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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. I'm going to have that song in my head all day. Not complaining either.
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  2. Nope! Don't scare me like that ddd
  3. Can we all drag Sega for rejecting Sony's pitch at making a new Jet Set Radio?

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  4. I would drag Sega, but it appears life already has.

  5. He


    Scream, I was about to post something similar.
  6. [​IMG]




    2007 | BioWare | PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC | RPG

    17 Points: @ddog
    10 Points: @vikeyeol
    8 Points: @DJHazey

    Multiplier: 1.3x

    Total: 45.5




    I was looking for new games that had a lot of exploration and side missions one day and this series popped up, so I decided to give it a shot. It didn't take long for me to become hooked. First of all, I live for any game that allows you to create your character. It makes the experience more personal and if you're going to be looking at them for 100+ hours, you might as well make that character your own. Second, this game is all about the social aspect within the story and how the characters interact with each other. I've never played a game before this where the answers you give during a conversation would affect the story so profoundly.


    Once I realized what was going on, I decided I would make my first Commander Shepard be kind and honorable -- which is considered a 'paragon'. If you want your Commander to answer to no one and even punch people out who aren't cooperating, that would be the 'renegade' play. Choosing how to treat people has far-reaching consequences on both the story at hand and the future parts of the trilogy. There are several romances to choose from, even same-sex relationships and what separates Mass Effect from other games that tried their hand at romance is how much deeper the connection ends up feeling; you become invested in the well-being of your in-game companion. It takes many long conversations with a potential love interest before you 'consummate' the relationship and by then the characters have grown very close. The game allows for an emotional aspect often not found in video games.

    Besides that, the exploration part of the game is off the charts. You're allowed to do missions in whatever order you'd like and instead can just go check out one of like 100 different solar systems, each with at least one planet to land on and explore further. I'd argue that this game had the most side quests and each one had a cool a little back story and conclusion (even if the ships you landed on all had basically the same layout ddd). The game definitely felt like a debut because some parts of the engine were buggy in nature, but BioWare would iron things out in the later releases. There was no way I could leave this out since it's probably the most expansive game in the trilogy (not the series because well Andromeda exists) and the one I've put the most time into.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Where it lacked the polish and expertness of its successors, it more than enough compensated that with superior sense of adventure and mystery. Yes trudging along multiple planets that was pretty much a carbon copy of one another got repetitve rather quickly, but the feeling of riding your Mako for the first time in a vast, unknown aline terrain, discovering ancient civilisation that's gone by... that sheer sensation of being a stragner in strange land was one of the biggest appeals of this series.

    Also the art direction of this game is just unparalleled. Yes gameplay wise it's dated, many would say it's the worst of the bunch, but aesthetically speaking this game was the absolute best. Campy 80s scifi outfits with shiny latex, blue pansexual alien, fog filter on your screen with white noise put up to maximum, janky animation that actually leviated its mysteriousness.. it was just so damn unique.

    I've always thought it was a bit of shame (despite loving them all dearly) that this franchise somehow became typical-follow-the-railway-campaign-action-adventure as it went on, losing its sense of mystery on the way. It's a flawed game, but first game's irresistible charm was simply what lasted for me among all the other great things about this franchise.
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  8. Whew!

    That Silent Hill essay. Stan a bitsy. I love those games.

    Sonic Adventure 2 is amazing and Sonic has sadly never been as good since.

    All those songs and not this dreamy bop, I used to get my life gliding around as Rouge searching for gems.

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  9. This. I couldn't word the feeling, but yes it's a one of a kind thing that only Mass Effect can deliver in that way.
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  10. I'm re-downloading Mass Effect now because I never really got past much of the beginning with just a keyboard and mouse.
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  11. Girl, me too. I had too much fun being a horrible parent to my Chao.
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  12. Y'all ready to hit the Top 100!?​



    2001 | Sega | Dreamcast / Xbox | Action-Adventure

    19 Points: @junglefish, @Tribal Spaceman

    Multiplier: 1.2x

    Total: 45.6


    I love that we’re almost 500 games deep, and the very last one to miss out on the Top 100 wasn’t even in the rate until the last two voters swooped in and gave it 19 points each at the last minute ddd, their impact! Like the original, Shenmue II is set in a shockingly massive, dynamic world for a 2001 Dreamcast game; following Ryo’s journey to Hong Kong in pursuit of his father’s killers who he apparently never found during the first game, poor thing, the Dreamcast version of the game allowed players to import their save data from Shenmue to transfer over their money, items and skills, which is a nice alternative to the usual unexplained loss of all belongings and abilities between sequels. Shenmue II reviewed extremely well as an all-round improvement on the already-great original – unfortunately, poor sales lead to the series entering development hell for a solid fifteen years afterwards, but that’s all about to change with the Kickstarter-funded release of Shenmue III next year.



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  13. [​IMG]

    Shenmue II (junglefish, Tribal Spaceman)

    Mass Effect (ddog, vikeyeol, DJHazey)

    Sonic Adventure 2 (If You Go, Sleet, kalonite, otenkiame, RJF)

    Jet Set Radio Future (NecessaryVoodoo, BEST FICTION, eliminathan)
    Silent Hill 3 (Filler, KamikazeHeart, LE0Night)

    Golden Sun (otenkiame, RJF)
    Mortal Kombat 3 (Dangerous Maknae, GeiPanda)

    Bioshock Infinite (Petty Mayonnaise, ddog, Animalia)
    Day of the Tentacle (Robert, DominoDancing, roblognick)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (HeartSwells, Sleet, Jonathan27)

    Bayonetta (He, LiK, Xanax, BEST FICTION)
    Theme Hospital (Number, Robert)
    Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego? (VivaForever, MollieSwift21)
    Worms World Party (Filler, Dangerous Maknae)

    Goldeneye 007 (CaliDevotion, Mikl C, DJHazey)
    Heavy Rain (Aidan, Oleander, KamikazeHeart)

    Burnout 3: Takedown (LiK, Filler)
    Persona 3 (soratami, junglefish)

    Tekken 2 (evilsin, AshtrayHeart, Squashua)

    Resident Evil (Remake) (KamikazeHeart, He)
    Tomb Raider III (nikkysan, CaliDevotion)
  14. And here's how many games everyone has left standing in the Top 100!

  15. After being the only voter for most of my picks, 2 of my games made it to the top 100

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  16. 14!!! Well well Well!
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  17. My most masc game in my list is still in this. Yas.
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  18. I should probably start looking for another avatar for when you heathens bin My Number One.
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