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Ultimate Gamejustice (= #378)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

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  2. It must have been Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 we played all the time on N64. I loved the create-a-skatepark mode and we seemingly had "Guerrila Radio" and nothing else playing from its soundtrack.
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  3. I forgot about the Lunar series! I had Lunar Legend for the Gameboy Advance. It was INCREDIBLY basic but satiated my JRPG need a bitsy.
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  4. = #505


    1993 | Beam Software | SNES | Action RPG

    3 Points: @roblognick


    This game made me realise video games aren’t necessarily aimed at pre-pubescent teens. It was dark, gritty, so compelling. I felt cool playing this game.


    Did y’all know there have been four different video games titled Shadowrun, three of which came out within as many years of each other? Thank fuck @roblognick specified that they meant the SNES game in ha ballot, thanks sis! Anyway, all four were based on the tabletop RPG game of the same name, and this one in particular has been credited with pioneering the film noir style in video games.


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  5. Hello yes, I am here to say that I adored Everybody Goes to the Rapture and that the only other piece of media to give me the same mix of feelings was Annihilation.
  6. Shadowrun did feel like a cool game, but it was so difficult I never made much progress.
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  7. Both Lunar games are amazing RPGs of their time. They hold up pretty nicely even today, especially if you're into pixel art and stuff.

    And wow at Shadowrun, I didn't know it was originally on SNES.
  8. = #505


    1994 (?) | wejustdontknow.gif | PC | "Edutainment"

    3 Points: @VivaForever


    This must have been the first computer game I played. I don't know how or why my father got a hold of it, but I remember playing it with him as a little kid and imitating Wacky's sayings like "Negative, negative, no no no!"


    Well, this is the first (and hopefully last) game on the list that the internet has basically no information on ddd. From what I can tell after scanning through some potato-quality gameplay videos, it looks like a sort of kids’ educational quiz/mini-game sorta thing? Those were always kinda lit.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Oh wow, I did not know it would be hard to research or I'd have given you some info!

    It is from 1994 and was created by Zenda Studio, which as far as I can tell only ever put out two other games, both for children/"families" (Travelrama USA and Photo Hunt: Yellowstone). So now that I think about it, Wacky Jacks probably was aimed at families as well, especially given that it had some educational material, though it also had appeals to grown-ups via the (very brief) appearance of Don Pardo, the original announcer of Jeopardy! and Saturday Night Live.

    It's billed as a "CD game show" with three sub-games: Slap Happy, in which pictures are displayed in a grid and you have to click on duplicate pictures before they disappear; Zingers, in which you try to get four cells in a row by correctly answering questions about the pictures; and Blankety Blank, the details of which I can't remember at the moment.

    Wacky, the host, was a clown with a limited vocabulary and a detachable head, which he used to store the game menu in his neck. The player characters included a Mr. Potato Head knock-off, a giant green walking eye, and a pink-skinned Tina Turner knock-off.

    It was actually kind of stupid, but it was amazing to three- or four-year-old me.
  10. Well this sounds fucking horrifying.
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  11. I had this for PlayStation and the main character was voiced by Ashley from O-Town and it made my life.
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  12. I made the agonising decision to remove Half-Life and Goldeneye from my list despite the huge amounts of nostalgia I have for them, because they haven’t aged well and have been surpassed by newer titles.

    Meanwhile you guys are out here voting for... these.
  13. I used to love the level on Goldeneye when you're in Elektra's house. She was the best Bond girl. It was my bro's game though I didn't know what was going on. 007 Bond Racing or whatever it was called was an amazing game though.
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  14. Lunar was one of the first RPGs I remember skipping school for so I could grind. (Later games I'd skip school for to grind: Golden Sun, Phantasy Star, Diablo--though Diablo is basically all grinding, period.) Maybe I'm in a minority on this, but I actually really like grind-y games. I think the repetition is sort of therapeutic.

    Lunar also had a badass main villain who was equal parts menace and stud.

  15. RJF


    That reminds me, let me fire up my emulator and finish off my Golden Sun replay so I can move on to The Lost Age.
  16. It does, but in context it was, dare I say... iconic.

    Sublime and euphoric, even.
  17. There's actually three games: They put out a prequel Lunar game for the DS in 2005. Lunar: Dragon Song.

    ... But it was honestly one of the most actively terrible RPGs I've ever played, so we can go back to forgetting it exists.
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  18. I see someone reads the "Forum business" subforum.
  19. Right, one final three-pointer then we finally hit our first games to snatch more than one vote!

    = #505


    1999 | Team17 | Various | Strategy

    3 Points: @Squashua


    Fun fact: I won four numbers on the lottery once when I was a mere 8 year old (obviously my mum bought the ticket, I just picked the numbers) and what did I buy with it? Worms Armageddon from the local dodgy games dealership. Look ok, I was a very solitary overweight, buck-toothed child so if anything it was my parents’ attempt to get a new outlet for me rather than hosting Pop Idol or Big Brother style contests for my various teddies and beanie babies for hours alone in my cupboard-sized room. Did Worms help in place of a child psychologist? Well that’s debatable but it sure was fun flinging an explosive baa-ing 2D sheep into a ditch where a bunch of cowgirl-voiced worms named after my classmates & I lay in wait for the impending barnyard kaboom (look I said don’t judge). I probably played the 3D version for PS2 more, and had Junior Senior’s Shake Your Coconuts haunting my dreams ever since, but the 2D original is where the magic began. Holy hand grenades, cockney accents, sudden death global warming induced floods, Hadouken punching your enemies, literally just prodding a worm off a cliff with a single finger and calling it a day… it really did have it all.


    I feel the bit about hosting competitions for beanie babies TOO DAMN MUCH but yes, the 90s Worms games were iconique. The perfect blend of absurdity and actual skill-requiring gameplay, plus the theme song is incredible:



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. Worms Armageddon! I've had so many great times playing this game, huddled around a pc with a friend from elementary school. The Holy Handgrenades were the funniest thing in the world to me back then.

    Can I get @Squashua to write my commentary from now on?
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