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Ultimate K-PopJustice Albums [#1 Revealed & I'm Done]

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. He


    I'm wondering if f(x) has 3 albums in the top 10 though. I voted for two.
  2. Sis you have two more albums. Hint: those that you changed their spots.
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  3. Absolute First Album, Reboot, 4 Walls are for sure in the top 10.
  4. I know the one I have left if that counts? Watch it be #10 Dddd.
  5. He


    Wonder Girls

    Don’t know what else.
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  6. Reboot, Pink Tape, Red Light, 4 Walls, Absolute ... ummmmm ... that's all I got because that's all I have left on my ballot kii

    EDIT: WAIT ... Did anyone vote for Who's Back?? Probs not.

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  7. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    f(x) and SHINee are in it for sure.
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  8. Girls Generation first Japanese album, f(x), Red Velvet's the Red...
  9. I still have six left but outside of that, no idea.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. All these groups in the top 10, if only there were any iconic solo acts among them, huh
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  13. Why didn't you vote for ORANGE CARAMEL? I think ORANGE CARAMEL deserved better than ending at #26.
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  14. Their discography is so underrated. Somebody should do a rate tbh
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    My guess:
    3 f(x)
    2 Wonder Girls
    1 Girls' Generation
    1 T-ara
    1 Red Velvet
    1 BoA
    1 SHINee

  16. This post confirms at least one of these guesses is wrong....

    #10. Gain - Step 2/4

    21 Points - @Mikl C (10) + @Deja-Boo (6) + @Squashua (5)


    Year: 2010
    Genre: Pop/Electronic/Tango
    Label: Nega Network


    1. Nitchell (Baby-G Mix)
    2. Irreversible
    3. Tango the Night
    4. Esperando
    5. The One Who Sings (Gain)
    6. Truth

    7. Bad Temper

    Best Chart Position

    #2 (Gaon)


    10.000 (Korea)

    Mikl C's Favorite Track


    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Truth
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Irreversible
    Underrated: Esperando



    Favorite track: Truth
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Irreversible
    Underrated: Ga in

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Where to begin with this one.... I probably could have littered this top 10 with Gain EPs so strongly I feel that she is one of K-Pop's greatest solo artists ever but if I had to pick one it didn't feel right going for anything but the indisputable genius of Step 2/4. When will your faves, as their DEBUT release, screw convention and release a autobiographical, experimental revenge thriller of a mini all laced in a tango-pop format? Yes that's right, it's handclaps, ominous accordions, and Latin noir strings at dusk as Gain sets up her own rise and fall in the space of six songs including the double-bill that is Irreversible and Truth. These two songs are based around the same instrumental but diverge wildly in intent and message, represented quite nicely in the joint blockbuster of an MV. It's the fearless and unblinking resolve to stick to such a wildly unusual concept and sound that I respect so much - literally no one has even really tried to attempt this again since (except maybe Gain herself with a couple of songs on End Again). All the album tracks heel reverse turn the tango tropes on their heads into bangers, brooding mood pieces and sassy storytelling in turn. It's a wild ride but someone had to do it.

    #9. SHINee - The Misconception of Us

    27 Points - @Deja-Boo (10) + @eccentricsimply (8) + @karmarisma (7) + @vikeyeol (2)

    SHINee // 4th Album :: Odd (14) - 1 of 1 (15) - Lucifer (17) - The Misconception of Us (27)


    Year: 2010
    Genre: Pop/Electropop/Dance
    Label: SM Entertainment


    Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You

    1. Spoiler
    2. Dream Girl
    3. Hitchhiking

    4. Punch Drunk Love
    5. Girls, Girls, Girls
    6. Aside
    7. Beautiful
    8. Dynamite
    9. Runaway
    10. Selene 6.23

    Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me

    1. Nightmare
    2. Why So Serious?
    3. Shine (Medusa I)
    4. Music Box (Orgel)
    5. Dangerous (Medusa II)
    6. Like a Fire
    7. Excuse Me Miss
    8. Evil

    9. Can't Leave
    10. Better Off

    Best Chart Position

    #1 (Gaon) #2 (Taiwan) #8 (Japan) #1 (US World)


    367.000 (Korea) 13.000 (Japan)

    From Our Voter


    Favorite track: Spoiler
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Hitchhiking
    Underrated track: Orgel

    Only SHINee could have a 20 track album where every single song ranges from great to perfection. This felt like such an event and is easily their best and most diverse album for me. For the first time Minho's raps felt genuinely good instead of ironically good, and every other member is at top form as usual. The songs themselves are AMAZING, wouldn't expect anything less from GODnee.



    Favorite track: Excuse Me Miss
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Beautiful
    Underrated track: Orgel



    Favorite track: Orgel
    Track I recommend to a new listener: Like A Fire, Excuse Me Miss
    Underrated track: Dangerous (Medusa II)

    For quite a while I didn't actually pay attention to this album. I mean, SHINee has one hell of an extense discography, it's difficult to pay attention to only one album for long periods of time if you're not someone who actually followed the releases. But one day I decided to give this some extra listens and cussed at myself for not realizing earlier how much of a highlight in SHINee's discography this album is. Not only is every single song amazing in its own way, the album is ridiculously cohesive. Why So Serious? is not high up in my list of best SHINee title tracks, but it carries the mood of the album really well, following the tone that Nightmare brings without being necessarily similar to the opening track. The whole concept of releasing a Misconceptions of You then a Misconceptions of Me was so well thought of, but most importantly it was pretty damn well executed. I personally love how angsty the Misconceptions of Me is when compared to the Misconceptions of You, whether that was intentional or not. Their vocals really shine in this album, and the melodies are incredible. This is a truly underrated SHINee album.



    Favorite track: Dream Girl, Like A Fire, Evil [honestly, everything...]
    Recommend: Evil
    Underrated: Orgel

    This album is just me being sneaky and combining the two Misconceptions albums by picking the repackage. But seriously 2013-SHINee were the definition ofmasterpiece. Both of the albums were so well-planned. They had opposite concepts with 'You' being more bubbly, acid funk based and colourful and 'Me' being about the dark, mysterious bangers and sensual jams. Spoiler, Dream Girl, Beautiful and Runaway were standouts in 'You', with Dream Girl having one of the funnest Kpop MVs ever made (2 million of those views are probably mine). But 'Me' edges out 'You' by a pretty long-shot, by having a steady stream of mindblowing songs. All the songs on 'Me' are so sinister-sounding. Nightmare is hard to listen to comfortably at night, while Orgel has this haunting feel to it (and it's basically the male version of f(x)'s Shadow), but my favourites are Like A Fire(if you haven't seen SHINee absolutely destroy this song while singing it live and Key, Onew and Jonghyun demolishing high notes then you're missing out on life) and Evil (this song is so dark, and the boys dance to it BLINDFOLDED - I had goosebumps watching).

  17. Appalled more people didn't vote step2/4
  18. [​IMG]
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