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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

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  2. That gif is making me regret everything. FFX was in my list I originally PMed and then I edited it out within 2 minutes.

    I already hate this.
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  3. I hope y'all don't mind if we rattle through these early ones quickly!

    = #565


    2007 | London Studios | PS2 | Party

    1 Point: @iheartpoptarts


    These games are karaoke in video game form, and of course I’m going to vote for karaoke.

    They also like it if you sing in a very basic sort of way, so if people get all tryhard and attempt to be legit good singers with vibrato and all that they will probably get worse scores than you. Ha.

    I had seven of these, and if you were my roommate/housemate at some point, I definitely made you play them with me.

    I’ve pretty much voted for the one I think of as the default, but I’d like to complain that I could never have the obviously life-changing Boy Bands vs Girl Bands edition you guys got in the UK. *cries in igloo*

    - - -

    Animalia's note: Okay but I just had a look at the songs in this one and

    Annie - Heartbeat
    Beyoncé - Crazy In Love
    Britney Spears - ... Baby One More Time
    Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Destiny's Child - Survivor
    Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
    OutKast - Roses
    Rihanna - SOS
    Robyn - Show Me Love
    Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody



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  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Pokemon Stadium was so fun. A lot of these games on my list come from breaking child labor laws and working at 10 but during the down time we had Nintendo 64 and later a Dreamcast.

    One of my favorite Pokémon to use in stadium was Sneasel because he had a move beat down that just was your whole team coming out and taking turns smacking your opponent.

    My main team consisted of Vapereon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon and Ninetails...

    The real reason it made my list though was the mini games section. My siblings and cousins played this for hours and it was perfect to play during the down time based on how short it was. Delibird, Eevee, Furret and Donphan were my favorites.
  5. RJF


  6. Yes at this kicking off and yes at already two games who deserve to be here.
  7. lol i have bold memories of playing singstar with my friends when my mum suddenly stormed into the room...all worried because she thought someone was crying/having a breakdown. that was also the last time i touched that game.

  8. Iconic team composition sis.

    The minigames in 2 were fun but I preferred almost all of the original stadium's minigames.

    THAT BEING SAID, Streaming stampede is the best minigame from both games.
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  9. Singstar Pop! Of course this is an @iheartpoptarts pick. Legends only.
  10. Pokémon Stadium 2 (and 1) was really fun, I have both, but I think most of it was the novelty of just getting to see your Pokémon in 3D. The mini games are by far the best part about it.
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  11. Me not making the deadline for voting because life, but still waiting patiently for the countdown and pretending my games made the list.

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  12. I love Pokemon Stadium One and definitely considered it for my list. Never got around to playing 2. I guess 1 could still make an appearance though...?

    Anyway, I slayed at this mini game:

  13. I was a big Singstar fan too and pretty sure I spent way too much time on the 80’s edition because it was the only tracklist my mum didn’t mind me warbling off-key for a full 12 hours.
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  14. So excited this has begun. I am worrying how many of my games will be in this 1 point randomiser though.
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  15. I might have a couple of these...

    I only ever owned Pokémon Stadium 1. The Sushi-Go-Round is worth the entire game.

    Oh my god, I wish these were in my version. Regional differences are so mean.

    (But hey, nowadays you can probably just buy them off the PS Store for whatever the current edition of SingStar is. Hmmmm...)
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  16. I love how @iheartpoptarts's game penalized you unless you were a basic singer. Talent rewarding talent.
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  17. I appreciate how it gives me higher scores than people who are most definitely better singers than I am. Hehe.
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  18. I used to cheat at SingStar and just make a droning noise in the right tone haha!
  19. = #565


    2000 | Capcom | PS1 | Action

    1 Point: @Empty Shoebox

    Empty Shoebox:

    Now here's a franchise that deserved better. In a similar vein to the Alien franchise, the brains behind it figured that the best way to follow up a horror original was to provide an action sequel. Obviously it suffered a little being on the Resident Evil engine, but it fared a lot better than the first, which was really hard to differentiate from Resident Evil. Environment design was this game's strong point, and the reason it slipped onto my list. The music's okay, but I wouldn't listen to it anywhere other than in-game and in-context. It's a shame that the third game was so disappointing or we might be still playing this series today. I'd rather we had more of this than another Devil May Cry, but that's me. I have odd tastes.


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  20. ddddd same! Serving Ariana-level enunciation for ya nerves.

    These are the games that only got one point from one person, so only your one-pointer could potentially be eliminated, if no one else picked it!
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