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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

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  2. Oh wow. She really got the better deal in that pre-nup didn’t she?
  3. Not @Squashua snatching post #1000 from under me and ruining my chance to use this gif



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    2005 | Nautilus | PS2 | JRPG

    1 Point: @Squashua


    Shockingly, aside from Final Fantasy, I never played many RPGs back in my early Playstation days but I remember spying this one on the very bottom shelf of my local Blockbusters and thinking “Well the protagonist looks like a Cloud meets Tidus hybrid…. Oh it’s set in the Americas? Well, sign me up for this mess.” And lo and behold, although I forget the title all the time and have to google things like ‘RPG with totem magic set in the USA’ or ‘RPG with drunken Cat as character’ to find it, the actual gameplay sticks with me even now. A bizarre cast of characters all with their own personality and fighting quirks – the alien vampire princess who literally kills the enemies by sucking their blood as a pink bat, the native American priestess who’s basically four elemental aeons in one, the aforementioned drunken 1930’s Chicago mobster Maneki Neko cat – and a storyline about monsters and time rifts that had you breaking into suburban high schools to find interdimensional dungeons around the back of the gymnasium. The fighting system itself was like playing wheel of fortune, everything was literally batsh*t and I’m not sure I ever finished it because it was a rental and I had fines to pay so I couldn’t double-rent but gosh, WHAT a ride. As much as I love fantasy futuristic-meets-medieval dystopian RPG worlds, it really was a breath of fresh air to spend some time in the historical real gone completely bonkers.

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  4. Wow yas. I’ve never played this one, but I played Shadow Hearts Covenant and it almost made my list.
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  5. Yes! I might be like "I KNOW THIS IS SHIT BUT BEAR WITH ME" for everything else about the game, but that music holds up.




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    1998 | Sony | PS1 | Rhythm

    1 Point: @VivaForever

    Okay yes, the models in this game are infamously shit and I hope the girls sued Sony for defamation of character but more than anything right now it's just really fucking annoying me that Mel C's left foot is in front of the E yet the one she's kicking in front of her is behind it!? Bend the very fabric of space and time a bit, tuneless tracksuit queen.

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  7. How many games so far where even the voter admits it's terrible? Iconic rate.
  8. [​IMG]

  9. When is this being rereleased for the PS4? I need to play it again.
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  10. omg I love this so much
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  11. Shadow Hearts sounds BONKERS and I'm into it.
    Early contender for "best commentary in the rate".
  12. The native American priestess @Squashua mentioned alone makes me want to play it teebs:


  13. I remember not even being able to get past the first stage in Spice World, I had no idea what I was supposed to do and didn't play it the day after I got it. And I was obsessed with the Spice Girls at the time.
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  14. A me with Space Channel 5 tea.
  15. I hate being that person who's all like "It's too harddddd!" but ... that game was way too hard. Fails the Nintendo smell test of "Is it fun, though?" That game just wasnt.
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  16. I love me fire emblem and that game in particular, but I could not beat it for the life of me because of how difficult it was.
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  17. Last one for tonight guys! I did intend on finishing the 1-pointers today but again, blame @send photo x

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    1997 | Nintendo | N64 | Platformer

    1 Point: @GeiPanda

    An adorably classic Nintendo platformer is our last cut for the second day! I know very little about this other than that it was the sequel to Yoshi's Island (which we may or may not encounter at a later point), but I always appreciate the LittleBigPlanet art style where the world is made to look as if it were composed of real-life materials.


    There's... a lot going on there.

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  18. I didn't get around to sending commentary (yet)... Spice World is a terrible game in nearly every way, but it exists, and that's beautiful. For that reason alone I had to include it on my list. I'm surprised and a little sad no one else did.
  19. I was definitely surprised no one else did too! I feel like it was the Spice Girls fans' equivalent of Britney's Dance Beat which I was obsessed with as a kid, so I understand the love. I just realised no one voted for that either though and now I'm sad too. RIP our objectively terrible label-cash-grab rhythm games.

  20. I think LOTR: Two Towers was the better game, but amazing choice nonetheless.
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