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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix Final Fantasy with Mickey Mouse and Goofy...
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  2. Was some kind of genius.

  3. [​IMG]
  4. "Goofy"



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  5. Mickey Mouse taking three seconds to mourn Goofy before clenching his fist, whispering they'll pay for this and leaping into a flashy costume change sends me every time fffff

  6. As if Mickey didn't know Goofy was just being a stunt queen anyway.
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  7. ...tapped into a perfect mix of fantasy and escapism that could appeal to multiple generations? It’s about as plausible on paper as a plumber jumping through pipes within a kingdom of fungi stomping on the heads of enemies, so stranger things have certainly happened.

    Tetsuya Nomura remains a mad genius and y’all are missing out on some damn good RPG’s.
  8. I believe I'm in the minority here, but I'm still not sure what games are left, so I would be happy to be surprised with each one. Although if y'all insist on talking about the games that are left, I won't stop you.
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  9. [​IMG]



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    My top game ever. The one that has kept me coming back for more for over a decade. Definitely the best Pokemon game as it has two regions to explore (with one playing on nostalgia) and also the best battles, gym leaders etc. This was before they overcomplicated it and then, in recent years (Sun/Moon), made it too easy.



    Now if we were ranking gaming series', mainline Pokémon would have been at the top. It was a struggle to pick one game but I went with G/S/C over HeartGold and SoulSilver ultimately because of nostalgia. This is where the series made huge leaps, it improved so much over the originals and where I became a complete addict. It introduced day and night, 100 more Pokémon, shiny Pokémon, a female player character, an in game clock, timed events, the list goes on. I remember feeling pretty underwhelmed by Ruby and Sapphire because a lot of these new features ended up missing. The day and night cycle helped the games feel so much more immersive.


    Getting to visit Kanto again after the Elite Four was also pretty mind blowing, even though it was stripped back. Then stumbling on Red as a kind of secret final boss was awesome. The games introduced some of my favourite Pokémon in Bellossom and Celebi amongst some others. I was so hyped when the recent VC release of Crystal was announced to feature Celebi finally!



    This is the franchise at its peak. They´ve added enough original pokemons, managed to create a simple yet grabbing storyline and the option to explore both Jotho + Kantho made this game feel huge. Also a big shoutout to Whitney. Who doesn´t love getting crushed by her miltank?



    Pokemon Gold is my first pokemon game and that is probably the main factor as to why it’s my favourite. All of my favourite Pokémon are from Gen 2 and 3 but back when I was young and cared about legendary Pokémon, having a Phoenix as the main legendary and a lion (ish) as one of the trio made for a great generation. I didn’t even have a starter that I liked but starters weren’t important during my first play through.


    A great introduction to one of the better series’ that I’ve played. Watching Ho oh fly around was cute too.

    Still my favourite battle theme from all of the Pokémon’s it kind of goes tf off.


    My favorite Pokemon game. Clear as day, I remember driving to Hershey Park in the fourth grade playing this on my blue Gameboy SP when my Togepi evolved into a Togetic and I was so happy. I was devastated when my brother lost my cartridge a few years later, but alas, that’s life.



    I had to go with Gen 2. It was my first Gameboy Color game and it was so exhilarating. @eliminathan & I received a Gameboy & the game for Christmas in 2000 and we never put them down. This was a big deal in our household because we didn't really have a lot of money, so the fact that we both got the console & games was so crazy to us. We were both 7 when we played this, which I'm really impressed with because I see my nephew & niece who are around that age struggle to play Sun & Moon these days even though they hold your hand through the entire thing!

    I have so many good memories with these games. Meganium is still the best starter ever, Lugia is still a bad bitch and Pokemon has never been better than it was in Gen 2... Ok Gen 3 was pretty good too, but I had to pick this one for old times sake.


  10. [​IMG]


    #1 Bayonetta 2
    #2 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All
    #3 New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward
    #4 Dead or Alive 4
    #5 Final Fantasy VIII

    #6 Bust-a-Groove
    #7 Bloody Roar 2
    #8 Jet Set Radio Future
    #9 Super Princess Peach
    #10 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    #11 Capcom vs. SNK 2
    #12 Tekken 3
    #13 Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal
    #14 Soulcalibur II
    #15 Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

    #16 Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
    #17 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    #18 Tokyo Mirage Sessions
    #19 Bravely Default
    #20 Bayonetta

  11. [​IMG]


    #1 Ōkami
    #2 Ninja Gaiden (2004)
    #3 Final Fantasy VIII
    #4 Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    #5 World of Warcraft

    #6 Tenchu Z
    #7 Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal
    #8 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    #9 Halo: Combat Evolved
    #10 Street Fighter IV

    #11 Dead or Alive IV
    #12 Fable
    #13 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    #14 Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    #15 Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

    #16 Ninja Gaiden II
    #17 Bloody Roar Extreme
    #18 Battletoads in Battlemaniacs
    #19 Journey
    #20 Jet Set Radio Future

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  13. I, for one, am furious that @BEST FICTION & @eliminathan ended up falling at the same time when I bookmarked this gif fucking forever ago for whoever went first.

  14. Those GSC gifs are attacking my soul. I have so many memories of those games. Playing them on road trips with my paperback Pokémon Handbook by my side...

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  15. Well if these thots had better taste we’d both still be here!

  16. The bit that gets me is when Donald just immediately accepts it. That delivery of 'Ohh, Goofy.....' is so inexplicably filled with an implicit understanding that this was only a matter of time?!
  17. I mean...maybe Donald doesn´t use heal for a reason.
  18. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    Espeon is the best from gen II. Me thinking I avoided an elimination cause I didn't get a notification.
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  19. OK... sigh.

    BTW this was iconic, cue 11 year old me getting my life in the cinema.
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