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Ultimate Gamejustice (= #77)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Animalia, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. While the entire forrem perches in the Ariana thread for the slightest hint of news RE: the saving of pop music, it's time we met an iconic legend of our own.

    = #479
    1984 | Alexey Pajitnov | Various | Puzzle

    4 Points: @Sprockrooster


    The queen of pop among the puzzle games. Simple, but never tiresome. All the variations it spurred are easily also favourites, but going back to one of the most iconic games like Tetris feels like coming home. A brush of nostalgia that only few hobbies can accomplish. You can play it on every fucking device and I even have it on my TV to play during commercials. The addiction is real with this one.


    Not gonna lie, looking at some of the games that we as a community have voted as being better than fucking TETRIS is a bit of a scream. I’m surprised no one else voted for this, but shout out to @Sprockrooster for showing one of the OG classics the respect it deserves. Also, the theme still knocks:


    gdfjsadjkjgfhjks this is so dark-sided I HATE

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Is it though? I agree that it's easy to look at a game like Tetris, which everybody including my mom has played at one point, and think it should get all the votes. But it's also a game it's basically impossible to get emotionally attached to, since it's nothing more than a mechanic. One of the best mechanics in video game history, I grant you. But even OG Pac-Man has more character than Tetris.
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  3. You haven't seen some of the games still to come ddd

  4. That Star Wars game was BRUTAL. My dad wouldn't buy games for me because we just rented them every week, but that and Pokemon Snap & Stadium were the only games I owned. I never knew what I was doing.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. I love Tetris but completely forgot about it when making my list.

    I remember when I was younger I had a handheld device called The Wall, which was basically Tetris, but I’m pretty sure it was a cassette player too. How 90s! I used to love trying to beat my high score whilst listening to my favourite music. Now that’s PopGameJustice.

    EDIT: Oh my! I found a picture of it online. Happy memories.
  7. Oh my God. I had that too!

    Perhaps not emotional attachment but the power to calm your mind with less effort from a hectic/painful/stressful day.
  8. When I was in third grade, we had an entire unit on tetrominoes in math class, and for at least one assignment we had to play Tetris, though it was rebranded as Tumbling Tetrominoes.

    Sands of Time was some absolute next-level shit at the time but I guess it was comprehensively surpassed quite quickly. Shame. The characterisation and voice acting was pretty good too.

    Theory: Tetris hasn't done well because it's too right-brain masc4masc all-logic-no-emotion for our delicate "creative" sensibilities (although supposedly it was very popular with women sooo?)
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  10. I honestly think we just take Tetris for granted.
  11. You know there would be no puzzle games if it wasn't for Tetris, right?
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  12. If we were taking this rate from an objective POV, then no doubt the top 10 would be filled with things like Tetris, Space Invaders, Pong, Pac-Man, Snake, the earliest Super Mario e.t.c because their impact on the rest of gaming history is hard to deny but then we would never have been introduced to such shouldn’t-be-rated underrated beyond-rating hot mess gems like Lady Cruncher or Action Girlz Racing. The gaming mags cover the former retro numbers & all-time critically lauded greats - where’s the justice for the under-appreciated and nostalgia-hued but also only ever played by about 5 people all now on this forum ?

    The best part of this rate so far (aside from @Animalia ’s sublime & euphoric hosting) has been the plethora of weird, fabulously trashy and/or wonderful games I’d forgotten or never known of that people have written so lovingly about & obviously mean something to them. I’m having a great time frankly.
  13. BTG



    Be glad you were spared my love letter to this basic icon.

    Mid-tier AA titles in the PS2 era > life.
  14. fixed your post

  15. I can't believe you're all so young that you missed Final Fantasy Six.
  16. its right above you in my post. kefkas legacy lives on.
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  17. As it should be. It's the only Final Fantasy game I like.
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  18. Y’all forget Chrono Trigger
  19. Whenever there's a list of best Final Fantasy games that doesn't include Final Fantasy VIII.

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