Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Oh oh oh what's happened gurl
I know I'm getting hot for her
But I can't hold it back
She's a fatal attack
Better watch out, she's a lady cruncher
Also I'm waiting on someone clarifying a game on their list 'cause I just discovered there are two games in the same series with almost exactly the same name ddddd, so I'm getting all the eliminations prepped now so we can blast through 'em when that's cleared up!
More good news; the game in question was the one that had been voted for already, so we only have FOUR one-pointers left! So let's get this show on the road.

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1998 | Project Soul | Dreamcast | Fighting

1 Point: @Mikl C

Our first cut today is the OG grandmother of the Soulcalibur fighting series. Perhaps we’ll meet a few more of these games down the line, but unlucky for Mikl C he’s the only one who respected his elders. I’ve never played any of these games myself, but they look like camped up Tekken so I’m here for it.

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1991 | Titus Interactive | PC | Platformer

1 Point: @CaliDevotion

Animalia disclaimer:

NOT me misreading the spreadsheet and spending forever editing the “2” out of the logo mindykaling.jpg.
Please not that this is Prehistorik 2.


For how old and basic of a platform game this was, Prehistorik 2 came filled with secret paths, original levels and a level of difficulty that made you addicted to the game. I remember wasting hours of my life on this game and being equal levels of addicted and frustrated with it.