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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - 593rd (22 Points)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Yes, probably. I actually discovered her originally through two of her songs being on compilations that I bought - Snow On The Sahara and Still Reminds Me. I’m glad I explored the rest of her discography as it’s so varied!
  2. Anggun would be found in my Top 100 too! She is amazing in her own right, I just need to invest in more of her discography for a higher placement I believe...
  3. @londonrain one of the best artists ever for her amazing variety of music!
    Amazing that you discovered her from a compilation! What a find!

    @berserkboi I really believe that if you do take the time to invest in
    more of her music that she would end up being in your top 40!
    Actually just hear her Echoes album and fall in love with her
    awesome pop sensibilities..that album is incredible!

    Thank you guys for showing Anggun some love, that's all I ask.
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  4. Loved when she ran out of colors. Also, I'd wager, that the second and third albums are even better, even though the first one is so great.
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  5. 680th - 18 Points


    @Ana Raquel (17) + @vikeyeol (1)


    Origin: Tokyo, Japan

    Genres: Kawaii Metal, Heavy Metal, J-Pop, Power Metal, Alternative Metal

    Members: Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-Metal", Yui Mizuno "Yuimetal", Moa Kikuchi "Moametal"

    Active: 2010-present

    Peak: 2013-present

    Albums: 2 (2014, 2016)

    Biggest Albums: Metal Resistance (2016)

    Japanese Top 40s: 6

    Biggest Hit: Distortion

    Ana Raquel and vikeyeol: Megitsune




    Origin: Huntington Beach, California, USA

    Genres: Country

    Active: 2010-present

    Peak: 2015

    Albums: 2 (2010, 2015)

    Biggest Albums: Untamed (2015)

    Top 40 Hits: 1

    Biggest Hit and Voter Pick: Burning House




    Origin: Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

    Genres: Synth-Pop

    Members: Heiko Maile, Marcus Meyn, Oliver Kreyssig

    Active: 1983-present

    Albums: 8 (1988-2015)

    Voter Pick: That Smiling Face (German band version)




    Origin: High Point, North Carolina, USA

    Genres: Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop Soul, Gospel

    Active: 2004-present

    Peak: 2004-2005

    Albums: 6 (2004-2017)

    Biggest Albums: Free Yourself (2004)

    Top 40 Hits: 3

    Biggest Hit: I Believe

    Voter Pick: Side Effects of You

    Gil Scott-Heron



    Origin: Chicago, USA

    Genres: Soul, Jazz Poetry, Funk, Proto-Rap, R&B

    Active: 1969-2011 (passed away)

    Albums: 17 (1970-2014)

    Voter Pick: Whitey on the Moon

  6. Seeing Cam on the list has finally made me put together the country playlist that I've been wanting to make forever. Burning House is a great choice.
  7. Ooh, BABYMETAL are one of the most fascinating act in recent years. Cool that both voters chose the same song.

    Fantasia's unique voice is quite striking, although I believe I've listened only to one or two albums of hers. And as for Cam I know of her only due to Winner's rate.
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  8. aaaah I had a BABYMETAL phase back in 2014 and I loved their first album, the way they mixed traditional j-pop with metal is brilliant to say and i’m not even a metal fan

    This is the first song I heard of theirs and probably my favorite as well

    although this is a close second

    I guess I need to give the debut a spin it’s been ages...
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  9. 680th - 18 Points

    Global Communication

    @Auntie Beryl


    Origin: Yeovil, England

    Genres: Ambient, Industrial, Electronica, House, Downtempo

    Members: Mark Pritchard, Tom Middleton

    Active: 1992-present

    Albums: 11 (1992-2011)

    Voter Pick: 14:31

    Gloria Estefan

    @phoenix123 (14) + @invertedbutterfly (4)

    2011: 478
    2019: 680


    Origin: Havana, Cuba

    Genres: Latin Pop, Dance

    Active: 1977-present

    Peak: 1989-1994

    Albums: 13 (1989-2013)

    Biggest Albums: Cuts Both Ways (1989), Into the Light (1991), Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (1994)

    Top 40 Hits: 22

    Biggest Hit and phoenix123: Don't Wanna Lose You

    invertedbutterfly: Oye mi canto (Hear My Voice)


    @Dangerous Maknae


    Origin: Edison, New Jersey, USA

    Genres: Pop, Electropop, Synth-Pop, Indie Pop, R&B

    Active: 2014-present

    Peak: 2017-present

    Albums: 2 (2015, 2017)

    Biggest Albums: Badlands (2015), Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017)

    Top 40 Hits: 6

    Biggest Hit: Without Me

    Voter Pick: Strangers (with Lauren Jauregui)




    Origin: Seoul, South Korea

    Genres: Indie Pop, Indie Rock

    Members: Oh Hyuk, I'm Dong-geon, Lim Hyun-jae, Lee In-woo

    Active: 2014-present

    Albums: 1 (2017)

    Biggest Albums: 23 (2017)

    Korean Top 40s: 4

    Biggest Hit: Wi Ing Wi Ing (위잉위잉)

    Voter Pick: Jesus Lived in a Motel Room

    Imagine Dragons



    Origin: Las Vegas, USA

    Genres: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Electropop, Alternative Rock

    Members: Dan Reynolds (vocals), Wayne Sermon (guitars), Ben McKee (bass), Daniel Platzman (drums)

    Active: 2008-present

    Albums: 4 (2012-2018)

    Biggest Albums: Night Visions (2012), Smoke + Mirrors (2015)

    Top 40 Hits: 11

    Biggest Hit: Radioactive

    Voter Pick: Natural

  10. Sooooooo happy Gloria made it!!! She was just outside my top 40!
  11. Wow. I never thought I would be the Gloria stan, glad she got love from @invertedbutterfly too.

    Totally overshadowed by Madonna and Whitney in the 80s, then Janet and Mariah and Celine…. but she built up a fantastic collection over time and by the time her 92 Greatest Hits came out it was a no brainer it would be a big seller, much like Cyndi Lauper a few years later.

    She was a massive album seller in the UK in 89, two number one albums!

    She gave good ballads and bops in equal measure.

    Also #queenofmegamixes

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  12. Halsey's great, but since I only started really listening to her in like April, I didn't put her in my top 40.
    Strangers is a perfect pick though @Dangerous Maknae. I probably would go with either Devil In Me or Control.

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  13. this is THE best Halsey song to me anyways
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  14. This and these. All 10s.

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  15. Halsey has precisely three great songs per album so... yeah time to say goodbye.
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  16. To you.
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  17. After typing, that Derulo + Minaj + Guetta song started to play in my head. Karma I suppose.
  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Halsey is in the same category as Bebe Rexha for me - 1 bearable bop apiece, everything else about them = a big nope!

    I liked Imagine Dragons' debut but ever since...they're like the modern day Nickelback, can you come up with something else!1
  19. Imagine Dragons are usually useless BUT let me show the crowd two very good pop songs that, of course, were never pushed as singles.

    That's all.
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  20. Not surprised to see Fantasia go. She has a hell of a discography and is definitely one of my favourite R&B acts so it was a no-brainer to include her. I remember following her progress on season 3 of American Idol and preferring Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London, but Fantasia’s post-Idol discography blows the other two’s out of the water.

    The song I chose, Side Effects of You, was written by Emeli Sandé and Naughty Boy and really works perfectly for her delivery.

    This is what happens when the forum’s resident Gloria stan @ComeOnGloria doesn’t vote.
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