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I chose Endgame because I felt I had to give credit to how many hours and hours of entertainment I've had from the Marvel films throughout the last 15 years. I love my superhero flicks (as you will see later on) and this series has provided some of the best. I chose Endgame because of the experience at the cinema, I will never forget it. I was a bit hungover so my emotions were on shaky ground to begin with. Even with what had gone before it, I was not prepared for such a slam dunk ending.

I'd say the Leftovers was one of the most impressive TV shows I've ever seen. After the ricochet opening of confronting Thanos and then spiralling into a similar kind of future dystopia I was thrilled and totally engrossed. Yes it has its flaws but as a one time experience it was electrying. My heart was pounding throughout (probably the alcohol) and I was taken on a ride.

I really appreciated the bleak moments. Thor's storyline in particular of coping with depression and that moment with his mother was tender and sweet. Nebula's ark was hugely satisfying. But let's talk about that climax...just perfect. Absolutely remarkable. Everyone got their time to shine. For some reason I do not cry at most things. It takes A LOT but I was crying from the second that final battle begins to the minute those credits rolled and probably 15 mins after. It got me gal. All things considered Infinity War is probably the better film. However considering how many plates this film had to spin and the fact that it didn't smash one (maybe a couple of cracks here and there). In fact in some cases it span plates into the stratosphere. Overall the film has to be applauded and recognised in this list for its scale, ambition and incomparable movie experience.


How I yelped in the cinema.
I haven't seen Dog Day Afternoon in full but the hour of it I caught back when I had a TV was tense and arresting.

From this batch I've also seen Dracula and the Marvel films (like, all Marvel films ddd).
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@pop3blow2 (1st Movie)


Freddy Got Fingered | 2001 | USA

Comedy | R | 1hr 27min

Tom Green | Tom Green, Rip Torn, Marisa Coughlan

4.6 IMDb | 13 Metascore

$14.3 million | $14 million

Surrey, BC, Canada

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@funkyg (1st Movie)


Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan | 1989 | USA

Adventure, Horror, Thriller | R | 1hr 40min

Rob Hedden | Jensen Daggett, Kane Hodder, Todd Caldecott

4.6 IMDb | 14 Metascore

$14.3 million | $5 million


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@Dangerous Maknae (1st Movie)


Grave of the Fireflies | 1988 | Japan

Animation, Drama, War | NR | 1hr 29min

Isao Takahata | Tsutomo Tatsumi, Ayano Shiraishi, Akemi Yamaguchi

8.5 IMDb | 94 Metascore

$516,000 | $3.7 million

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@BubblegumBoy (1st Movie)


Hail, Caesar! | 2016 | USA

Comedy, Drama, Music | PG-13 | 1hr 46min

Ethan Coen, Joel Coen | Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich

6.3 IMDb | 72 Metascore | Nominated for 1 Oscar

$63.6 million | $22 million

Los Angeles

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If Beale Street Could Talk | 2018 | USA

Drama, Romance | R | 1hr 59min

Barry Jenkins | KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King

7.1 IMDb | 87 Metascore | Won 1 Oscar

$20.5 million | $12 million

New York City

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One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. The cinematography and score are haunting.