo 2 (DJHazey)
    Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (Dangerous Maknae)
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (send photo)
    Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (Sprockrooster)
    League of Legends (vikeyeol)
    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (eliminathan)
    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Sleet)
    The Simpsons: Road Rage (2014)
    Vagrant Story (Mikl C)
    Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego? (VivaForever)
  12. Never was a Marvel vs Capcom fan, tbh. Always felt like there was just too much going on all at once (but I guess that’s the series’ appeal?). I remember playing it MVC3 on display at JB Hi-Fi once and I literally just mashed buttons and managed a 30-hit combo.
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  13. I always meant to play that one because Amaterasu was in it. Is there a Playstation 4 version?
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  14. Same reason I couldn’t get into it. Three characters is just too much!

    There is a digital release on PS4! Much better than the new game, too.
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  15. Can't wait for Ms. Ammy to win this whole thing. Goddesses only.
  16. Yeah MvC3 in particular has a pretty low skill ceiling if high-level play and glitches aren’t taken into account. The magic series combos are pretty helpful as a starting point compared to games like Street Fighter V where you start off with just normals and you have to figure out your own combos.

    Well I mean it would be an absolute gamejustice if she pulls through but I don’t think the good sis will outlast all of the Final fantasy’s.
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  17. True, but I do think it's going to do quite well!
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  19. WAIT. Does this mean some amazing soul voted for my number four? WHEW TASTE.
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  20. ...my number four is still in the running towards becoming Popjustice's favorite game?

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