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Ultimate K-PopJustice Albums [#1 Revealed & I'm Done]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. He


    Luna almost made my list.

    What a great solo. Luna is perfection: gorgeous, amazing singing and great dancing. And she seems to be super sweet too. I hope she gets other releases.

    Or leave SM and join Seohyun's label!
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  2. #22. EXO - EX'ACT/LOTTO
    (2 of 2)

    13 Points - @vikeyeol (6) + @Sanctuary (4) + @Ceir (3)

    EXO // 4th Album :: XOXO (1) - The War (9) - Mama (10) - EX'ACT (13)


    Year: 2016
    Genre: Pop/R&B/Acid House
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. Lucky One
    2. Monster

    3. Artificial Love
    4. Cloud 9
    5. Heaven

    6. White Noise
    7. One and Only
    8. They Never Know
    9. Stronger (sung by Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, D.O.)
    10. Lotto
    11. Can't Bring Me Down
    12. She's Dreaming​

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon) #2 (China) #2 (US World)


    1.106.000 (Korea) 62.000 (Japan)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track:
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Monster
    Underrated track: Cloud 9

    I feel so basic loving Monster so much, but it really is perfect from its production to how they all sound to the video. This just beat out Exodus by a tiny bit on making my list, but I think Ex'act as a project is just a bit glossier and interesting sounding.



    Favorite track: Lucky One
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Lucky One
    Underrated track: Artificial Love


    Lucky One was the song that changed everything for me. Artificial love is in the same electronic vein, but instead of being slickly polished it just comes out and hits HARD. White Noise is also another standout song.


    Favorite track: Lotto
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Artificial Love
    Underrated track: Heaven

    Even after The War, I feel like this is EXO's most mature and confident offering. All killer, no filler and every song feels so special. One thing I especially love about it, and maybe what turns some others off, is that I feel like each song represents past things harks back to past things they've done without being reductive or a retread, and is therefore the best representation of them as a group.

    For instance, Heaven (I know fans consider it to be like the worst on the album ddd, but I love it) is sonically at home with the masterpieces Baby Don't Cry and My Lady from the first album, but feels a lot more mature and accomplished. Monster is, well, a fucking MONSTER of a bop, and taps into their darker soundscape from songs like Hurt and Black Pearl. Lucky One is smooth and groovy like Love Me Right.

    Artifical Love is so sleek and fittingly robotic, much like Machine, and I love the back and forth rap bits. Cloud 9 is super breezy. She's Dreaming reminds me of their mellow and enchanting songs like Beautiful and Baby. They Never Know feels sensual and mysterious like Exodus and Heart Attack. Stronger is the token ballad like Don't Go, My Answer or Angel, but FAR better and more moving than all of those. White Noise is faceless and generic but still a bonafide bop a la Let Out The Beast and Call Me Baby.

    You get the point! And I know a lot of their stans also regard Lotto as an overly autotuned mess, but as a Nadia Oh stan I love autotune and this just feels like EXO's 7/11.

    You jinxed this one @send photo

    #19. Lee Hyori - MONOCHROME
    (1 of 3)

    14 Points - @send photo (9) + @Deja-Boo (5)


    Year: 2013
    Genre: Pop/Blues/Country/Dance/Pop Rock/R&B
    Label: B2M Entertainment


    1. Holly Jolly Bus
    2. Miss Korea
    3. Love Radar
    4. Bad Girls
    5. I Hate Myself
    6. Bounced Checks of Love
    7. Full Moon
    8. Trust Me
    9. Special
    10. Amor Mio
    11. Somebody

    12. Wouldn't Ask You
    13. Going Crazy
    14. Show Show Show
    15. Better Together
    16. Oars

    Best Chart Position

    #4 (Korea)


    17.000 (Korea)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Oars
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Bad Girls
    Underrated: Trust Me


    @send photo

    Favorite track: Amor Mio - Lowkey it's wicked rare for a K-Pop ballad to really hit it out of the ballpark. This certainly does just that.

    Track I recommend to a new listener: Miss Korea - BOP though. One of my go to songs to strut. Timeless masterpiece. Canada fits in for Korea @ohnostalgia @othercanadianmembers

    Underrated: Somebody - There's something sinister and sweeping about this one.

    I could've gone with the bops but I feel she works better with a concept. The retro theme was a unique angle and ultimately it worked. K-Pop is very energetic and sometimes I get tuckered out. This is a solid chill album if you're in need of a breather like me. If this rate were in a year I'd probably replace this with Black nn.

    Tomorrow we will finally see an album from one of the groups that are known for strong discography. Any predictions? ​
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  3. OMG my 10 made it into the top 20!!!

  4. He


    You seem very calmed about it, so I'm guessing f(x).

    Poor @send photo bby though. x
  6. He


    @Alouder98, give us a ranking!

    Who has got more albums in the top 20?!
  7. Here you are:

    He - 7
    ryan_riot92 - 7
    Ceir - 6
    Deja-Boo - 6
    karmarisma - 6
    Mikl C - 6
    Salami - 6
    Alouder - 5
    Cotton Park - 5
    eccentricsimply - 5
    vikeyeol - 5
    Aries - 4
    GinToki - 4
    junglefish - 4
    LightningRider - 4
    send photo - 4
    Slice of Life - 4
    GeiPanda - 3
    Sanctuary - 3
    Serg - 3
    Squashua - 2
    evilsin - 1
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  8. Girls & Peace:

    Love & Peace:
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  9. He



    (Watch me lose most before the top ten)

  10. You were right about the first part but not the second part.

    #19. SHINee - Odd/Married to the Music
    (2 of 3)

    14 Points - @karmarisma (10) + @Squashua (4)


    Year: 2015
    Genre: Pop/Electropop/R&B/Dance
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. Married to the Music
    2. Savior
    3. Odd Eye
    4. Love Sick
    5. View
    6. Romance
    7. Trigger
    8. Farewell My Love
    9. An Ode to You
    10. Hold You
    11. Alive
    12. Woof Woof
    13. Chocolate
    14. Black Hole
    15. An Encore

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon) #1 (US World)


    272.000 (Korea) 41.000 (Japan) 2.000 (US)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: View
    Track I recommend to a new listener: View
    Underrated track: Black Hole

    The KPJ approved boy-band above all others. I loved Sherlock but I didn't really latch on to any other SHINee until they dropped the behemoth banger that is View. LDN Noise did a wonderful job of capturing that distinctly UK garage EDM that was so big in 2015 and i'm not sure they'll ever top it for me. That being said, there's so much to enjoy on this release - it really highlights why SHINee continue to be top of the game in terms of experimenting whilst also consistently delivering bops for every era. There's PS1 video game soundtrack-esque tracks on here that I LOVE (Romance), harder more hip-hop leaning riots (Trigger, Alive), smooth sexy bedroom jams (Odd Eye, Farewell My Love).... the whole smorgasbord of sounds tied together with those powerhouse vocals. Seriously some of the best of the game and this is one of those rare K-Pop albums that sound like a typical anywhere-in-the-world album collection rather than a single with some filler.



    Favourite: View, Odd Eye, Married to the Music | EVERYTHING
    Recommend: Odd Eye
    Underrated: Married to the Music (Koreans literally don't know it exists...)

    [Prepare for incoming paragraph]
    I'm writing an absolute paragraph and I am prepared for @Alouder98 unnie to chop it to pieces.

    If I were to summarise this album, it'd be the soundtrack to my life on a track-by-track basis. This album covers almost every mood and genre - from the sultry, slow banger Odd Eye, to the more old-school Replay-reminiscent Love Sick. It also has my favourite song of all time View, penned by music genius Kim Jonghyun (both Kim Jonghyuns are such blessings to Kpop, I swear). Not only are the lyrics to this song like modern poetry, but it's a song that is a jam if you want it to be or it can be melancholic, depending on your mood. Then there's a nice little doo-bop number in Romance that gets you hyped, until Trigger comes in with a 'bang' like Lucifer 2.0. I remember listening to An Ode To You on my way to the airport after seeing my Grandma last year, and crying for 2 hours. But hey, then Alive is more of a mellow banger. Woof Woof is the sassy pupper song about liking someone from the perspective of a dog (this is so random now that I think about it). AndBlackhole is one of those 'You got out of bed today - you're winning at life' kind of songs.

    Married to the Music is also one of the BEST 80s/90s song ever released (the cheesy music video is the best Kpop MV ever), and it has EDM bop Saviour to go with it. (Chocolate and Hold You are above average but nothing special).It's not as cohesive as Odd. Married to the Music is also the first physical Kpop album I actually bought so it has a special place in my heart.

    Basically TL;DR: Me at every point in this album
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    #19. Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance
    (3 of 3)

    14 Points - @Sanctuary (8) + @Alouder98 (6)


    Year: 2016
    Genre: Synthpop
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. I Just Wanna Dance
    2. Talk
    3. Fool
    4. What Do I Do

    5. Yellow Light
    6. Once in a Lifetime

    Best Chart Position

    #3 (Gaon) #3 (US World)


    63.000 (Korea) Japan (4.000)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: What Do I Do
    Track I recommend to a new listener: I Just Wanna Dance
    Underrated: Fool

    The little solo adventure that could! Tiffany remains a shining light in kpop and someone who just understands pop music as it is. Her love for glittery synths, Los Angeles backdrops, and pop music shapes what is such an amazing little project and it feels great that it vindicated her a bit with the bit of success it achieved.



    Favorite track: I Just Wanna Dance
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Talk
    Underrated: Once In A Lifetime

    I followed K-Pop since several months before this comes out but this album was my first K-Pop album/era to follow from the beginning so it was special for me from the start. I know this album coming for Tiffany was quite surprising for some people but it wasn't for me to be honest. Tiffany was the one member that caught my eye from the beginning of my obsession with SNSD and K-Pop in general as the singer who is more similar to my ''American big pop girls'' faves than other Korean idols in terms of taste in music and passion and love for pop music so I had a feeling this will be great. And then when I saw the name of Nicola Roberts on the tracklist, I was beyond excited for the album. I listened to/watched the teasers multiple times, read all her interviews about the album, and later watched all the performances at least a few times. And she quickly became my #1 idol in just a couple of weeks.

    In the SNSD's discography, you might find Tiffany singing parts that obviously are not suitable for her range and she just basically sings those because she's ''the second main vocalist''. But in this album, Tiffany (I say Tiffany and not only her team/label, because she was involved in the whole process of choosing songs, concept etc.) chose songs that were suitable for her husky tone. And something that I love about the tracks on this album is that while they are each written by different musicians, like one of them is a Nicola Roberts tracks, one is written by Tiffany herself, one is by SM songwriting team, they all sound like sister tracks to each other. That's how consistent of an album it is.

    Now that Tiffany's future in music is kinda uncertain; this little album, the performances, the good reviews it received by critics and K-Pop community, the quite good success it saw in Korea are all more precious than before. Tiffany's comeback in any form, be it a K-Pop album or a career in US, is my most anticipated comeback these days and I really hope this little gem is not the last thing that we see from her.

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  11. He


    Damn, look at those Tiffany sales.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. #18. After School - Dress to Kill

    15 Points - @Aries (7) + @ryan_riot92 (6) + @Mikl C (2)

    After School // 3rd Album :: Virgin (5) - Playgirlz (10) - Dress To Kill (15)


    Year: 2014
    Genre: Pop/Dance/House/EDM/New Jack Swing
    Label: Pledis Entertainment / Avex Trax


    1. Dress code ~Theme of “Dress to Kill”~
    2. Dress to Kill
    3. Ms.Independent
    4. Triangle
    5. Crazy Driver

    6. Shh
    7. Yes No Yes
    8. Heaven

    9. In the Moonlight
    10. Rock It!
    11. Spotlight

    12. Killing eyes ~End of “Dress to Kill”~

    Best Chart Position

    #33 (Oricon) #8 (Taiwan)


    5.000 (Japan)

    Mikl C's Favorite Track


    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Shh
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Shh/Heaven
    Underrated: The whole damn album is underrated!



    Favorite track: Yes No Yes
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Shh
    Underrated: Yes No Yes

    Will this be the last album we ever get out of After School??? Maybe … but it completely knocks! Flawless from start to finish just as the title would suggest. “Heaven” was the gateway into this album and it’s such a fun and funky disco track. Then with the release of “Shh”, everything became clear. AS weren’t messing around and were here to ****! Other than those two bangers, “Dress To Kill”, “Miss Independent”, “Triangle” and “Yes No Yes” are also sensational tracks from this album! Truly a 10/10!

    @karmarisma @eccentricsimply ladies you don't need Slicé's flop charts, your taste is appreciated here.​

    #17. SHINee - 1 of 1

    15 Points - @karmarisma (8) + @eccentricsimply (3) + @He (2) + @Cotton Park (2)

    SHINee // 2nd Album :: Odd (14) - 1 of 1 (15)


    Year: 2016
    Genre: Pop/R&B/Dance
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. Prism
    2. 1 of 1
    3. Feel Good
    4. Don't Let Me Go

    5. Lipstick
    6. Don't Stop
    7. Shift
    8. U Need Me

    9. So Amazing

    Repackage tracks:

    1. Tell Me What to Do
    2. Wish Upon a Star
    3. Beautiful Life
    4. Rescue
    5. If You Love Her

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon) #2 (US World) #5 (China)


    242.000 (Korea) 30.000 (Japan)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Feel Good
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Prism
    Underrated track: Don't Stop


    @Cotton Park

    Favorite track: Don't Stop
    Track I recommend to a new listener: 1 of 1
    Underrated track: Prism

    The first time I saw SHINee, it was on one of the cable music channels, part of some docu-segment about how K-Pop was a thing. I just caught the end of it as I was clicking around (who still does that?) and I didn't know at the time, but it was "Sherlock". I remember thinking out ridiculously striking and amazingly audacious these guys where. "SHINee is in the house! Give it up for SHINee!" I loved that. I wasn't going to sell my soul to Seoul just yet, but I remember thinking how much more... just more... they were than any Western 'boy band' I knew. Frankly, they put them to shame. I know SHINee much better now, and while people site Odd and some of their other albums as being must-listens, their most recent is my favorite, particularly CD 2, originally 1 of 1.



    Favorite track: Don’t Stop
    Recommendation to a new listener: 1 Of 1, Prism, SHIFT
    Underrated: Don’t Let Me Go

    I'm extremely thankful I became a fan when the latest SHINee release was this album. Not that their other albums aren't at the very least good to listen to, but this one got me hooked from the first listen and it's made me the shawol I am today. This is not to say me including 1 Of 1 in my list is solely for sentimental reasons, because the album is pretty damn great. It manages to remain cohesive in feel rather than in sound and theme, and it just really goes to showing that there's nothing SHINee can't do. The retro vibe is pretty blatant in the title track, but it's also subtly - or not so subtly - present in the other tracks as well. I remember watching their live where they said this album is a modern twist to the type of music all of them listened to while they are growing up, and much like their early releases, this album has that sound that is very boyband-ish. That way, this album is at the same time a new sound for SHINee, but something that remains inherently them, something you couldn't necessarily see any other boygroup pulling off, and it's a amazing feat that eight years in the group was able to deliver such a great and uniquely theirs album.



    Favorite track: Prism, 1 of 1
    Recommendation to a new listener: Feel Good
    Underrated: U Need Me

    As a 00's boy band fan, I was pretty HYPED when I saw SHINee dusting off the tacky gold chains, retro leather jackets, loafers and ripped jeans but there were also those glorious single-coloured suits which no person should be able to pull off, but of course...SHINee did. The biggest flaw I find with Kpop albums is that they have an amazing run with the first 5 songs, and then die off towards the end. But 1 of 1 (KEY'S BUTT WAVE...MINHO'S HIGH NOTE...IT'S TOO MUCH) really kept the energy going. Prism was an instant GOAT song for me and Key's butt shake in the live performances is magical. , '1 of 1' is perfectly done New Jack Swing.


    I always think it's a shame that Kpop albums start strong and die off a bit towards the end, but 1 of 1 really keeps the energy going and ends with U Need Me which is a really strange but enjoyable song - reminds me of the Bowser theme song. I also really love Don't Let Me Go, it's really nostalgic and reminds me of how ballads were better in the 00s and Feel Good's mellowness is really soothing.

    And once again there were the V I S U A L S. I did not realise that PLATINUM MINHO wearing a chocker, was something I ever needed in my life. (His tryhard 90s shades were everything)

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  14. Do I deserve this scalpage, binch?

    I probably do.
  15. "Don't Stop" is a masterpiece. Sultry, sleek, compelling and dynamic.
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  16. [​IMG]

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  17. Oh, and I LOVE this album.
  18. And the last one for today/tonight....

    #16. Rainbow - Innocent

    16 Points - @ryan_riot92 (10) + @GeiPanda (6)

    Rainbow // 2nd Album :: Over the Rainbow (1) - Innocent (16)


    Year: 2015
    Genre: Pop/Dance-Pop
    Label: DSP Media


    1. Bad Man Crying
    2. Black Swan

    3. Mr. Lee
    4. Pierrot
    5. Privacy
    6. Some More

    Best Chart Position

    #5 (Gaon)


    4.000 (Korea) 369+ (Japan) kii

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Pierrot
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Pierrot
    Underrated: Black Swan



    Favorite track: Bad Man Crying
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Pierrot
    Underrated: Some More

    The only mini album on my list. It may only be 6 tracks but each and every one of them are impeccable. I honestly can’t say I like one more than the other because I love them all. It’s chock-full of hidden gems. “Bad Man Crying” is such a smooth, emotional track and could easily have been the title track. It even had it’s own choreography and I wish DSP would have decided to let them promote this track as well. “Black Swan” is honestly my favorite K-Pop song ever… It’s perfect. Coming from a group known for their fun and light aesthetic, this was such a risky twist and I applauded them so much for it. “Mr Lee” is also another smooth, moodier track. It embodies this mini perfectly lyrically and musically. “Pierrot” could have been a perfect title track too with it’s electro-pop and more faster pace. “Some More” may be the ballad track of the mini but it’s so sexy and smooth that I don’t really consider it as such. It’s really a beautiful track and is one of my favorite RAINBOW tracks. If you haven’t listened to this mini yet, you don’t know what your missing.

    ^I just watched this performance and I'm in love.

    Now that we've reached the top 15, I'm interested to see if anyone can predict what albums are still in the rate.​
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  20. Today is just near misses after near misses.
    But it's okay, I have more SHINee albums in my ballot...
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