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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Oh oh oh what's happened gurl
    I know I'm getting hot for her
    But I can't hold it back
    She's a fatal attack
    Better watch out, she's a lady cruncher
  2. I always wanted to play the Shadow Hearts-games, as well as Koudelka.

    I hope they're re-released at some point, but I'm guessing they'll fade into obscurity since the developer doesn't exist anymore.
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  3. He


    I didn't know PS2 emulation was such a pain. Lord.

    I really want to play them.
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    My list is invalid because I forgot to put Spice World and Pokémon Go. (The latter of which is great since they introduced the new quest mode.)

    Oh well.
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  5. More good news; the game in question was the one that had been voted for already, so we only have FOUR one-pointers left! So let's get this show on the road.

    = #565


    1998 | Project Soul | Dreamcast | Fighting

    1 Point: @Mikl C

    Our first cut today is the OG grandmother of the Soulcalibur fighting series. Perhaps we’ll meet a few more of these games down the line, but unlucky for Mikl C he’s the only one who respected his elders. I’ve never played any of these games myself, but they look like camped up Tekken so I’m here for it.

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  6. That blatant Soul Edge erasure.
    Same developer, Namco, hun.
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  7. i LIVED for soul calibur. iconic franchise with iconic characters
  8. ...

  9. I’m trying to think why I didn’t vote for a Soul Calibur game. Iconic game series!
  10. Sis that's Soul Edge/Blade. Aka the only trailer on a demo that I stanned for because the song is AMAZING.

    Never played Soul Calibur 1 but knowing and liking the games before and after it, I'm sad to see it go.

  12. Soul EDGE is the name of the evil sword and Soul CALIBUR is the good sword that can compare to it's power and was only made after Soul edge/blade came out.

  13. Aaaaaand I've been singing "Lady Cruncher / oh-oh / crunch crunch crunch" for the past half hour.
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  14. = #565


    1991 | Titus Interactive | PC | Platformer

    1 Point: @CaliDevotion

    Animalia disclaimer:

    NOT me misreading the spreadsheet and spending forever editing the “2” out of the logo mindykaling.jpg.
    Please not that this is Prehistorik 2.


    For how old and basic of a platform game this was, Prehistorik 2 came filled with secret paths, original levels and a level of difficulty that made you addicted to the game. I remember wasting hours of my life on this game and being equal levels of addicted and frustrated with it.

  15. Oh I’m as sure as THE WINDDDD!!? we’ll be seeing Soul Calibur again don’t y’all worry about that...
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  16. Woo-hoo! Prehistoric was crazy with all those secret places and food collectibles.
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  17. LiK


    I dunno most of these games so far and here i was thinking i was kind of a hardcore gamer
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Just checked my list, I'm pretty sure both my 2 pointer and 3 pointer will be on other voters' lists, so let me stay here unbothered until get to the higher up numbers
  20. Same. I was going to say I used to play Soul Calibur all the time at the local arcade but then I realized I was thinking of Virtua Fighter.
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