Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

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2010 | Ubisoft | Wii | Rhythm/Party

1 Point: @OspreyQueen

Move Your Feet by Junior Senior is iconic and people are still loving it.

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Zone of the Enders was one of my most played PS2 demos and has hovered around on my mental should-get-round-to-buying list for 17 years. I always imagined mech games, like Armored Core or whatever, as slow ugly lumbering bastards, and maybe they are, but Zone of the Enders felt so snappy and elegant, like I was piloting a 60-foot hummingbird. Though my favourite bit was demolishing the scenery, and apparently the spoilsport game penalises you for "colony damage".

(That opening cut-scene with the kids tied to the lamppost gave me nightmares.)

ADA sounds extremely proto-GLaDOS there. "Destroy the objects called Porter in this area, and then... something... will happen."
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Oh wow, WAIT at it dawning on me that Just Dance + Singstar is basically the Western baby gay equivalent of K-Pop idol company training bootcamps.

Was all that flail-copying silhouettes leashed to a wii remote and warbling along to Total Eclipse of the Heart until your vocal chords were shot really just for a debut that would never come? Is this what YG acts feel like?
And we're back!

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2001 | Capcom | GBC | Action-Adventure

1 Point: @Robert

Whew, back with a bang - the first cut from one of the big franchises! I have literally no knowledge of this game besides the fact that it had a pointless Pokémon-style dual release with Oracle of Ages - thankfully no one voted for that so I didn't have to navigate that complication. Small mercies. Hopefully some of you guys can fill in the details, 'cause imma let this cute gif do the talking:


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