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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. One of my Mom's favorite games is in the list and she is mentioned prominently in that commentary. My Dad is mentioned in two games. Other than those:


    Any Spyro game (she's beaten them all and if they make any new ones she'll want to find a way to get it)
    She became obsessed with Bejeweled for awhile.


    Atari - Super Breakout (if they tracked it, I'm sure he has the world record for score.)
    NES - Silent Service (this obsession will be mentioned in the commentary for one of my games)
    NES - Contra (beat it like 40 times with my brother)
    NES - Ikari Warriors (I've already posted about the music. They always got to a room they (my brother and him) could never get past, so either the game was glitched or purposely had no end)
    PC - StarCraft and StarCraft II (He played 1 all the way until 2 came out and still plays 2 all the time -- he's a huge Sci Fi fan so it's no surprise)
  2. Wait I forgot to say @KingBruno I totally had that Pajama Sam game as a kid too! Don't remember a single thing about it other than a noughts and crosses minigame (?) but as soon as I googled the cover it all came flooding back.
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  3. My mum's idea of fun was brain training and sight training on the DS.
    This was my life pretty much during the time.

    What a terrifying game. Still can't even bring myself to play it because of seeing it as a kid.
  4. My mom was introduced to "gaming" thanks to...

  5. Oh my god, the Humongous Entertainment quests were the shit! I was obsessed with finding every single animation in Freddy the Fish games.
  6. = #565


    2017 | Tango Gameworks | Various | Horror

    1 Point: @inevitable

    Honestly, I don't really fuck with Bethesda outside the The Elder Scrolls franchise so I don't know all that much about this series but a quick google threw up this:


    and issa NOPE from me, ladies. My history with proper (i.e. non-Resident Evil) horror games is limited to the first few hours of Dead Space and even that was tew. damn. much. for my fragile gay constitution.

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  7. He


    The Evil Within has always looked quite great and unsettling. But it is Japanese developed, right? Bethesda are only the publishers.

    Edit: Oh, it is directed by Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, and developed by his studio. Makes sense.
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  8. Clock me misreading Google a bit!

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  9. = #565


    1998 | VIS Entertainment | PC | Shooter

    1 Point: @Sprockrooster


    This game was basically a mixture of puzzles and being a shooting game. Despite not being a fan of big shooting games, this one sat right on the edge of me still liking it because of the puzzles. Graphics-wise I can see now it is a bit shoddy, but I remember being completely captivated by it at the time. Also, this was a quite tough game to finish! Though love for it has dwindled a bit in time nostalgia is mostly driving this and it's placement in this top 20.


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  10. What on earth are those gifs and where the hell did they originate from
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  11. ??? it’s the break free video.
  12. Scream I think it was some kind of talent show like AGT or something? I had them bookmarked as "baby ari gun" so I guess she might actually have been performing Break Free dddd
  13. The Evil Within 2 being out already doesn't shock me, I'm probably the only person on here that played it but it was definitely a fantastic open world survival horror experience. Play the first one and all of its DLC and then make your way to the sequel. Don't be pussies!
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  14. [​IMG]
  15. I have no words
  16. I don't think either of my parents actively played any of our games.

    The collective sentiment of all Sky Ferreira fans at this point.
  17. I want to try The Evil Within but I can't decide if it's a bit too much for me.
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  18. It can be intense at times especially with the difficulty in some of the boss fights, I'd recommend a playthrough on easy the first time through. Shinji Mikami did that though.
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  19. = #565


    1997 | Traveller's Tales | Sega Saturn | Racing

    1 Point: @roblognick


    The soundtrack is incredible. I played this game just for that, because the game itself I think was pretty mediocre but that soundtrack makes it all worth it.

    - - -

    Sonic soundtracks are always iconic, but whew:

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  20. AMAZING!
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