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Ultimate Popjustice: #283

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mushroom, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. In December 2008, member David_X came to the Popjustice forum with an idea. Some said the idea was ludicrous. Other's claimed it was overly ambitious. Others thought it had potential... and, in the end, none of us really know what the idea was because nothing actually came of it. What's this idea, I hear you ask?

    Now, I hear your worries and concerns:

    1) Who does this punk Mushroom think he is, barging into the 'Lists and Charts' section with his punk-ass ideas when my 'Billie Piper vs Cleopatra vs B*Witched' rate languishes at the tail-end of the waiting list and won't get seen until 2017?

    The truth is, I don't really class this as a typical rate idea, as such. Much like Mvnl's 'Ultimate Popstar Countdown' before it, it's something a little different in that it's not a versus rate or an artist rate or a yearly rate. Plus, when I queue-jumped and ran the 'Ultimate Flop Rate' people seemed to embrace the idea that it existed outside the parameters of the other categories of rates and didn't really mind, so I'm trying my luck a second time.

    2) Is Mushroom really qualified to run something of this calibre? I mean, did you see that bogstandard Florrie rate with its pisspoor Cover art and various delays?

    Shut the fuck up. (I'll have a lot of time on my hands by the time the proposed voting period comes around so it shouldn't be an issue)

    So you've a rough idea what I'm aiming to do here, from David's original plan, now here's Mushroom's Rules:

    I'll be keeping this on the back burner for a week or two, before voting opens (the good sis Oceandrive deserves his moment in the sun), just to test the waters a little and see if anybody would even want to go ahead with this, so don't go sending me anything just yet.

    So yeah, let me know.
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  2. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Reserved also.
  3. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    This seems like a tough task, honestly. But I'd be down for it.
  4. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Oh. Oh damn. Yeah, I'm definitely down for this.
  5. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    How are you going to reveal the songs that only received a vote from one person since that's how the majority of them will be?
  6. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Well, songs that only received one vote would still have a score correspondent to them (between 1 and 20) so, whilst there'd still likely be a large number of songs per point, it wouldn't be quite as large as revealing every singularly voted song in the entire competition.
  7. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    I feel like warning me would've been a polite thing to do.
  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    I see. I think the one or two vote ones will actually be the most interesting as the songs that are going to receive more than are pretty obvious but you never know.

    Should we send commentary for the songs then or is that too much?
  9. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    That reminds me (I'll update the first post):

    I very much encourage the sending of commentary. There's often a lot of dismay when people feel they've worked hard to articulate their feelings about a particular song, only for the sheer amount of comments to mean some people's doesn't get a chance to shine. Here, it's far more likely that, at least for some of your choices, you'll be a track's sole supporter so justifying its presence and declaring your love for it would certainly spice up the reveals a lot more.

    Cheers, Mollie.
  10. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    The drunk shade just keeps on coming! I can't.
  11. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    This sounds absolutely massive. I love it.

    I think I know my #1 already. Now watch me change my mind tomorrow.
  12. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Also, is there particular guidelines for genres? Because, I could probably list ten of my favourite songs off the top of my head, and I doubt they'd all be strictly pop?
  13. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    I'll try to keep the songs Popjustice-friendly. No one wants to read a love letter to Schubert's "Piano Sonata in B flat major, D960" sandwiched between Girls Aloud singles.
  14. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Nope (again: let me update the first post). It's completely down to your own personal choice. If ironheade (for example only) wants to include his 20 favourite Metal tracks... well, I doubt they'll perform particularly well on Popjustice but they'll be his favourite tracks so that's all that really matters. Every track will have a write-up, link and hopefully selector commentary, so just pick whatever you wish, from whatever genre and it will get its moment in the spotlight, however popular.

    I guess a lot of this rides on just how many people participate, so I'm hoping we get a good number so that some sort of hierarchy actually emerges but even if not, it should be good fun.

    If this is how you choose to vote, that's completely fine. I'd just like to make sure people know that I myself won't be limiting choices by genre (even if the nature of the forum means that's how it'll naturally turn out anyway).
  15. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    I can only pick TWO Madonna songs?

    What kind of craziness?
  16. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    As I said, the jury is out on just how many songs per artist people feel you should be allowed to vote for. If the majority think it should be lifted to 3 or, Heaven forbid, there be no limit at all, then that's what the initial couple of weeks are for.
  17. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    I think 3 seems right because a lot of us around here talk about our "Holy Trinity" for an artist, so being able to place your Holy Trintiy into this would be amazing.
  18. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Limit or no limit, I think I might avoid repeating artists altogether, just to make it easier on myself. It's going to be hard enough to sum up everything I love in 20 songs as it is!
  19. Re: Ultimate Popjustice: Coming Soon

    Oh my god this is gonna be impossible. But I have to do it.
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