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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. WHY is this the first time I realized these parallels in my two favorite RPGs?
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  2. RJF


    Never has "Pull the trigger, Piglet." been more appropriate.
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  3. You are such an asshole.
  4. So, here we are.

    Ten months.

    65 voters.

    595 games.

    Lady Cruncher.

    One winner.

    Final Fantasy X vs. Kingdom Hearts

    Square Enix 2001 vs. Square Enix 2002...



    2002 | Square | PS2 | Action-RPG

    20 Points: @Xanax
    19 Points: @aaronhansome, @WhenTheSunGoesDown
    18 Points: @Jonathan27
    17 Points: @MollieSwift21, @Tribal Spaceman
    16 Points: @Mikl C
    14 Points: @beyoncésweave, @KamikazeHeart
    13 Points: @Animalia, @kalonite, @Oleander
    10 Points: @playboy69
    7 Points: @Robert, @stuaw
    5 Points: @GeiPanda
    4 Points: @2014
    2 Points: @otenkiame

    Multiplier: 2.8x

    Total: 638.4


    No other game has managed to touch me on an emotional level like this has.

    We are so lucky that there was this supposedly major coincidence of people from square and Disney working in the same building, so Square could pitch the idea of Kingdom Hearts.

    Kingdom Hears does such a good job at connecting carefree, fun moments with a quiet dark storyline. I mean the idea of mashing the universes of final fantasy with Disney together sounds like it shouldn’t work…but it does! And god, does it well…

    I still tear up when I think about the ending where you think you´ve finally manage to re-unite all your friends only to realize its not that simple… and the slightly depressing remix of “simple and clean” starts playing.



    This stupid fucking game in tandem with FFX basically changed my life and pulled me into the dumbass weird white guy obsession with Japan for like 8+ years.


    I’ve played all of these damn games and it took me a while to decide which one to pick for this top 20, but I’m pretty sure I love this one the most. It’s basically the only one with a story that’s sort of concise and makes sense, and the ending will still make me cry every time I watch it. I don’t think anything can fill me with such a strong, instant sense of nostalgia as running around on Destiny Islands, collecting supplies for that doomed raft.



    Kingdom Hearts is probably the most objectively flawed game on my list, but it’s also the game with the most charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. As a pre-teen in 2002 I fell right in the ideal demographic: I was not yet too old for Disney but old enough to grasp a more complex JRPG narrative. Not that Kingdom Hearts is particularly complex (not with this entry, at least), but it does offer the beginnings of more complex subjects that are explored further in the series. My reason for including the first entry so high is obviously informed by nostalgia, but it is also based on some incredible world building on the part of Square Enix. This has less to do with the inclusion of the Disney worlds and more to do with how these worlds coalescence with both Final Fantasy characters and the new Kingdom Hearts characters. This merging of all three results in a tone specific to the Kingdom Hearts series.


    There is a sense of wonderment and coming of age that develops into a deeper sense of purpose and what defines personhood. Kingdom Hearts eventually comes to the conclusion that our personhood is defined by the memories that we leave behind. When our own tangible self is gone, we exist as the perceptions people hold of us. Memory itself is one of the primary themes in Kingdom Hearts, along with the dichotomy of light and darkness. Darkness is not simply the absence of light; rather, it is a side effect of light itself, and can never truly be vanquished. Similarly, light is a temporal treasure; as protagonist Sora traverses different worlds, he sees what the aftermath of these worlds in the absence of light. Sora becomes increasingly attached to the liberation of these worlds, and when the realm of darkness is finally sealed, we see these dissipated worlds come back to life. Sora must then choose to either return to Destiny Islands, his home, or continue onward in his journey. He spends the majority of the adventure searching for his close friend Kairi, but as he says goodbye it isn’t with tears. Even in our darkest moments we have to find the light.



    This is just one of the best concepts that there is for a game and it doesn’t disappoint. However it is also one of the hardest games I’ve ever played.



    Square Enix x Disney. What's not to love?



    I wish I played this more but I found it so hard! I loved the idea of Disney characters interpolating into the video game market, it was so clever and made the game a whole lot more enjoyable.


  6. Which means...



    2001 | Square | PS2 | JRPG

    20 Points: @aaronhansome, @soratami

    19 Points: @CaliDevotion, @Jonathan27
    18 Points: Animalia, @KamikazeHeart, @Lost Boy, @Mikl C, @Number, @Stradiwhovius
    17 Points: @Xanax
    15 Points: @_hazzie_, @kalonite, @Sleet
    14 Points: @iheartpoptarts
    13 Points: @If You Go
    10 Points: @otenkiame, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Syzygyz
    8 Points: @RJF

    Multiplier: 3.0x

    Total: 939


    How many times have I bought this game? How many times have I played this game to finish? Far too many.



    This was the first proper RPG I ever played, and it was a complete revelation for me. Before, I had no idea games could look so good, feel so immersive or have such great stories, but FFX made me discover the wonderful world of JRPGs, which remain by far my favourite videogame genre, with FFX remaining the pinnacle of the genre.

    The music (both the original and re-orchestrated versions), the characters (Yuna is probably my favourite videogame character ever), the story (that ending *wipes tear*), the gameplay (Blitzball remains the best mini-game EVER)... FFX gets everything right, but my absolute favourite thing about it is the world of Spira itself. No matter how many times I make the journey from Besaid to Zanarkand, the sense of wonder is always there (Besaid, Luca, The Moonflow, Guadosalam... so many amazing locations), and the "Spiral of Death" nature of the world always impresses me. No other game has a world that's this unique and exotic, but also feels so believable and engaging.


    I actually replayed this game ealier this year, and it's amazing how it's still as enjoyable now as it was all these years ago, and it remains the game I've beaten the most times (by far).

    FFX-2 didn't quite make my list, but it also remains iconic, right from the opening cutscene.



    If you ask me what my favorite time of game is, I will have to say RPGs. Give me a character I can upgrade, an exciting world to explore, good enemies, and if you have magic and things I can summon I am sold! Final Fantasy X was for me the best example fo this type of gaming, and delivered an experience I have now repeated at least 8 times over 3 different consoles and never got tired. The storyline is incredible, the gameplay is diverse, the characters are great, and it's just such a satisfying experience. The graphics still hold up all these years later and I will treasure this game forever. Having these guys develop a similar Dragon Ball or Pokemon game would have been the best thing to ever happen in this universe.



    As someone who grew up Southern Baptist, Final Fantasy X was one of the first pieces of media that encouraged me to rethink what I had been taught. The parallels between Yevon and fundamentalist religious sects were countless, and I was personally endeared to Wakka’s journey from unshakeable devotion to cautious inspection. The mechanics of the game itself are standard JRPG with a PS2 facelift: the sphere grid allows just enough flexibility in the latter half of the game to provide alternative routes for characters, having aeons as fighting members of the party is criminally underrated, and each character felt necessary in the early game but could be swapped or benched indefinitely as the game progressed. Where Final Fantasy X may be conservative in how it approaches the JRPG canon, it is the narrative and characters that stand as a high point in JRPG history. Final Fantasy X has one of the most dynamic and cohesive casts the series has ever seen, and that sense of comradery gives a further sense of gravity as the true consequences of summoner Yuna’s pilgrimage unfold.


    The ending of Final Fantasy X is at once the saddest and most satisfying conclusions I’ve had the pleasure of seeing through. In the aftermath of the game’s final battle, there isn’t a sense of celebration. Instead, it is the aftermath that leaves the cast purposeless; when all you’ve known is a myth, where do you go? Final Fantasy X-2 sought to answer these questions, but I think it’s better left open ended. You rebuild, you learn how to live anew, and you move on. Final Fantasy X is most poignant to me for how it deals with truth and loss. It is easier to put faith in something intangible, but that can never last. In order to move on you have to let go of what you knew.


    Lost Boy:

    There’s a reason why I have a Final Fantasy sleeve, with FFX Shiva as the centrepiece. This is a masterclass in storytelling, still to this day. I would go as far as to say its the greatest RPG of all time. Complex and expansive characters with their own motives and goals, a harrowing and deeply political story tied up within a tragic love story, a powerful and evocative score that bring all the emotion to the forefront… And that’s before you even get to the genuinely enchanting but unforgiving gameplay - I can’t tell you the amount of hours I’ve poured into this to get the legendary gear, or the amount of hours I’ve spent grinding before an eye-watering boss to bring myself to as strong as I can be. And so many games can’t balance that line, so many games aren’t worth the grinding… but I had to in order to find out what happens next.

    And the AEONS. Sin. The sending. Spira. Sacrificing a friend to become your strongest weapon, which becomes your enemy. The world building here is… honestly spellbinding. It’s my dream in life to create a world as alive, as raw and real as Spira. They did that.



    As a fan of the PS1 era Final Fantasy titles I'd say it's amazing how FFX brought something even bigger, more fantastical, so breathtaking to the table. The way they took the formula and did that- innovation at almost every corner. The Sphere Grid. The fully fleshed-out world. The Blitzball which, at the time, felt like a game in itself. The characters which were a benchmark as an ensemble cast with the drama, the boss battles, the journey which saw you defy destiny with scale and excitement. The visuals. The FMVs! The wedding whew. Seymour Flux and Yunalesca and Yu Yevon. The aeons which were a full power fantasy. The mini-games and the Celestial Weapons with their iconically brutal requirements. The soundtrack; Thunder Plains, Servants of the Mountain, A Fleeting Dream uninterrupted as you approach the climax of your story. She honestly fucking did that.

    My original save file clocked 325 hours - whether it be wandering around Omega Ruins, lazily catching monsters for the Arena, spending hours and hours going through Blitzball searching for my Jupiter Sigil - I somehow always found something new to do. And returning for the remaster was an equally rewarding experience, even with new knowledge and technically superior games under my belt. The turn-based battles still felt fresh and strategic. The story still popped with its bright cast of characters (though full disclosure, never liked Tidus whoops) from enigmatic fashion icon Lulu to the heart, the core of the story, Yuna. The game lowkey drags up 'til Luca, with everything up to Besaid particularly tedious, but from there on spins the fast tale of our beloved group defying the odds across some truly stunning environments. One of the best games every, no questions.



    I love Japan's need to make every religion in video games an evil conspiracy. I started playing Final Fantasy X when I was very young and my appreciation has gone from strength to strength as I've grown up, gotten better at it, and become mature enough to understand the rich tapestry of ideas which drive it. I've gone from finding Wakka fun, to realising he's a contemptible racist, to kind of getting him again but still thinking he's dumb. From being confused by Tidus to understanding his journey and considering him the best protagonist of the series. The core theme of people confronting inescapable fates is powerful and brings out a great cast, I still live for Lulu and her withering put downs. An icon. Tidus' growth from selfish, whiny teen, to being the critical impetus of change and self-sacrificing hero is compelling, and on repeat playthroughs the contrast of his narration and attitude is just painful. Yuna's parallel antiparallel journey is just as good, and the interplay between the two as the game tries to fool you who the real lead is can be good fun to follow.


    Spira is also one of the most thoughtfully crafted and best looking worlds in video games. Every location has such a strong aesthetic and visual palette which makes it super memorable. From the gameplay perspective, I love the shift away from ATB to a more strategic system which allows for more dynamic boss fights and planning. Character niches and the sphere grid and well carved, if linear. The summons are the best the series have ever had, probably because their story relevance actually required them to be developed enough to care about. I suppose the reason it doesn't hit the top spot is that on reflection, the battle system is more shallow that I thought. For the most part it's a fairly straightforward game of rock-paper-scissors. By the end it's just about who can spam quick hit best. But there are flashes which really take advantage, particularly boss fights. And it's a fantastic game even if I do consider that a flaw.



    The first Final Fantasy I have ever played and this was the best introduction I could imagine. It has one of the most beautiful stories of the whole franchise. I think it was super smart that the protagonist of this game is a stranger in Spira and therefor the player had the chance to learn about the people and the tragedy of this world very naturally. Every character feels relevant to the overall story and adds something interesting. I loved the whole conflict of technology vs religion.

    Also, this has one of the best love stories ever. It was subtil enough to not annoy me (+ Yuna is such a great character… I mean the flashback where you can hear her recording her last words to all her friends is such a heartbreaking moment).


    This is what everybody got their PS2 for. It was one of those times where you wait forever and ever for a game and it lives up to expectations in every way possible.

    I just impulse bought it for PS Vita and this time I promise I’m not going to play way too much Blitzball and take 100+ hours to beat the game all over again.

    …Oh, who am I kidding, maybe I will. It’s fun.



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  7. NO competition. Wow!
  8. Me whenever anyone was worried about Kingdom Hearts or anything other than Final Fantasy X winning when it was a clear three hundred points ahead of #2

  9. RJF


    The dream must end.

    Congrats to @Animalia for an unforgettable thread.
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  10. What a fucking victory.
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  11. Yeah I have to second that. This rate was one hell of an undertaking, and @Animalia, you did brilliantly from start to finish!
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  12. LiK


    The way FFX swooped in and was like KH I'm a let you finish... but I am in fact the best Square Enix RPG of last decade.

    Very happy with the winner, would have been in my top 5 if I didn't limit one entry to a franchise. I'm pretty sure this is my most bought game... PS2, PS3, PS4 and Vita.
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  13. BTG


    I can’t even put into words the feelings that FFX brought out in me. Suffice to say, I think I sunk an entire summer into playing the game, morning to night, and no game has felt as rewarding since.

    That plot. Those characters. The atmosphere. Spending so much time gathering and fighting with my aeons, only to be forced to brutally kill them off one by one so they can find peace? I was not ready. I was not.

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  14. LiK


    Echoing that this has been an incredible rate and just an amazing thread in general. It's normally the first thread I would check most days whenever I logged in. Now what will I do? It's been fun seeing how much we all have in common outside of the music aspect.

    So thanks @Animalia for inviting me to participate it's been quite the journey!
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  15. Thank you @Animalia for hosting this incredible rate, it’s been the highlight of my year on this forum and such a nice little shelter from forum drama and other things that can be draining when we have just been able to wax poetic over our favourite games.

    My resolution for next year is getting into Final Fantasy, because everyone’s write ups for the series has definitely given me incentive to give the games a try.
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  16. wow, I didn't believe in justice anymore, but here we are


    Thank you, Animalia, for the most iconic thread I've experienced here.
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  17. Thank you so much @Animalia for hosting this rate. It’s truly one of the most iconic that’s ever been held on this site
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  18. Thank you for this iconically joyous rate @Animalia.

    One of my biggest life regrets will surely be failing to participate in it, especially considering it would have bumped Final Fantasy IX up to number 2. Oop.
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  19. Well done @Animalia for such a detailed and dedicated thread
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