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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Sonic R was 90% trash fire but DAMN does it go off.

    The Generations version is amazing too:

  2. = #565


    1998 | Webfoot Technologies | PC | Puzzle

    1 Point: @Filler


    My one concession to pure nostalgia. A Pac-Man clone so uninspired they literally got sued for it. Several versions of the game came bundled with adware. Even the opening sentence of the Wikipedia article passive-aggressively says "3D Maze Man: Amazing Adventures is a 1998 computer game.[citation needed]". Objectively, I can't recommend this on any level. But, before I got a PlayStation, hogging my mum's work PC to play this was the main way I passed time as a child when I wasn't printing off Robot Wars fanpages, and it will forever occupy a probably undeserved slot in my affection as a result.

    Also, here's a shout-out to the most gratuitously disturbing death animation in a game presumably intended for children this side of Heart of Darkness. (You might want to watch some other gameplay footage first, in case you don't take my word for it that it's hilariously incongruous in the bright chirpy context of the rest of the game.)

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  3. Haaaaaa! I love rude wikipedia notes.
  4. How is even the 3D Maze Man music such a bop?
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  5. Scream. What’s a Pac-Man?!
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  6. But was there ever a Ms. 3D Maze Man?
  7. = #565


    2006 | Introversion Software | PC/NDS | Strategy

    1 Point: @beyoncésweave

    That subtitle though. Lana is shaking. I'm sure I've read about this strategic nuclear war simulator somewhere before; I remember being impressed by the funky neon art style and the furious pop-ups reminding you how many millions of innocent people you're murdering with every click. Cheery stuff!


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  8. Honestly, the vice grip Nintendo had on the "games for people who'd never go near a video game" market for about half a decade between the likes of Brain Training and Wii Fit was crazy.

    The Adele of the video games world.
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  9. Some of those games are so masc.
  10. ddddd I stole £20 out of my mum's purse to buy Harvest Moon and then hated it.
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  11. Don’t worry, I’m sure the top will be full of Style Boutique, Super Princess Peach and Yuna embracing her inner pop star.
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    2003 | EA | Various | Action

    1 Point: @Aidan

    Poor Aidan, going from never having played any of the eliminated games to losing one of his own. I'm not a huge LotR fan (don't @ me) but my sister & I somehow acquired this game for PS2 and the co-op campaign was one of our go-to sibling bonding time games. Although it was one of those action games where you get awarded based on how efficient/stylish your kills were, the combat always felt fun and satisfying and not needlessly complicated, and the multiplayer was pretty seamless for a PS2 shared-screen sorta situation. I remember there was an early boss who was some crazy ghost skeleton guy that was a ridiculous leap in difficulty though, I'm feeling anxious just thinking about it.


    "You best start believin' in ghost stories Ms. Turner, YER IN ONE." teas.

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  13. DddddDDdddDddddddd.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Okay but that stupid boss fight with Gollum at the end was iconic.

  16. The Hobbit levels were so damn hard
    Dddd wait until the rest of the games on my list appear.

    Also I did include commentary just not for my 20-11 games
  17. Have we seen the Lion King game for the Mega Drive yet?

    After all, it did give us the Russian entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest:
  18. LiK


    A summary of my list
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  19. I'm afraid (no I'm not) no one voted for that unnecessarily difficult nightmare of a game, however the good sis @send photo did give it a shout out in his ballot

    under the "GET FUCKED" category.
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