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Ultimate Popjustice: #283

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mushroom, Mar 27, 2015.

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  2. "Hurt" is goddamn heartbreaking. Whenever the question of "best covers" comes up, I always pick it.

    Also, "Around the World" is everything house music should be. (Jeez, you guys' picks always make me feel like a chump. But then, I could have made a top 200 and still had to make some painful cuts.)

    To celebrate us passing the halfway mark, I've updated the second post of the thread so that it now links to each round/point leaderboard, which can in turn take you to any elimination.

    It took me almost four hours.

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  4. I am not worthy @Mushroom that is so awesome!
  5. Thank you so much @Mushroom! You are an absolute saint for running this and keeping it going so well.
  6. I realised, doing it tonight, how much easier it would have been doing it as I went along (which I'll be doing at the end of each round from here on out) but thanks guys, your encouragement keeps me chugging along.

    Having done so many at once, let me know if anybody's entries are missing - I've worked to put MollieSwift, Jacques and any other late entries in where they belong - or if any of the links weren't working or linked to the wrong song or what not.
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  7. Flawless as always, @Mushroom!

    I just went back through all my old entries and the surrounding pages, and it was such a PJ memory trip. We've come a long way, guys!
  8. This whole project is so brilliant.
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  9. I'll never be able to see Linda Perry's name without thinking of her as Céline's dear friend Leeeeeeenda Perry.
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  10. I can't imagine the hours you put into this @Mushroom! So much gratitude, as always.
  11. If anybody deserves one of those bloody trophy things... come on @Popjustice!
  12. Some amazing early 00's choices on the last few pages - Everywhere, Hurt, Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - songs like these always remind me of my first major pop fan phase. Well done, everyone.
  13. You guys *swoons*

    Points received:
    11 (@Pat , #10)
    Released: 2013
    Artist appearance: 1 / 1

    Just the one appearance for JT now (@Keifer3194 where your allegiance at?) with the second single taken from The 20/20 Experience, his first release in seven years. Inspired by his grandparents, Timberlake originally conceived the track in 2009 whilst working on Timbaland's 'Shock Value 2' project. Timbaland told MTV "He's like, 'I'm gonna save this one, and this is gonna go on my album.' We never knew when he was going to put it out – we were like, 'Aw man, you're in movies now!' We could have waited another 10, 15 years. But then he surprised us last year and said he was ready, and he brought 'Mirrors' over to the project as well." The track outperformed lead single 'Suit & Tie' considerably, peaking at #1 in the UK, where it was the year's tenth best selling track, and #2 in the US, where it was the year's sixth best selling track. It also took home the 2013 VMA for Video of the Year.
  15. Justin's best song by far. Great choice!
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The only worthwhile track from his comeback.
  17. K94


    I will hit you.

    Like Kanye, I was annoyed I couldn't include Justin but I prefer both as album artists really.
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  18. Besides my own entries (which are all obviously 11/10's) here's the list of songs entered that I would consider 10/10+ in my own music collection:

    1 Pointers: Pink - Sober, Madonna - Spanish Eyes
    2 Pointers: Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
    3 Pointers: Abba - Mamma Mia, Christina Aguilera - Your Body, The Saturdays - Not Giving Up, Siobhan Donaghy - Ghosts, Tove Lo - Talking Body
    4 Pointers: Blondie - Heart of Glass, Britney Spears - I Wanna Go, Evanescence - Going Under, Fergie - Glamorous, Garbage - Push It, Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet
    5 Pointers: Cher Lloyd - Want U Back, Hilary Duff - All About You, Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Groovejet
    6 Pointers: Britney Spears - Work Bitch!, Dido - Here With Me, Mandy Moore - Candy, Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Me & My Imagination
    7 Pointers: Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle, GRL - Vacation, Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes, Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway, Sugababes - Stronger
    8 Pointers: All Saints - Black Coffee, Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
    9 Pointers: Madonna - Take A Bow
    10 Pointers: Girls Aloud - Sexy! No No No..., No Doubt - Sunday Morning, The Saturdays - 808
    11 Pointers: Alanis Morissette - Hands Clean, Avril Lavigne - Rock n Roll, Girls Aloud - Untouchable, Lady Gaga - Dance In The Dark
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  19. Pat


    I forgot I added Mirrors to my Top 20, oh well, still a great song.
  20. Pat


    What kind of lame excuse is this.
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