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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Spoiler alert, but I didn’t vote for any gameboy/ds Zelda titles. However, I did vote for 5 LoZ games across my top 20!

    I’m ashamed to say, as an obsessive, that I have very limited knowledge of the handheld games stories...
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  2. The two games were originally meant to be three, but they couldn't get the password nonsense to work. They were also a lot of fun, but not groundbreaking. Always interesting to see Nintendo hand the reins to someone else, like with Capcom on those guys.

    I had both I'm honestly not sure I beat either!
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  3. Please allow me the indulgence of posting my Janice pop-art fanart.
  4. Oop I just realised I read that Capcom made it, thought that was weird, then instinctively just typed Nintendo anyway welp. Thanks for reminding me!
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  5. I'm happy at least one other person has definitely voted for my #20 so it isn't going quite yet. I fear for about half the games I voted for though ddd
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  6. = #565


    1989 | Nintendo | Gameboy | Platformer

    1 Point: @bakerboy92

    Not even ten eliminations in and we've already seen Pokémon, Zelda and Mario? Ruthless. This was the very first Mario platformer released on a handheld console and phew, can you say glo-up? Sometimes less is more though, and the sheer simplicity of this game means that someone was able to make a gif of the entire first level, so, enjoy!

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  7. Oh wow. I mean, this is one of the lesser Mario games in the canon, but as you said, it just feels weird to have something Mario related leave this early. Personally, the Game Boy was the first console, hand-held or otherwise, I ever owned, and of course I played Super Mario Land until my fingers bled.

    And a big Kandy Ho WTF at the fact that the only point for this comes from @bakerboy92, who I guess WASN'T EVEN BORN WHEN IT WAS RELEASED.
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  8. It's not so weird, is it? I doubt even the biggest series like Mario, Zelda and Final Fantasy will have every single game make the list, let alone all of them doing well.
  9. Many a night was spent playing Singstar 80s and Singstar ABBA! I didn’t include any Pokémon games on my list but if I were to include one it would’ve been the first Stadium game for the mini games alone, my sister played those almost exclusively together. I’d always get my ass handed to me in the digging one. The Clefairy game always freaked me out when you messed up to many times and lost, I think it was the losing jingle that scared me dddd.

    I hope Super Mario Land 2 makes its way onto this list somehow if the first one managed to snag a vote. It improved from the first game in so many ways, and the levels and worlds are still so unique for any 2D Mario game. I wish I had chucked it onto my list now.

    I can’t remember if I remembered to vote for anything Zelda, although I imagine it will have plenty of representation regardless.
  10. Yep, that's objectively true. If Super Mario Land hadn't appeared in this rate at all, I also would not have noticed, probably. I agree with @nikkysan though, if Super Mario Land managed to get a point, the sequel should have at least...two.
  11. = #565


    2002 | Ubisoft | PS1 | Action-Adventure

    1 Point: @Hyrulian


    I’m not entirely sure why, but I loved this game as a kid. I was never that into first person shooters, but this game mixed stealth and exploration into it so well. It was such a great adventure.


    (I'm aware this is from a much later game but the only gif I can find from the original is of a glitch and I don't wanna be shady ddd)

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  12. Splinter Cell is AMAZING!
  13. = #565


    2007 | Nintendo | Wii | TRPG

    1 Point: @nikkysan

    I feel like it's not a huge spoiler to say that we'll encounter several Fire Emblem games in the future - poor Radiant Dawn is just the unlucky first one to fall. It does have a cute blue-haired twunk protagonist though, not every JRPG has that. Almost, but not all.

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  14. I mean, sure, Angel of Darkness was a bit of a patchwork mess overall but that soundtrack?

  15. This whole level is physically imprinted on my soul. I played this to death, but my god was I terrible at it.
  16. YES! I am so glad someone at least voted for this game, they were on my long list. The Oracle games are amazing and Seasons would be my pick of the two, the Rod of Seasons is my favorite gameplay mechanic. Definitely pick them up if 2D Zelda interests you as they are both on the 3DS VC and really fun.

    With the passwords (they are not really essential but) basically you trade them between the two to unlock items and expand on the story for the true final boss.
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  17. You? Terrible at a video game?

  18. [​IMG]
  19. Urgh, this game is so rare and I'm not about to play £100 for it. [/salt]
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