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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Is Dino Crisis the game where you go to help a dying man only for a T-Rex to burst through the window and eat him?

    Because if so that’s the reason for being TERRIFIED of large animals.
  2. OMFG. If only I would have known this existed.

    I also feel like the upcoming Jurassic World game Evolution is right of my street too!
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  3. How could I forget about Dino Crisis? I only ever played the first one, but my Dino-loving teenage gay ass loved every second. Terrifying, though.
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  4. He


    Oh Dino Crisis was great!

    I loved it. The second one definitely went a bit more action but it was still well made and more polished.
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  5. Come through Dino! I think I was honestly more afraid of Dino Crisis than I was Resident Evil and had to watch my brothers play them instead when they were first released.
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  6. = #565


    2001 | Konami | PS2 | Shooter

    1 Point: @Oleander

    I won't lie, I hadn't heard of this franchise before now but it looks LIT. Flying around in weaponised mechsuits, tearing through an intergalactic military force to aid the little guys back on Earth? It's like if Hideo Kojima had designed a whole game of NieR: Automata's opening mission. I'm into it.

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  7. LiK


    Whoa love this game! Totally forgot about it
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  8. Gosh I haven't heard of a lot of these!
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  9. I forgot about Singstar, but the best one was Singstar ABBA.
  10. I had a feeling I would be the only one to give Zone of the Enders points ddddddd. Picking a #20 spot was difficult because there were so many games I could I have used. The reason I went with this game was not only because I had a lot of fun playing it but it was my first encounter with a game centered around Mechas and part of the reason I still find Mechas so cool. Young me was in love with how great the world looked and it felt like I was in the future. I didn't even buy the game, though. When I was a kid one of my parents' friends gave it to us along with an E.T. VHS and some other random things. I was unaware of its status as a cult classic until I looked it up for my list but it's honestly what she deserves. Oh, and it has an OVA and two anime series but I haven't seen those ddddddd. The music was quite fun as well. It's honestly been so long since I have gone through it again but I have very fond memories of it. 10/10 would recommend.

    Here's a bit of gameplay of it for anyone who wants to get a quick glimpse of it.

    Edit: Looking at some of the suits now makes me think of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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  11. I already know my #20/one pointer is on others voters’ lists, so looks like I’ll be waiting a while, girls!

    Enjoying this so far @Animalia but looking forward to it going AWF once we get to the higher numbers.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Any guesses what the lowest ranking Tomb Raider will be? I would go for Chronicles if it is in here, or maybe Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  14. I never got to play Zone of the Enders but I wanted to so bad. It looked so gorgeous back then, still does now. A testament to good art direction.
  15. He


    I don’t think as many voted Lara. Chronicles is fun but just a cash in. I would be surprised if anyone included it.
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  16. Yes

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  17. wow, me after seeing how this list is going to go down.

  18. = #565


    2005 | Nintendo | NDS | Puzzle

    1 Point: @2014


    This made me feel so insanely clever and was more addictive than I can even explain.

    - - -

    Animalia's note: Firstable, the Scottish clique will testify with me that voice recognition software fucking NEVER WORKS WITH OUR ACCENT. So those minigames are a bust off the bat for me but honestly, the one where you had to keep count of how many people were running in and out of a house was maybe the most stressful thing I've ever encountered in a game.

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  19. I’m convinced voice assistants like Siri and Alexa were genuinely invented to wind Scots up, to be honest.
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  20. Now that this rate has started, I really regret not finding time to send a ballot. I can't wait to see where the games I would have included chart (or if they chart at all...)
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