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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. In addition, after whatever shovelware company owned the rights to 3D Maze Man at that point got sued, they seemingly re-released the exact same game but with the protagonist rebranded as "Cruncher in Mazeland"...


    ...and so "3D Ms Maze" got similarly rebranded. As... this.

  2. OH


  3. [​IMG]
  4. Lady Cruncher is the queen of pop.
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  5. The whole playable cast was a dream / riot / hot mess honest.

    Let's not even mention Lolita Alien Vampire Princess looking like Morgan McMichaels when skinny only to balloon into obesity when she drains too many enemies of "calories" a.k.a. my aesthetic....
  6. Morgan wishes.
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  7. So, we only have six more 1-pointers to go - whose will be the last to fall, and whose managed to pick up at least one other vote?

    Do you think yours is safe?

    Until tomorrow folks!

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  8. Yas the co-op in this was amazing!

    I completely forgot about this game but it was really fun. Me and a couple of friends used to play this instead of going to some of our uni lectures.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Lady Cruncher gameplay footage.


    (If anyone wants to know what her equivalent to the 3D Maze Man scream sounds like, that first happens at 1:36.)
  11. I LOVE this game! It made my top 40. Such a shame we'll probably never get another Shadow Hearts, absolutely excellent series.
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  12. All icons, but my favourite Shadow Hearts character was Lucia, the fortune teller from Covenant.

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  13. Yoshi's Story is one of my few N64, and the only one that I have the box for! Really need to play past the first level sometime...
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  14. I LOVED Yoshi's Story. How did I forget about it?? It was pretty hard as a kid, but the theme song will forever be iconically annoying.

  15. The cactuars were the best thing about FFXII.
  16. I was going to respond to this with Fran but one of the first hits on google was a doctored gif of her sucking dick so now I just hate the world.

  17. He


    I stan Lady Cruncher now.

    Also really want to play the Shadow Hearts games.
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  18. Wow I'm really surprised that the Spice Girls game only got one voter.
  19. YES! The third Shadow Hearts was totally bonkers! I remember a friend of mine gave it to me and I even managed to get through the optional solo bosses and bonus dungeon. The gameplay is wild though, really requires some dedication.

    The Spice Girls game had a bit of a grasp on me for some reason, I remember spending ours playing it.
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  20. Good news, everyone! Turns out I miscounted at one point and we only have FIVE more one-pointers to go, so your chances of being safe this round are slightly higher.

    Also I'm waiting on someone clarifying a game on their list 'cause I just discovered there are two games in the same series with almost exactly the same name ddddd, so I'm getting all the eliminations prepped now so we can blast through 'em when that's cleared up!

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