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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Number, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. 2? Ouch haha. Obviously great taste @LPMA

    Retrospectively I think I did place Little Apple a bit high but at the same time I can't think of many other songs that have given me so much joy and hold so many special memories that maybe its placing is indeed still justified now.
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  2. I think Say You'll Be There sits in my top 3 Spice singles, alongside Viva Forever and 2 Become 1. I think. Tough picks but they all have a timelessness that exceeds the band.
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  3. My Spice Girls pick is still in, I wonder if anybody else chose it too?
  4. Haha it was your #8 so yes, they did! I always worry when you guys say things like that and hastily check I haven't made a faux pas.
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  5. No you've honestly been outstanding with this, I'm just thick as shit. Ha
  6. BML


    Okay but check for me because I haven't been tagged or anything in ages.

    Unless of course we're still recapping. I don't remember where we left of with Mushroom so I'm a bit lost.
  7. I still love this song and I had to get it in here somewhere but I can't believe how many points I gave it. What was me-a-year-ago thinking?
  8. Yup, you're all good! You lost most of your entries during the first thread, hence the lack of losses this time. Things will change, soon!

    Mushroom finished during the 16 pointers, and we're on the cusp of the 17 pointers now so everything will be totally fresh from here on out. I recommend checking the second post for links to every summary thus far.
  9. Me right now
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  10. So excited for everyone's top 4 favourite songs (of early 2015)
  11. #188 (TIE) TINASHE - 2 ON

    Points received: 17 (@strangekin, #4)
    Released: 2014
    Artist appearance: 1 / 1​

    This countdown's existence as a time capsule may be best demonstrated by a lone entry for a woman whose star has only risen with time - on the confines of Popjustice, at least. '2 On' was the first single released from Tinashe's first album Aquarius. While it only peaked at #24 on the Billboard Hot 100, it has surprising longevity thanks to strong Rhythmic radio play and landed at #65 on the Hot 100 Year End chart for 2014.

    '2 On' is a toast to the party lifestyle and features a verse from rapper SchoolBoy Q. The song followed three self-released mixtapes from Tinashe - In Case We Die, Reverie and Black Water - and marked her major label debut. "I wanted '2 On' to be transitional, so people get used to the idea of, 'She can make songs that can play on the radio, and she can still make songs that I can vibe out to in my car,'" she remarked.

    There are a lot of songs a could have included from Aquarius, an album that is fast becoming one of my all-time favourites, but nothing quite exudes why Tinashe is such a fucking superstar like 2 On. Aquarius is filled with deeply artful, sensual, and beautiful songs, but 2 On will forever remain my ultimate jam (although All Hands On Deck is giving it a run for it’s money).

    The best thing about Tinashe is her incredible ambition and determination. At such a young age, she was producing her records and building up her catalogue. Simultaneously though she wasn’t afraid to sign up to a major label, embrace her Pop influences, and work with big names. So she burst onto the scene with 2 On, and what a fucking jam it is. Seriously WHAT A FUCKING JAM. Every single line is absolute fire; her vocal delivery is practically dripping with passion and star-power. Even Schoolboy Q’s part is bearable because of how fucking good the record is. (How exactly does pussy fit on a pinky-ring?) Tinashe has this drive in her, a drive only seen in musical legends. I seriously believe she will become one.
  12. The first 10 seconds I heard this song I knew I was going to find a way to fall deeply in love with her music and I did. It was truly a "going outside your comfort zone" thing for me, but her voice is something I needed as much of in my life as I could get. The world clearly doesn't deserve her based on how her career has gone from a commercial stand-point.
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  13. Anyone who kiis at those last sentences is getting stabbed.
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  14. I finally got on board with Tinashe thanks to the adorable summer throwback that is 'Superlove' after being mostly indifferent for a while. There's still hope!
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  15. I've been meaning to listen to Tinashe's work for the last couple of years, it's time I think.
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  16. Despite listening to the track almost 200 times over, I had never watched the video before yesterday. Serving star power through the pink and blue stylings of Hannah Lux Davis. Though it could have been a bit grittier. The song has always been 3am in a dirty, dimly lit club to me.
  17. I adore Tinashe.

    Points received: 17 (@Beginner, #4)
    Released: 2013
    Artist appearance: 2 / 2​

    Time for the final appearance on our countdown for Teddy Sinclair, with the second single pulled from sophomore effort Trouble. 'Saturday Night' was written by Kills alongside acclaimed producer Jeff Bhasker, and sees her deal with a plethora of adolescent issues which haunt her adult life. "When I was almost 14, I left home, got a job, and thought I was going to be a big TV star. I was determined to prove myself. I kept telling myself, 'I'm going to be fine,' even when I wasn't - especially when I didn't even believe it. The song is about carrying on, even though you feel like you can't. It's about feeling OK when everything is not," she told Elle magazine.

    This song can emotionally devastate me like none other. Too many times I've looked up from the pavement and not known that I'm gonna be alright, despite this song's chorus. Natalia doesn't sound too sure herself though.

    The middle 8 is one of my absolute favorite moments in music. I really just have to tear it apart to show what it means to me.

    "There’s a rainbow on the bathroom door again,
    Where the lipstick slides and the pearls all fly"

    I know it's not what Natalia had in mind, but the rainbow on the bathroom door reminds me of my teenage years and how I only felt I could be gay behind closed doors. Flying pearls and sliding lipstick give the impression of mental and emotional stress which sadly I can relate to too.

    "I’m gone and I ain’t coming back this time,
    I’m gonna find my home underneath the city lights"

    Takes me to right before high school graduation, crying into my pillow because I just wanted out. Dreaming of Seattle lights and kissing a boy while walking down the street on a rainy night.

    "Pills fall like diamonds from my purse,
    Right out the hole in my fur coat,
    Straight down the gutter goes my antidote to a broken girl,
    I promise I’ll be the one you want,
    Don’t tell me I’m unfixable,
    You don’t know what it’s like to be seventeen with no place to go"

    I don't think I'll go through anything quite like being 17 with no place to go ever again. Terrible mix of feeling trapped, scared, independent with lots of hormones too. I wanted so much and had none of it, and I felt so stinking sorry for myself it was disgusting. I'm so glad I've grown up from that. I'm glad I'm not the teenager that worries he's "unfixable" because of the stress he puts himself through. Now I'm a boy who's able to put his dancing shoes on each Saturday night, even if he's not under the city lights he dreamed about.
  19. @Beginner I've been listening to Trouble a ton this week. That write up is so beautiful.
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  20. I've lived through every damn thing Natalia utters in Saturday Night (as it pertains to her family life), granted at a younger age than she was referring to, but the images are still clear in my mind. One of the most powerful songs I've ever heard in my life because of it. Natalia has a way of painting a raw and realistic picture and she doesn't get enough credit for that, I think. The naughty-girl exterior can hide the beautiful story-writing to the naked eye, but it's there in spades throughout her discography. Amazing choice and words @Beginner.
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