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Ultimate K-PopJustice Albums [#1 Revealed & I'm Done]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Also, After School's Dress to Kill is my favourite Japanese release by a K-Pop act ever so I'm happy it made the top 20. TALENT.
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  3. #15. EXO - EXODUS

    16 Points - @Serg. (10) + @vikeyeol (5) + @Deja-Boo (1)

    EXO // 5th Album :: XOXO (1) - The War (9) - Mama (10) - EX'ACT (13) - Exodus (16)


    Year: 2015
    Genre: Pop/R&B/Dance
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. Call Me Baby
    2. Transformer
    3. What If
    4. My Answer (sung by Baekhyun, D.O., and Suho)
    5. Exodus
    6. El Dorado
    7. Playboy
    8. Hurt
    9. Lady Luck
    10. Beautiful

    11. Love Me Right
    12. Tender Love
    13. First Love
    14. Promise (EXO 2014)​

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon) #2 (China) #1 (US World)


    1.258.000 (Korea) 84.000 (Japan) 6.000 (US World)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track:
    Track I recommend to a new listener: El Dorado
    Underrated track: Lady Luck



    Favorite track: Playboy

    Track I recommend to a new listener: El Dorado
    Underrated track: Hurt



    Favorite track: Beautiful
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Hurt
    Underrated track: El Dorado

    I was TERRIFIED leading up to this album, as any EXO stan would remember it was quite turbulent times with Kris and then Luhan leaving, and Tao stans knowing he was probably soon going to follow.....which he did.....right before the repackage with his vocal still on some tracks. MESS. Tao was my fav, and I appreciated his unique voice so I was crushed with his departure.
    Even without the member drama, I was fearing the sophomore slump. I loved XOXO and was a devout stan, but certainly didn't care for their Christmas mini (although Kris's rap on The Star makes Minho sound like Mark in comparison, it is so ironiconic) and then Overdose felt rather faceless and reductive. It certainly wasn't BAD, but it could have been passed to any middling boy group at the time and after Growl I'd come to expect a lot more from EXO.

    Thankfully, however, they delivered amazingly. Call Me Baby was a great 90s-esque bop, and the rest of the album was even better. I'd been desperately craving El Dorado and Beautiful - wait, if you're not an EXO fan and didn't give a shit about their ridiculous teaser campaign in 2012, let me enlighten you. They released 23 teasers of different songs leading up to their debut, and some eventually showed up on their albums like the masterful Black Pearl on XOXO, and finally my other favs from the teasers showed up here on Exodus 3 years later, and some have still not been released nearly 6 fucking years later.


    Ahem. Ok. Back to your scheduled programming. El Dorado was just as amazing as I'd hoped so from the teaser, and Beautiful, oh my god, it was 10000000x better and a serious contender for my all time favorite song from them. I know people overuse this word to describe anything pretty, but it is genuinely the most ethereal song I can think of. The lyrics are so gorgeous and the instrumental makes me feel like I'm just gliding through the clouds with my boyfriend - that would be Baekhyun even though Kyungsoo shines the most here.

    The rest of the songs are almost as amazing. Hurt out-Vixx's Vixx, Transformer and Lady Luck GO OFF, Playboy is so sexy (thanks king Jonghyun!) as is Exodus, and you already know the repackage is awesome too with the incredible Love Me Right.

    This one leaving before top 10 is a bit of shocker...

    #14. SHINee - Lucifer

    17 Points - @Ceir (10) + @junglefish (7)

    SHINee // 3rd Album :: Odd (14) - 1 of 1 (15) - Lucifer (17)


    Year: 2010
    Genre: Pop
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. Up & Down
    2. Lucifer
    3. Electric Heart
    4. A-Yo
    5. Obsession
    6. Quasimodo
    7. Shout Out
    8. Wowowow
    9. Your Name
    10. Life
    11. Ready or Not
    12. Love Pain
    13. Love Still Goes On

    Repackage tracks:

    1. Hello
    2. One
    3. Get It

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon)


    262.000 (Korea) 30.000 (Taiwan)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Ready or Not
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Lucifer
    Underrated track: A-Yo



    Favorite track: LUCIFER BY A LIGHT YEAR
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Lucifer
    Underrated track: Ready or Not. Watching them perform it live (and Jong falling on his ass from spinning a circlefor the whole chorus) made me realize how much I love it.

    Okay. OKAY. Lucifer is actually the first kpop song after my Taeyang/Big Bang jump start. It's honestly the reason I kept to listening to Kpop.

    Lucifer is just EVERYTHING. It's sleek and polished, dark, catchy, the choreography is mesmerizing to watch, and Taemin made hair extensions look DAMN. GOOD.
    My most played songs from the album are probably Electric Heart and Obsession. Both are just electronic rnb songs, but Minho's rap and spoken bits will do things to your soul.
    Ready or Not is honestly the underrated song for me. It's good! I love it! But, it didn't hit me at full blast until seeing it live. It was honestly one of my favorite kpop moments ever.

  4. How. Very. Dare. Y'all.

    I'm disappointed in ALL of you.
  5. I'm more disappointed at 'Your Name' and 'Love Pain' not getting a shout out for being good slow songs. Also SHOOK that 'Odd' has already left this rate. That should've been in the Top 10.

    Also I had too many SHINee albums on my ballot so I had to leave this one out.
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  6. #13. 2NE1 - Crush

    18 Points - @Deja-Boo (7) + @He (5) + @Gintoki (4) + @Slice of Life (2)

    2NE1 // 4th Album :: First Mini (1) - Second Mini (4) - To Anyone (9) - Crush (18)


    Year: 2014
    Genre: Pop/R&B/Hip Hop/Electropop
    Label: YG Entertainment


    1. Crush
    2. Come Back Home
    3. Gotta Be You
    4. If I Were You

    5. Good to You
    6. MTBD
    7. Happy
    8. Scream
    9. Baby I Miss You
    10. Come Back Home (Unplugged version)

    Best Chart Position

    #2 (Gaon) #2 (US World) #61 (US 200)


    71.000 (Korea) 46.000 (Japan) 10.000 (US)

    Critical Acclaim

    #6 best album of 2014 by Rolling Stone. Also one of best 40 albums of year by Fuse. Queens honestly.

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Come Back Home
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Crush
    Underrated: Gotta Be You



    Favorite track: Baby I Miss You
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Crush
    Underrated: If I Were You


    @Slice of Life

    Favorite track: If I Were You (Live at Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook) - I love the original version but the live version that they sang on Sketchbook is just... YATH LAWD TAKE ME. The girls just killed it. CL sounded not shrill, Bom sounded stable and Minzy unsurprisingly sl&ys vocally. And Dara sounded awesome as well. But what I liked most about this performance is the attention to emotions. You can just feel the hurt projected by the girls. These girls know how to kill a ballad (It Hurts being their very best) and they showcase that ability once again here.

    Track I recommend to a new listener: Crush - This is honestly the perfection distillation of 2NE1 post-I Am The Best. Sassy, sexy, confident - Crush is the perfect title track and it remains a shame that this wasn't a Korean single.

    Underrated: Happy - I can't with all the hate that this little track got and still gets, teebs. Like, at all. Sure, it's not the most solid 2NE1 release ever but to treat this like it's worse than Falling in Love and Do You Love Me is just... NO. You are wrong. Happy is 1005 better than those two.

    Are you surprised that I'm only ranking a 2NE1 album at number 9??? Well, you don't have to be. It is without shame that I admit that 2NE1 are singles artists and for them to still deliver a solid, bop-filled album in Crush is already a major win for me. Crush sees CL take on a more hands-on role as songwriter for various songs on the album. And it shows. CL knows the strength of each member and knows how to use these strengths to 2NE1's advantage. 2NE1 never sounded this good. This being their last album is a shame because there is still vast potential that was waiting to be explored. But at least we got one last good album so I'm okay on that front.

    Do you guys remember a few months ago when talent lost against 2NE1?? Now it is time for revenge....


    #12. Taeyeon - My Voice

    19 Points - @Alouder98 (10) + @Cotton Park (9)

    Taeyeon // 2nd Album :: Why (1) - My Voice (19)


    Year: 2017
    Genre: Synthpop
    Label: SM Entertainment


    1. Make Me Love You
    2. Fine

    3. Cover Up
    4. Feel So Fine
    5. I Got Love
    6. I'm OK
    7. Time Lapse
    8. Sweet Love
    9. When I Was Young
    10. I Blame on You
    11. Lonely Night
    12. 11:11
    13. Love In Color
    14. Fire
    15. Eraser
    16. Curtain Call
    17. Time Spent Walking through Memories

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon) #2 (US World)


    215.000 (Korea) Japan (9.000)

    From Our Voter

    @Cotton Park

    Favorite track: Make Me Love You
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Fine
    Underrated: Curtain Cull

    I wasn't that thrilled by Kim Taeyeon's first couple of solo releases, as much as I anticipated them. I loved that she did "I", especially with Verbal Jint, but it's almost Coldplayish sound didn't really connect with me. "Why" had an amazing intro and chorus, but I just kind of expected something more. "Starlight" was a duet with DEAN, one of my favorite singers ever, but again, it just wasn't the opus I was expecting from her. "Fine" is that song. Taeyeon is so sneakily good. She'll sing with a lovely restraint through the first three-quarters of a song, then when you least expect it, hit you with a note that gives you goosebumps. Her first couple of E.P.s and My Voice are full of those moments. But "Fine" is not one of those songs. After a soft, vulnerable sounding first chorus, over a country-folk-sounding acoustic guitar, she hits you right in the first chorus with notes with so few other K-Pop idols would even attempt. The powerhouse of the world's greatest girl group unleashed. Finally. Yes, this was what I wanted. And it gets better. "Fine" sounds even better live - the mark of a true talented vocalist. When the album came out, I was instantly in love with it. For ten years, she'd been sharing the stage with eight other singers and now she finally had a chance to stretch out and show the world what she could do. My Voice is rangy, each song tackling a new and different genre and style, replete with songs that transcend K-Pop. Just as good as "Fine" is that anthem just continually grows on you, "Make Me Love You." The single was released to so little fanfare that I wish people would go back and listen to it. It just builds, surrounds you, her voice echoing through the mid-tempo, almost martial verses, and explode in an emphatic chorus. There are many more moments like that on My Voice. It's such a deep album that you'll change your favorite track status constantly. Noticing new things even after months of listening. Just now, I think the background vocal layers of "Feel So Fine" just hit me in a way I never quite heard before. Brilliant. I'm gonna hit repeat on that tonight.



    Favorite track: Fine

    Track I recommend to a new listener: Fire/Feel So Fine - Cover Up and I Got Love might've been better choices but I chose two tracks that represent the overall sound of the album better

    Underrated: I Blame on You

    My Queen. When I was working on my list, I set a few rules for myself and made my list based on those rules. And this album was my #1 on each factor I considered:

    No fillers: I personally rarely find K-Pop albums that have no fillers on them. Even on my favorite EPs with 5-7 tracks, there are a couple of tracks that I can say are the weakest tracks on those albums or they don't fit the album that much. But on this album, I don't rate any of the tracks below 8 (or even 9 on days that my stannage gets a bit extra (which means 6 days a week)). And if you ask me what are my least favorite tracks on this album? I won't have an answer for your question cause honestly picking any of the tracks would hurt me.

    Rating: So I rated the albums on my shortlist in summer and this album received the highest average among them (9.1) and considering the album has bloody 17 tracks, it would be so wrong to choose any album over this.

    Replay value: I know this came out in 2017 but it's still my most played K-Pop album. Just ask @Slice of Life about it. I've voted for this as my #1 album for 4 or 5 months.

    Personal feelings: Um, even if the factors above would tell me to choose another album as my #1, my heart would still convinced me to choose this one. The album came out in a time when I changed my university and went from a place that I had great frineds in it to a new uni where I was the ''new one'' and had no friends in it for 2-3 months. I don't want to be dramatic and say this helped through tough times but this album was the only thing that I listened to when I had free time and there was no one to spend my time with. So yeah, it's quite special for me.

    Something that I love about this album is that at first it sounds like this is an album full of ballads except a few up-beat / mid-tempo tracks but when you listen to it carefully you understand why critics/reviews say Taeyeon challenged different sounds/genres with each track. There's a tropical bop, there's a sexy jam, there are pop-rock tracks, R&B, jazz, house,soul,... you can find great tracks from all of these genres in the album (she even raps on Eraser dddd) and still find the album a cohesive record.
    Also as I said before in my commentary for Why, Taeyeon didn't have a great start as a solo artist, and while Why showed her potential for me, it still wasn't what I expect from Taeyeon, one of the best vocalists of K-Pop. But with this album, she really showed how impressive of a vocalist she is and how only a few can compete with her.

    As a closer let me be extra and say: The Queen of K-Pop, indeed.

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  7. He


    Wow, didn't know Taeyeon was such a big seller. How can her sales big higher than SNSD's?
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  8. Well, SNSD is a 10-years old act these days when Taeyeon, the solo artist, was kinda at her peak earlier this year and this was her first full album so it makes sense.
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  9. He


    I just never thought she would be bigger than her group at any stage. Even "flop" SNSD sells more than any other group besides Twice.
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  10. Beyonce of Korea!
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  11. He



    Is Tiffany Kelly?
  12. Yeah.

    She has more parts than Kelly though.
  13. He


    Scream, why did they choose that song!

    Those Pantene weaves were on point, though.
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  14. I Got Love is still incredible, never thought Taeyeon would do a song like that but she sold it well.
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  15. Queens of missing the top 10!

    #11. Crayon Pop - Evolution Pop Vol. 1

    20 Points - @Deja-Boo (9) + @He (7) + @LightningRider (3) + @send photo (1)


    Year: 2016
    Genre: Dance-Pop/trot/Nu-disco
    Label: Chrome Entertainment


    Part 1

    1. Vroom Vroom
    2. Too Much
    3. Doo Doom Chit
    4. Boogie Woogie
    5. Tonight
    6. Get It Here

    7. Sketch Book
    8. Love Couple (feat. The Zoo)

    Part 2

    1. Bar Bar Bar
    2. UH-EE
    3. Dancing Queen 2.0

    4. Bing Bing
    5. FM
    6. Saturday Night
    7. Hello

    Best Chart Position

    #10 (Gaon)


    3.000 (Korea)

    From Our Voter

    @send photo

    Favorite track: FM - I am fully converted. I play this almost daily.
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Bar Bar Bar - Classic of course.
    Underrated: UH-EE - My dear 11. OI!

    Mostly because it has all their singles tacked on the end nn. Queens.



    Favorite track: FM
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Dancing Queen
    Underrated: Get It Here



    Favorite track: Vroom Vroom
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Doo Doom Chit
    Underrated: Get It Here



    Favorite track: Boogie Woogie
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Vroom Vroom
    Underrated: Tonight

    Crayon Pop is the group that defied the odds. Nugu groups can’t deliver quality bops? You thought! Nugu groups can’t get famous without being on TV? Think again! This collection of bops is their crowning achievement, celebrating everything about them that people fell in love for in the first place.

    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  16. He


    Ah, such an immaculate release!

    I even got the physical as a present. Even though it's not very impressive, it's super cute, and I'm glad to help those sales. Shame the artwork used is not this one but the black one.
  17. Okay this question was ignored when I asked it before top 15 nn so let me ask it again, can anyone predict what albums are in the top 10?
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  18. He


    Well, I can guess 4 because they're mine.
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