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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - 338th (36 Points // Top 5s)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. The combination of people who have voted and who I have on the 'potential' list based on whether they've liked the first post and/or posted saying they'll vote is close to 70. Amazing.

    Robot kind of took over the favorite spot from Permanent December at some point, but both are right up there with See You Again.
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  2. My list is in.
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  3. But.... like.... these are essential! I can't imagine a top 40 without them.
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  4. Rihanna was the last one to get the cut. I replaced her in favor of a contemporary r&b singer that definitely needs the points more if you put her next to Legendihanna.
    And with Lily it's only The Fear that I'm extremely obsessed with, the rest of her songs I really appreciate but the contrast with The Fear is just huge.

    Also I only just got into Mariah recently, because of her last album.
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  5. K94


    Let me get on this soon - torn between whether I should disqualify the spouse of Kimberly Noel Kardashian or not, after all that's happened since the last one.
  6. Delete him and vote for Samantha Mumba instead.

    (Jk, I know you'll be voting for Samantha anyway xx)
  7. Now that the Taylor rate is done, I can properly promo my #1 Artist with my avatar.
  8. Could we be.....

  9. I'm so glad I got into Kpop. I had some people filling out the bottom in the last iteration of my Ultimate Popstars but I genuinely love all 40 of my popstars on my list. There were some I would've wanted to choose, but I didn't really want to choose them based only one album or one really good album/era even though like 5 made my list based on this criteria but icons are icons.
  10. I thought I did.
    If she's not Irish then even try to include the Irish flag in this debacle when they actually used the flag of the Ivory Coast?
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  11. Because she wanted it there, apparently.

  12. I'm not sure we're on the same wave length here haha, I was simply implying that Una was the flag for the Republic of Ireland because she was born there and Nadine was the flag for Northern Ireland because she was born there.

    I thought your original post was a clocking me listing both bands as favorites but only having the 1 band member listed for Republic of Ireland.
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  13. I've tried to quickly reply to everyone after entering a ballot, but here's the list of 24 voters we have so far, in the order they're in the spreadsheet:

    1. @Dangerous Maknae
    2. @CorgiCorgiCorgi
    3. @Reboot
    4. @Sprockrooster
    5. @Iggypig
    6. @WoW73
    7. @LKane
    8. @One Stop Candy Shop
    9. @CasuallyCrazed
    10. @Island
    11. @DJHazey
    12. @KingBruno
    13. @31entrance
    14. @Ironheade
    15. @Eric Generic
    16. @saviodxl
    17. @enjoy v2.0
    18. @soratami
    19. @Angeleyes
    20. @WhenTheSunGoesDown
    21. @livefrommelbs
    22. @əʊæ
    23. @WowWowWowWow
    24. @GimmeWork

    We're also just over the 500 artist mark.
  14. Maybe you could post about this rate in the Gamejustice thread @DJHazey, I imagine most people who took part in that would enjoy this as well, since it's basically the same format.
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  15. Hmm, I don't think there the issue with the number of people saying they're participating already.

    I'd be more apt to pull from the last ultimate song voters and albumjustice.
  16. Oh yeah, I wasn't implying there aren't many people participating/interested in participating already, I just thought people who took part in that rate might be interested too and might not be aware because plenty of people don't even visit this section of the forum.
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  17. Go all out! The thing I liked best about participating last time was how many new artists I discovered during the reveals. Maybe hardcore Finnish punk will turn out to be up someone's alley. (Also, please include Spiritualized on your list again, because I certainly am.)
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  18. I really want them to participate, clearly.
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