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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Omg. How could I have forgotten about this gem. Me rage quitting at the harder levels.
  2. If you have commentary and fanart, why not just submit both?
  3. Whew I need to comment on three of the games already, great picks to begin with!

    Zone of the Enders was a really fun and glossy robot flick, albeit extremely brief. The versus mode was a lot of fun, though, and I spent many hours twirling through the sky against my brother and friends. Also it came packaged with the Metal Gear Solid demo which helped, and similarly saw many hours of play.

    Oracle of Seasons was on the first draft of my list before getting the boot. Both Seasons and Ages have really sumptuous worlds, Seasons a little more showy while Ages having the slightly deeper, more complex gameplay (Mermaid's Cave utilising the time travel mechanic still feels really smart). I also remember going to my friend's house and making him use his dial-up to find out how to beat the boss in the final dungeon of Ages as it was, somehow, the one thing that had flummoxed me. It was only my second experience with the franchise, after Link's Awakening, but I remember both games very fondly.

    Finally there's Radiant Dawn, which I've only just played a couple of months back. There's things I really liked about it - the steep difficulty curve, the beginning with the Dawn Brigade in particular - but the way you flit between teams while trying to keep your fave characters up to par ends up a little frustrating, and then you can only take a small handful through the endgame anyway. The story and conflict makes it a worthy addition to the series, though (play Path of Radiance first, of course, and emulate through your computer so you don't have to pay £100 nn).
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  4. Ddd wait Tiny Toon Adventures is so great, we used to play it with my mum all the time and I went back to play it through myself a couple of years back. The Elmyra stage at the end makes my heart race just thinking about it, truly truly awful.

    (I assume you also meant Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Mega Drive because of the Sega mention)
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  5. I’ve played none of the games mentioned so far.
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  6. Slightly in awe of these HQ logos btw.
  7. I swear it's coincidence this coming up now ddddd sorry sis!

    = #565


    2009 | Chunsoft | Various | Visual Novel

    1 Point: @Number


    Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is the first game in the Zero Escape trilogy - introduced to me by the wonderful @HeartSwells - which follows the journey of antagonist Junpei in a quest to unravel the truth behind the life-and-death Nonary Game. Set aboard an abandoned cruise ship and steeped in mystery, the game excels at creating a truly eerie, unsettling atmosphere with quirks which push you to solve the riddle behind this world. The game is backed with a colourful cast of characters, who each have a story to tell, which rarely feels frustrating or laboured. I think it tops its successors thanks to its relative simplicity and close atmosphere - Virtue's Last Reward is arguably a better game but takes an already convoluted premise and amps it up to the max, losing some of the quiet tension in the process. While I've always valued gameplay over plot, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors blends the two together with rewarding puzzle play which sees Junpei engage with his environments as he tries to fashion a way out of his hell. The series is certainly worth playing for anyone who enjoys visual novels with an edge and an appetite for surprise.


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  8. That one's actually on my backlog! It looks amazing.
  9. I wasn't aware that Tiny Toons had a video game despite being a big fan of the show when I was a kid dddddddddd.

    I might have to check out Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors because it both looks and sounds so cool.
  10. = #565


    2003 | Raven Software | PC/XBox | Shooter

    1 Point: @evilsin


    Such a good one, this one. I've never been that big on Star Wars games, and anything Star Wars, really, but this game, apart from The Knights of Old Republic and The Old Republic, somehow managed to have a pretty strong grasp on me.

    I believe my high school friend brought Jedi Academy to my attention. We would play it together all the time, until Lineage II swallowed us whole. It was very alluring in it's premise of creating your own character and going through the story the way you want, hence the possibility of multiple playthroughs. Beside I loved how all the mission were quite different and had some cool gimmick or feature unique only to this particular one. Not to mention Jennifer Hale as a voice over is always a plus.


    - - -

    Animalia's note:

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  11. It's a really fantastic game and pretty widely available across platforms, too, so worth checking out if you get a chance. It's relatively short but full of twists, I really can't recall being blindsided by a game like it in recent times.

    Also I meant successors rather than predecessors in my commentary whoops, forgive me, I'm typing on my phone on the other side of the world so my brain is literally upside down.
  12. Edited for ya!
  13. Okay I was gonna do one more tonight but I have to edit out the logo for the next one myself and that's an extremely tedious task at 1:30am so I'm going to bed ddddd. We started strong with fourteen eliminations today, and will hopefully wrap up the one-pointers tomorrow!

  14. Me tracing the roots of my anxiety back to this terrifying sequence of gameplay:

    And once you lost again, again and again, you had replay the previous three levels which were similarly stressful. Video games were cruel, huh.
  15. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    The Tiny Toons game was hard but I did beat it once. Lots of fun though the last few levels were frustratingly hard.
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  16. This gif really resonates with my life on so many levels.
  17. The whole Jedi Knight series was really, really good. And much more fun than the prequel trilogy going on that same time. It's still baffling that it apparently wasn't successful enough to be continued, or that it wasn't revived the minute TFA hit the screens.
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  18. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I know Brain Training was a few elims ago but I have to mention how the one time my mum’s ever got into gaming (aside from a few games of Wii Party) was when she literally got addicted to that game along with Big Brain Academy. I barely got to play on my own DS for those few bizarre months.
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  19. Oooh this is such fun, @Animalia! Just one small note, is it plausible to put in the platform each game was released on in addition to its developer? I'm sure the big multiplatform releases won't need it but I'm assuming most of the games here are on single platforms. Also, maaaybe the genre of each game?
  20. This is going so amazingly, @Animalia! Love the way you present the eliminations.
    I concur with this.

    And speaking of Tiny Toons Adventure - this was one of the best platforms I played and I adore how identical to the show it looks.
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