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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. I didn’t vote for FFX because I’d already voted for three other FFs but I’m really glad a Final Fantasy won. It’s such an amazing series.

    I’ve really loved participating in this rate and reading through the thread. It’s been a great nostalgia trip on many beloved games, some of which I discovered were released again on the PS4 this year so played them again, like Toejam and Earl. I feel like I need to go through the thread again and make a note on many games that I had never played or never even heard of, but your commentaries made sound so good that I want to try and play them if they’re available on the PS4 or iOS, especially the RPGs.

    @Animalia you’ve been an amazing host. The scale of this rate was huge, but you’ve been consistently revealing throughout. It’s felt really well paced. I’m glad it’s finished in December, rather than earlier in the year and it’s been a nice way to end the year. Also, it’s great to hear there’s still a bit more left to come.
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  2. Been catching up on this amazing thread (and still have more catching up to do) but wow THAT Silent Hill 3 post - what a write up! I always thought SH3 was ahead of it's time graphically. I was amazed at the cutscene graphics (was always partial to FMV) but the details in the character's faces were amazing and I always feel the graphics in this game aren't mentioned enough.

    I used to keep saves to rewatch some of the cutscenes - mainly the Heather/Vincent ones. Yeah the lip syncing was off and the conversation a bit crazy but the voice acting, music and graphics were great!

    I agree that it's not a game I could ever play again though!
  3. If anyone wants to help pick PopJustice's 2018 GOTY, most anticipated game of 2019 and more, please participate here:

    You have until Monday morning to do so, as I'm planning on revealing the results Monday afternoon/evening.
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  4. Whew, reading all the FFX commentary again and I wish I could articulate my thoughts on the game as well as you guys did!
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  5. Good times.
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  6. But why did the end of this rate have to mean the end of @Animalia?
  7. BTG


    Fuck Carmen Sandiego.
  8. He's in hibernation until the next rate.
  9. He and @kalonite probably went and got married and forgot about this pink hell.

    If they do ever come back, I expect a full 'during the credits' recap of their lives after this rate, video game style.
  10. So. Almost exactly a year later. How have our lists changed? Either because of new releases or just time to experience more.

    Had I played it sooner, Undertale would have been a shoo-in.
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  11. I would include Dragon Quest XI on my list, it's my favourite game released since this rate took place. Also a Star Ocean game (either 3 or 4). They're two of my favourite games ever, and I replayed them after the rate and they remain so fun to play. I really should have put at least one of them in my top 20.
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  12. An icon rate <3
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  13. Ugh. I miss this thread.
  14. Hollow Knight has popped up on my list.
  15. I didn't play Breath of the Wild until after the rate so it'd definitely be high on my list now!
  16. Yes, Overwatch is in my Top 5 now easily and it wasn't even on my list last time.
  17. I'd maybe put Tetris Effect on mine and one of the Danganronpa trilogy?
  18. Am I still regretting the fact that I gave commentary to all of my entries (with some gentle prodding by the good sis @Animalia) EXCEPT for my top two?

    Was I going to bring this thread back from the dead five months ago just to post some unwarranted FF8 and Okami commentary so long after they have been eliminated just because it kept on lingering in my mind that I hadn’t written anything for them?

    Am I a mess because I still haven’t played Okami HD or FF8 remastered even though those games mean so much to me and I was so excited to see them get their recognition and remasters?

    Will I be buying the Crystal Chronicles remaster on switch only to never play it as well because @BEST FICTION won’t play it with me?

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