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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Also, the battle with Yunalesca is just.. absolute genius. That battle mechanic, that challenge, and that fucking music. WHEW. A game.
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  2. I'll be playing a lot of Smash and Mario Kart with family over the holidays, but top priority when I get back is finishing Kingdom Hearts II and Hollow Knight! After that I want to get into Monster Hunter: World properly, it's a tad overwhelming but the zoologist in me enjoys the monster design/AI and I appreciate how it throws out a lot of typical RPG limitations in the name of fun. Plus Palicoes are cute as heck.

    I guess I also promised kalonite I'd play Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII when we dug out my old PS2 months ago but... there's a reason no one voted for it.

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  3. FFX Shiva is THAT BITCH
  4. So happy my favourite game won my favourite rate! And also sad that it's over.

    Praise be to @Animalia

  5. This is the best rate in the forrem's herstory teebs. I have gotten such enjoyment out of this thread and everyone here talking about their favourite moments and memories of all these games, along with speaking about them myself. I'll probably have more to say regarding the final two when I get home as I'm finishing up at GameStop right now but sincerely...

    Game Dad @Animalia you are iconic in every single way.
  6. He


    Amazing thread, @Animalia. This was always a pleasure to get back to, and your consistent high quality content was really iconic.

    Sadly I can’t relate to the Final Fantasy crazy love, having only played a couple of titles. I’ll get in on some of the ports definitely.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    @Animalia this was such an incredible ride, thank you sooooo much! I'm so sad it's over haha.
  8. Judging by the quality of the trailers, it'll be lucky to breach the top 20.

    Poor Kingdom Hearts getting completely overshadowed. Here's my last fanart post to give it the appreciation it deserves:




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  9. What a tremendous job, @Animalia! Thank you so freaking much for such an amazing rate. Honestly, probably my favorite, as it managed to only strenghen my love for games.

    Final Fantasy X was this close to being in my list, and it is still one of my favorite games, so I'm very pleased seeing it this loved.
  10. When FFX comes out on Switch I'll buy it. I've never actually played it.

    Congrats on finishing this amazing rate @Animalia. A daunting task that's been so entertaining!
  11. LiK


    One of my favorite developments of the rate, we spent so much time throwing shade at it, when its moment finally came higher than some of us wanted, sudennly we didn't care.
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  12. It takes an incredible level of commitment and hard work to see a rare like this through to the end; I applaud you @Animalia. I spent more time reading this thread than any other on the forum in 2018, and it’s been a pleasure to spend that time reminiscing, championing and arguing over our favorite video games. I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much with any other group.
  13. Same! I'm pretty excited for it after reading all this commentary. And I imagine I'll get through the game a lot faster if it's portable. (Note: I don't own a Vita.)
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  14. TRUST I will be depositing hundreds of likes for the large stretch of this I had missed during my forum break, but what a FANTASTIC fucking rate and a worthy winner. I can't wait to to dig in and read the wonderful writeups I had missed!

    @Animalia really went and did that in 2018 wow
  15. BTG


    Yeah, it goes without saying that this rate was iconic @Animalia. So much work and effort went into it, and it was such a pleasure to read. I wish I’d been able to take part in it and help boost the good sis Nina Williams up a few places.
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  16. Just realised FFX wasn’t in my top ten. Oops. To be fair, it’s a brilliant game and well deserving of its placement, but I had four other FF games on my list already.

    Well done, @Animalia.
  17. Well onwards to the BPG rate now.

  18. 2018 - The Year of @Animalia

    What an absolute trip. My biggest regret was not making the time to send in my votes in time, but at the same time, I've never had this much fun reading through the entire thread, and it has 100% reignited my love for games which I've somehow pushed to the wayside, but since I joined, I was constantly opening this thread and taking notes of games which I've never played but are loved by so many of you here.

    Also, FFX hitting the top spot is such a sweet victory. The memories I have playing through it with my brothers is something I hold close to my heart.
  19. Thanks @Animalia for one of the best threads ever.

    I’m looking forward to playing the Final Fantasy games on the Switch. My older brother owned the games and I wasn’t really allowed to touch them, and then their consoles went obsolete. I feel like I’ve missed out.
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