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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - 371st (34 Points // Top 10s)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Sting's best moments:

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  2. 592nd - 22 Points

    Bad Religion



    Origin: Los Angeles, USA

    Genres: Punk Rock, Skate Punk, Hardcore Punk, Melodic Punk

    Original Members: Greg Graffin (lead vocals), Brett Gurewitz (guitar/backing vocals), Jay Bentley (bass/backing vocals), Pete Finestone (drums), Greg Hetson (guitar)

    Active: 1980-present

    Albums: 17 (1982-2019)

    Biggest Albums: Stranger Than Fiction (1994)

    Biggest Hit: 21st Century (Digital Boy)

    Voter Pick: Flat Earth Society

    Bark Psychosis

    @Auntie Beryl


    Origin: London, England

    Genres: Post-Rock, Experimental Rock, Ambient

    Members: Graham Sutton (vocals/samples/guitar/piano/melodica/bass/synthesizer/programming), John Ling (bass/samples/percussion), Mark Simnett (drums/percussion), Daniel Gish (keyboards/piano/organ)

    Active: 1986-1994, 2004-present

    Albums: 2 (1994, 2004)

    Voter Pick: Pendulum Man

    Craig David

    @londonrain (20) + @CorgiCorgiCorgi (2)


    Origin: Southampton, England

    Genres: R&B, UK Garage, Hip Hop, Dance

    Active: 1997-present

    Peak: 2000-2003

    Albums: 7 (2000-2018)

    Biggest Albums: Born to Do It (2000), Slicker Than Your Average (2002)

    Top 40 Hits: 20

    Biggest Hit: 7 Days

    londonrain: Walking Away

    CorgiCorgiCorgi: Insomnia




    Origin: Stoke-on-Trent, England

    Genres: Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, D-beat

    Longest Tenured Members: Kelvin John Morris (vocals), Anthony Roberts (lead guitar), Royston Wainright (bass), Terence Roberts (drums/rhythm guitar), David Caution (drums)

    Active: 1977-1987, 1991-1999, 2001-present

    Albums: 7 (1982-2016)

    Voter Pick: Fight Back

    Emilíana Torrini



    Origin: Kópavogur, Iceland

    Genres: Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, Electronica

    Active: 1994-present

    Peak: 2008-2013

    Albums: 9 (1995-2016)

    Icelandic Top 40s: 6

    Biggest Hit: Jungle Drum

    Voter Pick: Unemployed in Summertime

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  3. Shame no-one else voted for The Pierces. They've been one of my favourite acts for over 10 years now, and with the great exposure and success they had in the UK a few years ago, I was expecting for there to have been at least another voter. They have a lot of fantastic songs, great voices I really love the bite and dark sense of humour their lyrics have.

    You should listen to the Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge and You & I albums. The former is their most original and varied album, and yes, it has plenty of darker sounding songs like Secret:

    You & I is their biggest, poppiest album, full of very well produced songs that sound very full, while still maintaining their unique charm, some highlights aside from You'll Be Mine:

    Their latest album Creation is basically You & I part 2, but not quite as good. It has some great songs though, such as:

    Both sisters are going solo at the moment (someone actually entered a song by one of them in the current round of PJSC), though I hope they re-unite sooner or later.
  4. Emilíana Torrini is another act that nearly made my list, so I'm glad someone voted for her, she's a really interesting a very varied output and a really lovely voice.

    I've actually entered her three times in PJOPS which I imagine might be the largest number of times one person has entered the same act in a song contest ddd

    Some faves:

    From the electronica/trip-hop album Love In The Time of Science:

    From the folk/acoustic album Fisherman's Woman:

    The reggae-tinged lead single from the more eclectic Me and Armini album:

  5. Love in the Time of Science is a fantastic album.
  6. Wait for me to enter Isle Of You on PJSC again ddd
    And it was on PJOPS (or maybe PJ00s) that I found out about her, so thanks!
  7. Trisha Paytas??? I didn't even know she had a singing career to be honest.

    Can't wait to see who @Pecans gave their 40 pointer to... Heidi Montag? Tila Tequila?
  8. I mean......
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  9. Nerina is perfect for when I'm feeling my jaded middle aged housewife fantasy

    The Pierces must have been the very first act I discovered through Spotify. It was this song and it's probably still my favourite from them

    And I have a soft spot for this one (love the cemetery setting)
  10. 'Insomnia' is my fave too!
  11. 592nd - 22 Points

    Enrique Iglesias


    2011: 135
    2019: 592


    Origin: Madrid, Spain

    Genres: Pop, Latin Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro Pop

    Active: 1995-present

    Albums: 10 (1995-2014)

    Biggest Albums: Enrique (1999), Escape (2001), Euphoria (2010), Sex and Love (2014)

    Top 40 Hits: 21

    Biggest Hit: Hero

    Voter Pick: Escape

    Father John Misty (Josh Tillman)



    Origin: Rockville, Maryland, USA

    Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Folk Rock

    Active: 2004-present (also released music as Josh Tillman)

    Albums: 12 (2003-2018)

    Biggest Albums: I Love You, Honeybear (2015), Pure Comedy (2017)

    Biggest Hit: Mr. Tillman

    Voter Pick: Total Entertainment Forever




    Origin: Chelmsford, Essex, England

    Genres: House, Dance

    Active: 1992-present

    Albums: 1 (1993)

    Biggest Albums: #1 (1993)

    Top 40 Hits: 5

    Biggest Hit and Voter Pick: Don't You Want Me

    Heidi Montag

    @Pecans (20) + @WhenTheSunGoesDown (2)


    Origin: Crested Butte, Colorado, USA

    Genres: Pop, Synth-Pop, Dance-Pop

    Active: 2009-2012

    Albums: 1 (2010)

    Pecans: I'll Do It

    WhenTheSunGoesDown: Body Language

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  12. Not quite, just their 20 pointer. *see above*
  13. Touche. Superficial still pops off... Is Paris Hilton still in???

    This feels low for Enrique, he needs a comeback to make people remember all the bops.

  14. Again, so sorry but I promise you and I match on at least one artist. Hope this makes up for it.
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  15. Indeed, if she's in at all. TBD
  16. The Pierces, Emilíana Torrini, and Nerina Pallot are all artists I used to listen to a lot, but sort of forgot about in the past few years. This countdown is like finding a bunch of great clothes in the back of your closet.
  17. Absolutely spot on - I'd totally forgotten about how much of an absolute bop "Escape" was until the post just then. The power of this rate!
  18. @londonrain the taste jumped out! I was so worried no one else would vote for him.
  19. Not two voters for Heidi Montag when several - how do I put this - more acclaimed artists getting one voter. Never change PJ.
  20. Acclaim is nothing compared to personal preference though.
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