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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

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    2015 | Dontnod Entertainment | Various | Adventure

    9 Points: @Lost Boy
    8 Points: @VivaForever
    3 Points: @KamikazeHeart
    2 Points: @kalonite
    1 Point: @junglefish

    Multiplier: 1.5x

    Total: 34.5

    Lost Boy:

    Though it’s clearly not a technical marvel, the storytelling on display here is inspirational. It is emotionally charged, harrowing and passionate, confusing and endearing with believable characters that really pull you into that world. To me, this shows the beauty of video games… of course, this style of game could just be a movie, or a TV show… but the emotional connection this stirs within you is unquestionable, and your choices being an enormous part of that. I’ll never forget this game.



    This might have been higher if I'd finished it by the time I submitted my ballot. Though if I'd also finished Before the Storm, that would have pushed it back down as I actually like it even better.

    I'm just a sucker for the characters in this game. Chloe is always entertaining, Kate is a sweetheart, and Max is just the best. (It's the freckles that do me in.) I do hate that ending - the epitome of devs/writers inflicting pain just for the sake of inflicting pain - and I'm thankful for the world of fanfiction, where everyone is alive and while some things hurt, they don't hurt too much. I also don't care for the soundtrack and am constantly annoyed that it's so celebrated.

    I do, however, love its little moral that good people aren't always nice, and nice people aren't always good, and I like that it totally subverts the "hypocritical Jesussy bitch" trope. It's a game that takes on everything from suicide to grief to infidelity to stepfamilies to discovering your sexuality to abortion, and handles them all with heart, and I appreciate that. Also? Gay.



    I wish I could stay in this moment forever. But then it wouldn't be a moment.

    When you see my list you’ll know I adore these CYOA-games. In part because they make every single decision feel so important - and perhaps this game more than any other. It makes you realize how important your decisions in life are, and makes you think about the different branches your life could have taken if you did this, or did that instead. Of course thinking like this also drives you a bit crazy so I wouldn’t recommend doing it daily, but for us self-reflective introverts it’s more or less inevitable at times.

    Anyway, Life is Strange is so atmospheric and sometimes I replay parts of it just to re-visit Arcadia Bay.



    The Life is Strange games shouldn’t be good. They have no right to be. The writing is often cringeworthy, they look like they were built in The Sims 2, and at times they’re essentially glorified walking simulators. But for all that, they have real heart.

    The cast of characters start out as basic, tired High School clichés, but there’s so much there beneath the surface. I also appreciate that dontnod are willing to make some characters genuinely unlikeable, even when you’re ostensibly rooting for them.

    The time rewind conceit and constant choices gave the relatively simple gameplay some genuine depth and replayability. The thing I loved most, though, was the fact that the supernatural was always rooted in the psychological. The collateral damage inflicted on the people Max and Chloe love was as heartbreaking as it was casual and real. The apocalyptic elements really evoked that particular teenage destructive impotence, rage, and self-loathing. The pressure building from episode to episode until something had to give was palpable, and definitely emotionally satisfying in the end.

    Ultimately, though, the game’s biggest success is that everyone is just who they are. And who they are, is stone cold gay.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. [​IMG]

    Life Is Strange (Lost Boy, VivaForever, KamikazeHeart, kalonite, junglefish)

    NieR: Automata (kalonite, joe_alouder, _hazzie_)
    Super Metroid (Sleet, nikkysan, Stradiwhovius)
    Xenoblade Chronicles (junglefish, HeartSwells, _hazzie_)

    Minecraft (digitalkaiser, Lost Boy, Hyrulian, If You Go)
    Tales of Symphonia (bakerboy92, RJF)
    Undertale (Sleet, Jonathan27)

    Luigi’s Mansion (Itty Bitty Piggy, RJF, Hyrulian)

    Batman: Arkham Asylum (NecessaryVoodoo, Oleander)
    Dead or Alive 4 (BEST FICTION, eliminathan)
    Fallout 3 (DominoDancing, Petty Mayonnaise)
    Fire Emblem: Awakening (KingBruno, OspreyQueen)

    Broken Sword (KamikazeHeart, kalonite)
    Kid Icarus: Uprising (OspreyQueen, KingBruno)
    The Sims 4 (OspreyQueen, Itty Bitty Piggy)
    The Urbz: Sims in the City (2014, Xanax)

    Grandia II (evilsin, bakerboy92)
    NieR (kalonite, Animalia)
    Saints Row 2 (DJHazey, vikeyeol)

    Horizon: Zero Dawn (CaliDevotion, Empty Shoebox, joe_alouder, playboy69)

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  4. Are you fucking kidding me? For this not to make the top 50 on a gay forum is literally lesbophobia.

    Fucking fix it @ohrohin.
    Anyway, stay slaying, @kalonite.
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  5. Or a shiv.
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  6. ‘Life is Strange’ is... breathtakingly beautiful. Honestly it’s a game that has forever changed the way I see games, and made me realise how important representation actually is to me in video games? It’s so easy to write the game off, but playing it gives justice to why this was chosen to be a game over a film/tv show/etc. When you’re there, as Max, dealing with her sexuality, potential suicide, murder, really dark topics... it opens them up in a way that is so special. So special.

    And Before the Storm? Ugh, again it’s just so beautiful. The whirlwind lesbian romance we all deserve wrapped up in a supernatural epic. And the best part? The supernatural abilities are merely a catalyst for the story to evolve, bolstering what is a nightmarish world already.

    There are so many scenes in the game that struck me, more than any other game. And I think it’s just as much a strength of the script as it is the fact you’re making the choices. But the choices come with real consequence, and real human emotion. It’s honestly one of the most stunning games I’ve ever played, and I’m always going to look at them (as cliche as this sounds) now as before and after this. It’s what I want to do with my life! This kind of affecting and arresting writing, that just reaches right out of the screen and touches you.
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  7. LiK


    I have a Pheonix Down on standby just in case.
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  8. I totally get all of this. It's one of those rare games that is so much more than the sum of its parts. Everything comes together to really work in the way that only a videogame can.

    I'm so glad that we got Before the Storm too. Life is Strange was such a poignant story of fumbling towards sexual awakening, but the prequel was just so free with it. It really felt like the series spread its wings and rewarded you for your investment in such a satisfying way. I also loved how they ran with the manifestations of teenage emotion to contrast Chloe's self-destructive tornado of the first game with Rachel's burning, fiery rage.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do in 2, and how those themes will carry forward.
  9. He


    Life is Strange has no business being this high. It’s a cute, that’s it.
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  10. Sis it’s an online LGBTQ forum thread on video games which has housed everything from the Pop Stars to Tomb Raider and we’ve all just opened up about how much it’s changed our lives so YES it does deserve to be that high, even more so for being cute!
  11. He


    Sis I didn’t read your comments before hand. So sorry if they were harsh.

    It’s nice you all feel so much for the game. But others can surely feel it’s a bit cringe and badly realized? Plus many other flaws. A gay romance really doesn’t save it.
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  12. Oh my post wasn’t that serious. I just found it funny that we were all like “THIS GAME CHANGED MY LIFE” and then you were like “No. it’s cute. Bye!” Ddd
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  13. I stopped caring about LIS2 when I found out it was about boys.
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  14. I guess at least my two games remaining are actually my top two?
    Fuck, I just jinxed it, didn't I.
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  15. A regular potion will suffice.
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  16. [​IMG]

    = #138


    2004 | Rockstar North | PS2 / Xbox / PC | Action-Adventure

    19 Points: @DJHazey
    10 Points: @Dangerous Maknae

    Multiplier: 1.2x

    Total: 34.8


    Vice City was my first GTA game, but without a doubt this was my favorite. It was the first game I can remember with one giant map that would be what Skyrim is for people today. The entire state of 'San Andreas' was explorable, which includes the fictional cities of Los Santos (California), San Fierro (San Francisco), and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Rockstar really out did themselves because I would often fact check parts of the map and they did a pretty good job matching those cities up to the real thing as far as the general layout. For a geography nerd like myself, this game map was orgasmic. The number of missions and side missions would take even the best gamer 200-250 hours to complete because there is just sooo much to do.


    It also had some of my favorite characters ever, including the absolutely bat-shit crazy Catalina. Seriously, play this game if only for her story arc, it's...one of a kind. Wu Zi Mu was the man, pretty much a Triad gang leader that you work with in the game, he was blind but never let it stop him from being a bad ass. I even changed my Xbox gamertag to Wu Zi Mu for a while when I first played this game. It also had some amazing voices like Samuel L. Jackson as Officer Tenpenny. I swear one of his later films Lakeview Terrace was pulled directly from this game because it's essentially who Tenpenny was. Also Ice T, aka one of the coolest guys ever to walk this Earth (no seriously if there was ever a Law & Order rate he'd be my 11), voiced rapper Madd Dogg. Once you find out who voices some of these characters, it totally matches up, like David Cross as Zero, William Fichtner as Ken Rosenberg, or James Woods as Mike Toreno to name a few.


    The story is very in-depth as your character CJ learns about the circumstances surrounding his mother's death. There's no way I can properly quantify the amount of side missions and extras the game had and you wanted to do them all because they were all fun and different. I've only gone through the game twice but have 100% in both playthroughs so I know all the ins and outs, but honestly the last time I touched the game was over 10 years ago, so I'm finding myself forgetting a lot of it. There's no surprise that it is often ranked near the top of many "best video games of all-time" rankings. I'm pretty sure I could play it right now and still have it feel like a new game and not just something I was playing for nostalgic reasons. Whenever I play an open world game, I will always compare it to San Andreas and nothing else has come close. For example, Watch Dogs reminded me of this game a lot, especially the second game being set in a fictional San Francisco, but despite loving it immensely, it's still not on the same level. It would be amazing if they could 're-master' video games like they do for movies or TV shows, because I would die happy if I could play San Andreas again but have it look like modern HD quality.


    Dangerous Maknae:

    The first GTA game that I played was Vice City and I spent a lot more time on it in comparison to this one but this had a lot more interesting additions like the good sis CJ being able to swim, going to gym, go shopping etc. which made the previous edition useless for me.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. BTG


    We don’t deserve this rate.
  18. When I saw the Pooh gif I was certain we were losing a Kingdom Hearts game DDDDDDD
  19. Hot Coffee mod is iconic and everyone's still talking about it.
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  20. On my Popjustice?

    I think not...
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