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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. = #565


    2010 | Ubisoft | Wii | Rhythm/Party

    1 Point: @OspreyQueen

    Move Your Feet by Junior Senior is iconic and people are still loving it.

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  2. I fucking slayed every single one of my heterosexual church friends in Just Dance 2. Poor them.
  3. Just Dance 2 made my basement bedroom birthday party back at home with my friends that much more iconic before one of the girls was found crying behind my wheelie bin, spooning a bottle of wine.
  4. R92


    Is it too late to submit this?

  5. Wow, a mood.
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  7. LiK


    I'm gonna guess Tomb Raider 2013
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  8. Zone of the Enders was one of my most played PS2 demos and has hovered around on my mental should-get-round-to-buying list for 17 years. I always imagined mech games, like Armored Core or whatever, as slow ugly lumbering bastards, and maybe they are, but Zone of the Enders felt so snappy and elegant, like I was piloting a 60-foot hummingbird. Though my favourite bit was demolishing the scenery, and apparently the spoilsport game penalises you for "colony damage".

    (That opening cut-scene with the kids tied to the lamppost gave me nightmares.)

    ADA sounds extremely proto-GLaDOS there. "Destroy the objects called Porter in this area, and then... something... will happen."
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  9. [Brief intermission while I eat and the good sis @junglefish belatedly joins us!]

  10. I have a feeling that Angel of Darkness is going to be one of the higher ones despite being the lowest score critical. I'd rank it higher for the icon that is Janice alone.

    'Move along Ma chere, you make the place look crowded...'
  11. The actual gay agenda.
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I better submit my commentary for Barbie Horse Adventures quick.
  13. dddd many a night was drunkenly spent performing 'Call Me' on Just Dance 2 back in 2010.
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  14. I actually loved The Angel of Darkness. That whole Janice level where you got to go in the club and the graveyard was amazing..
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  15. We also know how much gays love demo versions, and Angel of Darkness sure felt like a demo at times with all its glitches.
  16. Lara Croft in...Tomb Raider: Avicii Heart.
  17. Oh, it's started. Let me quickly whip up some commentary for my list bottom 10 5 3!
  18. I can’t stop thinking about the franchise which was supposed to do quite well only getting a vote two days ago. The suspense is going to haunt the rate for ages isn’t it?
  19. Oh wow, WAIT at it dawning on me that Just Dance + Singstar is basically the Western baby gay equivalent of K-Pop idol company training bootcamps.

    Was all that flail-copying silhouettes leashed to a wii remote and warbling along to Total Eclipse of the Heart until your vocal chords were shot really just for a debut that would never come? Is this what YG acts feel like?
  20. And we're back!

    = #565


    2001 | Capcom | GBC | Action-Adventure

    1 Point: @Robert

    Whew, back with a bang - the first cut from one of the big franchises! I have literally no knowledge of this game besides the fact that it had a pointless Pokémon-style dual release with Oracle of Ages - thankfully no one voted for that so I didn't have to navigate that complication. Small mercies. Hopefully some of you guys can fill in the details, 'cause imma let this cute gif do the talking:


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