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Ultimate Gamejustice (#1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Soul Calibur 1 & 2 are so iconic, teebs.
  2. = #565


    2003 | Monolith Soft | GameCube | JRPG

    1 Point: @Sleet

    An early JRPG made by the Xenogears/saga/blade/warrior princess developers to fill the genre gap on the GameCube is on the cards next – just a wee card-based battle system joke for ya nerves. Apparently in this game you don’t actually control the main character, but an invisible omnipotent “guardian spirit” that follows behind and gives commands through dialogue trees etc., which sounds pretty cool. The series was effectively cancelled after both this and its prequel sold next to nothing, but Monolith have said they’d like to revisit it in the future if the opportunity arose – do it gewls, the world can never have enough tacky JRPGs.


    Though he didn't vote for it, @LE0Night did give Baten Kaitos an extra special mention in his Popjustice's Best Soundtrack Race nominations:


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  3. oh hai, one of my votes is up

  4. @Animalia chucking out eliminations at in incomprehensibly fast pace

    You're doing amazing sis x
  5. He


    Baten Kaitos almost made my list!

    I still have it. I don't remember if I finished, but oh my LIGHT FLARE spells were a beauty.

    Also, don't call it tacky, sis.
  6. Oh I only meant it in good way! JRPGs with corny plots are absolutely my gig, as we'll see eventually ddd.
  7. I always wanted to play Baten but alas I NEVER did.
  8. oh this looks gorgeous..and the corny title... i love it. + the music actually sounds very dreamy
    love it
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  9. He


    The world designs were actually quite striking. They were all pre-rendered, and full of details.

    The voice acting was a hoot, though.
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  10. Let's wrap up these one-pointers!

    The last one to fall is...

    = #565


    2002 | Konami | Arcade | Rhythm

    1 Point: @Tribal Spaceman


    Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Popjustice video game countdown without some DDR in there. I’m not usually one to brag, but my twinky teenage ass fucking ruled this shit at the bowling alley, to the point where my friends would refuse to play with me ‘cause I’d always win dddd. Not my fault I was the only one to realise you didn’t have to put your foot back in the centre square after every step. Uncoordinated flops.


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  12. Sis download Dolphin dd I'm currently replaying Skies of Arcadia and getting my loife.
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  13. whew Extreme really is the one, isn't it? I got it at home and fucking destroyed it as a chubby teenager.
  14. Yep! If you haven't seen your #20 come up, it means at least one other person voted for it (or I fucked up somewhere dddd). I'll be back to post a wee round-up of the single-pointers soon y'all, go ahead and revel in your victory in the meantime!
  15. He


    I never knew you were such a Cascada stan.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Glad to see Lady Cruncher hasn't been eliminated yet.
  18. my number 1 vote. queen of crunching gender stereotypes in gaming.
  19. I meant to vote for Soul Edge lawl. The theme song is iconic and Seung Mina gave me loife.

    Edit: I did vote for Soul Edge. @Animalia what's good?
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  20. My #20 is one of the greatest games of all time tbh. I’d have been gobsmacked if it fell now
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