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Ultimate Gamejustice (= #77)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Whew sorry had a busy day enjoying the one week of sun Scotland's gonna get all year, let's go! x

    = #401


    2002 | Illusion Softworks | PC / PS2 / Xbox | Action-Adventure

    7 Points: @Alouder98


    Grand Theft Auto, but make it gritty. This was obviously the first of the highly-regarded Mafia trilogy, and the only one to appear on our list; from what I can see, it basically plays like GTA but with much more of a focus on driving and less on the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent civilians.


    I have no idea if this is from the first game but google is being WILDLY unhelpful with this one ddd

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. LiK


    I invested way too much time playing the Tournament mode as a kid. I actually forgot about this, one of my fave PS1 games.
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  3. LiK


    Had this game on PS2 I think I gave up half way through because the aiming was so bad. I had to like play a mission a few times to memorize what's gonna happen so I could finally beat it lol.
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  4. = #401


    2002 | Ensemble Studios | PC | Strategy

    7 Points: @beyoncésweave


    This game is iconic and @beyoncésweave is iconic for voting for it omg. I went through a phase of being obsessed with Greek mythology as a kid and I absolutely blame this game; I mean yeah I know you can play as Norse and Egyptian (and Atlantean in the expansion but… like… hew?) too and in hindsight their gods&monsters.mp3 are equally interesting but I was a basic gay who loved Hercules okay gimme a break.

    Anyway, Age of Mythology is one of those city-builder-but-oh-no-not-really-everything-you-can-do-and-build-is-just-there-to-facilitate-war fantasy games with a heavy focus on the deities of whichever civilisation you choose to play as. At certain resource milestones you can pick between two gods which offer unique research opportunities/mythological creatures and a special one-time-use power; choosing Athena as the Greeks boosts your armoured units’ defence and grants you Minotaur, Cate Blanchett Hel offers the Norse dragons and elemental giants, etc. It’s just a really interesting twist on the Age of Empires era mechanic which keeps every game fresh and new, as long as you can resist just picking the females every time. So… no.

    Also in the expansion you could resurrect massive titans and have them fight it out rock ‘em sock ‘em robots style, which was… certainly something.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]

    You blame the game all you want but hundreds of pages in the Disney Classic rate where you took pot-shots at me any chance you could for my Hercules scores, tell me otherwise. xx
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  7. I always wanted to get Age of Mythology! I can't remember if it was released for Mac or not, but it didn't matter because I didn't have that kind of spending money!
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  8. That game sounds right up my alley. I fell in love with Greek Mythology in middle school and I'm still a massive fan ddddd. Athena will always be that binch.
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  9. I'm sleepy. Whut?
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  10. I Wish You Would is a song on 1989, which Animalia was referencing.
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  11. Ddd I haven't kept up with this thread for over a month but

    @Animalia to me because of all of my likes he's missed out on
  12. Dddd my mom was obsessed with this game, to the point where she would postpone eating and started missing her daily soaps.
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  13. Hi gay people!

    = #401


    1995 | Neverland | SNES | JRPG

    7 Points: @KamikazeHeart


    Time for some more good ol’-fashioned JRPG realness now as @KamikazeHeart loses their first game in the race! A sequel to 1993’s Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals scrapped random encounters in dungeons and replaced them with a more Zelda-style puzzle approach. In 2010, Square Enix released a “re-imagining” of this game for the DS, titled Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, because once again JRPG naming conventions just can’t be confusing enough.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Dddd Age of Mythology popping up BETTER mean at least one of you threw your coins at the best strategy game of all time - Age of Empires 2.
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  15. = #401


    2006 | IO Interactive | Various | Stealth

    7 Points: @madeofghosts


    What initially seems like a stealth game - and can be played as such - slowly reveals itself to be a series of dynamic, intricate cause-and-effect puzzles that strike a perfect balance between scripted and emergent gameplay. Just the variety of ways you can kill the actor in the opera house is incredible.


    I'm not huge on stealth games generally, but I played this a bunch with a friend during high school and like @madeofghosts said, this game offers the player so much choice in how to proceed with every mission - some of which are less straightforwardly stealth and more about exploring all your options, problem solving etc. - that it's genuinely really enjoyable whichever way you want to play it.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Praying for my 7 pointer. Also praying for the forum's taste if no-one else voted for it.
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  17. I have now learned to not celebrate before my time, even after the round is over
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  18. I absolutely hate stealth games, but Hitman always felt more like classic point and click-games in how the assassinations are basically pulled off through a series of absurd events and there's always good comedy.
  19. I kinda figured this was coming ddd.

    Here's my writeup that I just neglected to send to @Animalia for some reason


    If I see him now, I may cry. I decided long ago that I'm not going to cry so easily.

    What did this JPRG do? All that. Quite literally.

    This game steals a little bit from everywhere; but few games manage to make it all come together so well. It starts off like most other generic JRPGs from this era, but it just implements one brilliant little feature after another effortlessly until you’re halfway through and you realize you’re actually playing through an epic game.

    What still amazes me are the dungeons and their puzzles. I love a good puzzle in a video game, and this game contains so many challenging logic puzzles.

    Also - unlocking the Gift mode and being able to play through the 99 level Ancient Cave with any party of your choice - incredible.
  20. Oh, this reminds me of Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis, which I used to play a lot of on the PS1. There weren't any options for updating costumes, but it had unlockable Namco characters like Heihachi and Yoshimtsu from Tekken, and Pac Man.

    This game sounds lit though.
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