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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Oh wow, I’m the only voter for Radiant Dawn? It’s so much better than any of the Fire Emblem games that came after it...

    How I wish Ike was a real person
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  2. = #565


    2015 | Nintendo | Wii U/3DS | Platformer

    1 Point: @madeofghosts


    Perfectly balanced between depth and ease of use. Designing your own levels is an absolute 10/10, playing other people's is... not so much. Not quite Nintendo's fault but I hope they get something worked out for the sequel.


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  3. I keep meaning to get into Fire Emblem, I think it must be the only big JRPG series I've never played. I need to get Awakening and the other 3DS ones one of these days.
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  4. Me waiting for one of my irrelevant games to get kicked out soon.

  5. Zelda: Oracles are AMAZING
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  6. Not sure what to make of all these Nintendo appearances...

    Happy that so many of the games are already being represented? Angry that some of them are charting so low?
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    1999 | Capcom | PS1 | Action-Adventure

    1 Point: @AshtrayHeart

    Kill two dinosaurs with one stone a bit! My older brother had this game and my mum would never let me play it 'cause it was an 18, which at the time was annoying as hell, but looking back on it the idea of a PS1 game that looked like this being certified 18 is a bit of a kii. Manhunt hew?


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  8. Dino Crisis was so fun but I had to include the other two superior games from Capcom released around the same time. I just remember getting stuck almost halfway in and just gave up, my poor little 7 year old self.
  9. Didn't even know this exists! I would have been all over this in my teens when I thought working in the gaming industry might actually be something to aspire to.

    @Animalia Love the brisk pace this is moving along by the way! I guess the huge amount of games kinda makes this a necessity, but don't burn yourself out girl!
  10. It makes me SCREAM you're doing all of these in single posts instead of combining some. Get likes binch
  11. My obsession as a kid with Resident Evil & Dinosaurs made this the perfect game at the time, albeit, I’m not sure I could sit through it now. I managed to complete the first game, I enjoyed the sequel because the gameplay was more fluid and the control were better, however, I got stuck and gave up! The first game was more in the style of Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Code Veronica and 0, which is one of the reasons I loved it.
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  12. Every one of these 590 games deserves its time in the spotlight, obviously.
  13. dddddd clock't


    Got a few more coming up tonight to take us half way through the 1-pointers!
  14. Great to see my 20th game Zelda getting some love here. I haven’t played as many Zelda games as I should have but I really enjoyed that one back in the day.
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  15. I was considering voting for splinter cell chaos theory or Pandora tomorrow only because the co-op and the mercenaries vs spies multiplayer modes were so much fun. I was too scared to play the single player story.
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  16. Oh my god Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance both almost made my list.
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    1991 | Konami | Sega Genesis | Platformer

    1 Point: @Alouder98


    I didn't play this as much as the other games on my list but it brings back the memories of the days when we had Sega so I really can't not vote for it.


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  19. I'm rereading my commentary and I'm... not great with words.
    I considered just uploading fanart I made in place of commentary for most of them and now I'm thinking I might still do this when my faves get eliminated.
    Or is that obnoxious?
    Or am I overthinking things?
  20. You should have done what I did, which is not send any commentary and let @Animalia deal with my mess of a list.
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