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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - 593rd (22 Points)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Simply Red's biggest hit is not Stars? I'm shook
  2. Michael Davidson. Some say it's overzealous airbrushing but we reckon he's gone full on digital and no longer exists in this world:


    I reckon Mick Hucknall is going the same way:

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  3. The album was massive. None of the singles sold much though. Stars was a top ten hit briefly.

    I would have assumed Fairground sold a bit more than their big #2 hits.
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  4. If You Don't Know Me By Now over Fairground for the fact that it was just as big of a U.S. hit as a UK hit. (both Top 2) Fairground is idontknowha.gif in the U.S. -- Stars was never in the equation.
  5. I was obsessed with The Weight of These Wings in 2017 and used to play the whole album on repeat constantly, so I had to go for it. It’s such a perfect song.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

  7. Looks like the new, virtual-reality Simply Red lineup has Darren Gough and Robert Peston in the band.
  8. I've followed the Simply Red journey right from the start, summer 1985, through the flop singles, the debut album orignally tanking, then the mixed reception for the 2nd album losing them a bit of ground, before A New Flame got them moving in the right direction again and Stars just went bloody crazy.

    The gap between Stars and the next album was too long, and the quality drop-off - even taking into account this was the shit mid-90s - was alarming. Fairground was the only memorable track on the record, and even that seems like a bizarre track to have been so huge on the Top 40.
  9. I beg to differ

  10. Didn't Fairground do as well as it did based on the Rollo remix? There was a huge buzz around that mix before it came out and releasing it at the height of the remix wars certainly didn't detract either.

    For one of the most influential groups this country has produced, Throbbing Gristle deserve better. I met Chris and Cosey a few years ago and given the nature of their work you'd think that they'd be quite formidable people but they couldn't have been nicer. I'm not given to having heroes, but Cosey is certainly up there.
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  11. Nice artist pick @pop3blow2 with Mary Chapin Carpenter!
    Her music is really well written and Mary reminds
    me of Mandy's later material. Mary's gifted ability
    to express herself in such a rich, detailed way is
    a work of art. Definitely very country flavored but
    she does have some nice pop sensibilities. There is
    tender, raw and beautiful sound to her music that
    captivates the listener and takes you to another
    place. That's the mark of a great song writer!

    "He thinks he'll keep her" is pretty catchy!
    Love the energy and rhythm on this track!

    @londonrain I figured as much, Anggun not making
    your top 40 because of other strong competition.
    However, I was still surprised that she didn't make
    your list. Or for that matter that Anggun didn't
    make a few others lists on this rate. I really want
    to know know just how far off Anggun "would have" been
    from your top 40. Would Anggun have made your top 100?

    Really pretty and touching song by Gabrielle "should I stay"!
    She has a nice voice for pop ballads.

    Now let me get back to focusing just on my Gabrielle from Norway
    that noone seems to think is worth a mention..I wonder if haps even
    voted in this rate, probably not. I picked "Gabrielle - Løkken" for
    PJSC 65.5 second chances round.

    I find it kind of strange to hear a male pop singer sing in German,
    which is not a language I'd prefer to hear a male vocalist in,
    howver I have to say that Rainhard Fendrich's music is really nice
    and he has a great voice for pop. Kind of a surprising and wonderful
    artist pick from @Filippa ! The production and instrumentation in his
    music is so colorful and detailed. I could see myself potentially checking
    out some of his music when I'm in the right mood. It is funny but I just
    finished hearing a new album by a favorite German artist the other day
    so this artist being revealed today was good timing!
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  12. Mick said he wrote the album humming stuff into a dictaphone. It sounds like it.

    Probably the poorest follow-up to a massive album, ever. Fairground skews the picture, because otherwise it would be seen as the rank turkey it is.
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  13. Never Never Love remains great (I prefer it to Fairground, actually), but yeah, the album wasn’t too memorable.

    Simply Red are probably my least played act in my top 40 nowadays (I grew up with their music since they’re my mum’s favourite band and it’s very much a nostalgia thing), but as a Greatest Hits act they’re easily one of the best. I probably wouldn’t decide to sit down and listen to their regular albums very often these days, but the singles are classics. People often forget how good a singer Mick Hucknall is, too.
  14. It was a long wait too. Stars was mid/late 91 and the follow-up (I can't even remember what it was called! Life?) must have been mid/late 95?
  15. Never really listened to much of Robert Plant's solo work, I think the only album of his I've actually listened to properly is Fate of Nations, but I'll probably give it a go some time soon. I wonder if Led Zeppelin are going to show up here?

    Opeth! Another unexpected name, always nice to see. Blackwater Park rules. Funnily enough, they've actually collaborated with an artist who's in my top 10...

    Throbbing Gristle! Great pick, though I do prefer Coil if we're talking about that whole circle. "Hamburger Lady" still gives me chills.
  16. Stars was Sep 30 1991. Life was October 9 1995. Actually longer than I thought when I posted.

    You know an act's lost for anything to say when they call something Life. It's the Des'ree syndrome.
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  17. I love all of it, but Now & Zen was my real-time introduction in 1988. Fate of Nations is great, it was the first album to move away from the pyrotechnics and studio trickery. Manic Nirvana's probably my favourite now, but it's admittedly a glorious OTT smorgasbord of styles and "how fucking BIG can we make this sound?".
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  18. I slag off Life (rightly so, in my opinion!), but I am a fan of most Simply Red music. Especially the first four albums. There isn't a bad track on them. But somehow Mick lost his way...drugs, drink, money, women, fame, who knows....he got lazy with Life and he's never really got that level of excellence and popularity back. Maybe he doesn't give a shit about that anyway.
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  19. Oooh JASMINE's GOLD album is full of bops and I love the imagery for that whole era.
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  20. Yass, great band -- AND the best friggin album cover in the rate so far! (That's why a cd version never would've sufficed for me, but I just had to have the LP as well...)
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