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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. This rate has been amazing and the best thing on the PJ forum! Thanks for all the fun @Animalia x
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  2. Thanks for taking me on so many nostalgia trips that I was able to express through sheets of commentary. I'm still shocked I matched with like half of my games, but knew the Top 20 or so was all going to be mostly games I've never played, so sorry I've abandoned the thread a bit at that point. You did extraordinary work @Animalia!
  3. Favourite rate I have ever been a part of, thank you Animilia!
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  4. This is the best rate on the forum tbh. It's even inspired me to get back into gaming properly nn.

    I stopped playing Breath of the Wild last year because the first boss battle gave me so much anxiety. I had to lie down and listen to calming music after finally beating Thunderblight Gannon on the 15th attempt, and this was after I had spent hours combing through the internet for strategies (the girls honestly expect me to pull off these slow motion tricks whilst having a panic attack!?!?) But I'm now picking it up again, even if I just spend most of the time gathering apples because I'm too scared to even think about facing more bosses and spending another 3 hours on GameFAQs.


    And yes I am perchéd for the Final Fantasy Switch ports. As a child I played Final Fantasy VII on a PS1 that had no memory card, so I would just play for hours until getting a Game Over. What's a "disc 2", precious?? And then I discovered IX but totally crumbled at that boss battle where there's TWO enemies and you're by yourself, so gave up after about 10 attempts when the anxiety got real nn why am I so bad at video games.


    It's the same story throughout my whole gaming career, from giving up on Sonic Adventure 2 because a ghost was CHASING ME and I could only fight back by digging into its shadows whilst a TIMER COUNTS DOWN are you KIDDING ME wijdiwjdwdjkxn, to giving up on Luigi's Mansion because I was too shaken up after fighting the giant baby thing. Well no more. From now on, as god is my witness, I will complete games that aren't just Pokémon/Harvest Moon/The Sims.

  5. Ever played these cute games called Silent Hill?
  6. Scream!! I was going to say something similar! Oh give Resident Evil 7 a go it’s full of rainbows and light x
  7. Thank you @Animalia for being an iconique host despite the forum's extremely non-iconique taste.
  8. I dunno, the top two games being MY top two games? Talent!
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  9. I already miss reading this thread every day.

  10. It was a general comment. I don't have any particular problem with the top two.
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  11. Things we can now say with receipts:

    FFXIII is better than XV.
    FFX is the best FF game, and the best RPG of all time.
    Tomb Raider: Legend is the best Tomb Raider since the first.
    Metroid Prime is the 20th best game of all time.
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  12. A very deserving winner. I'm glad I was able to survive until the Top 2, things were looking very rough there for a while ddd. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this, @Animalia! This whole thread was truly a work of art. I apologize for not being here for some of it but I was keeping up from afar when possible. I need to set aside time to properly go through the thread to catch up and give you all the likes you deserve.
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  13. I really fucking miss coming in here and catching up on what I’ve missed and reading the commentary on the games.
  14. Maybe @Animalia should make this a yearly thing.
  15. LiK


    An end of year rate of our favorite games that year, I would support.
  16. yas lets kill him
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Kingdom Hearts 3 snatching that 2019 crown.
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  19. I'm late to the party as per usual and I think everyone's said all there is to say by now, but who else is playing so many more video games all of a sudden thanks to @Animalia being flawless?

    I'm actually playing FFX right now, randomly enough. (Yes, it took me that long to pick it up after buying it something like half a year ago.) I still waste too much time on Blitzball.

    Thanks for everything! It's been perfect.
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