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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - 593rd (22 Points)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. The third one is better than the second one, in my opinion.

    I particularly liked this track:

  2. 700th - 17 Points

    Miranda Lambert

    @Pecans (15) + @Lila (2)

    2011: 493
    2019: 700


    Origin: Longview, Texas, USA

    Genres: Country

    Active: 2003-present

    Albums: 7 (2001-2016)

    Biggest Albums: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007), Revolution (2009)

    Top 40 Hits: 5

    Biggest Hit: The House That Built Me

    Pecans: We Should Be Friends

    Lila: Ugly Lights


    @enjoy v2.0


    Origin: Stockholm, Sweden

    Genres: Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock, Black Metal

    Members: Mikael Åkerfeldt (guitars/vocals), Martín Méndez (bass), Martin Axenrot (drums/percussion), Fredrik Åkesson (guitars/backing vocals), Joakim Svalberg (keyboards/synthesizers/piano/mellotron/backing voals)

    Active: 1989-present

    Peak: 2003-2008

    Albums: 12 (1995-2016)

    Biggest Albums: Ghost Reveries (2005)

    Voter Pick: Blackwater Park

    Rainhard Fendrich



    Origin: Vienna, Austria

    Genres: Pop, Folk Rock, New Wave, Austropop

    Active: 1980-present

    Albums: 19 (1980-2017)

    Biggest Albums: Wien bei Nacht (1985), Blond (1997), Schwarzoderweiss (2016)

    Austrian Top 40s: 19

    Biggest Hit and Voter Pick: I Am From Austria

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  3. Okay, so I think we may have the same problem that @Mvnl faced in the original rate(s)!

    Edited to add: Glad you're now on top of it, @DJHazey .
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  4. Oooh I couldn't fit Miranda in my list, even though Revolution is one of my favourite albums evah.

    My Miranda top3

  5. I had no idea Austropop was a genre, learned something new today.
  6. Okay I've edited the post, please do the same so that the voter doesn't hopefully know it has been eliminated yet and we'll see how far they get depending on how many other people tried to 'trick' me with that alternative name haha.
  7. Done!
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  8. I'm curious and tempted to go guessing game on this.

    (I know I know SPOILERS but still)
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  9. Good luck!
  10. Ooh, am I allowed to? I won't post it in here or anything!
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  11. Ugly Lights is an AMAZING choice @Lila . The taste!
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  12. 700th - 17 Points

    Real McCoy



    Origin: Berlin, Germany

    Genres: Eurodance, Hip House, Pop

    Members: Olaf Jeglitza "O-Jay" (rapping vocals), Patricia Petersen "Patsy" (vocals), Vanessa Martin (vocals)

    Active: 1989-1997, 1999, 2006-2009, 2016-present

    Peak: 1993-1995

    Albums: 4 (1990-1997)

    Biggest Albums: Another Night (1995)

    Top 40 Hits: 4

    Biggest Hit and Voter Pick: Another Night

    Robert Plant

    @Eric Generic


    Origin: West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

    Genres: Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

    Active: 1965-present

    Peak: 1982-1993

    Albums: 11 (1982-2017)

    Biggest Albums: Now and Zen (1988)

    Top 40 Hits: 3

    Biggest Hit: Big Log

    Voter Pick: Tall Cool One

    Simply Red

    @Filippa (12) + @marie_05 (5)

    2011: 169
    2019: 700


    Origin: Manchester, England

    Genres: Pop, Soul, Blue-Eyed Soul, Sophisti-Pop

    Original Members: Mick Hucknall (lead vocals), Ian Kirkham (saxophone/keyboards), Fritz McIntyre (keyboards/vocals), Tim Kellett (trumpet/flugelhorn/percussion/backing vocals), Tony Bowers (bass), Chris Joyce (drums/percussion), Sylvan Richardson (guitars)

    Active: 1985-2010, 2015-present

    Peak: 1985-2005

    Albums: 11 (1985-2015)

    Biggest Albums: Picture Book (1985), A New Flame (1989), Stars (1991), Life (1995)

    Top 40 Hits: 31

    Biggest Hit: If You Don't Know Me By Now

    Filippa: Money's Too Tight (To Mention)

    marie_05: Sunrise

    Throbbing Gristle



    Origin: Kingston upon Hull, England

    Genres: Industrial, Post-Punk, Noise, Experimental, Electronic

    Members: Genesis P-Orridge (bass/violin/vocals/guitar), Cosey Fanni Tutti (guitar/cornet/vocals/tapes), Peter Christopherson (tapes/sampler/found sounds/cornet/electronics), Chris Carter (synthesizers/tapes/electronics/programming)

    Active: 1975-1981, 2004-2010

    Albums: 9 (1977-2009)

    Voter Pick: Disciple (Frankfurt/Berlin)

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  13. Oh hey, I have a notification that I was mentioned in this post... but I don't see my name anywhere in it....?


    (totally just giving you a hard time Hazey. You're doing a great job so far.)
  14. I'm about to see Real McCoy, what lovely timing!
  15. Yay! Eurodance classics courtesy of @iheartpoptarts - awesome to see Real McCoy in the list - I bet they're fantastic live too...
  16. Still their best.

  17. Is Mick Hucknall joining Michael Davidson in the virtual world by the looks of that picture?
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  18. Simply Red have so many jams. Another act that has been on my radar for what feels like eternity.
  19. I don't know what this means, so sure!
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