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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - Send in Your Favorites

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

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    So the third time's a charm, right?

    In case you haven't been on the forum for very long, this has been attempted twice and the results fizzled out before they got too far along. The original host should be commended for the compilation videos they made and uploaded, but this day and age copyright laws are very stringent and any videos with copyrighted music in them will usually get blocked. That and the fact that real life things pulling them away of from this, it just was never going to happen. Now it's 2019, and those old results wouldn't be realistic...besides, this decade is coming to an end...so what better way to celebrate than to bookend it with a countdown of Popjustice's favorite artists?

    In 2011, several of the original forum members threw their hat in the ring and came up with this list of 586 artists. How many artists will move up or move down? Surely some artists are set to drop out of the rankings as times/tastes have changed. Of course it will be exciting to see what new artists have come to the forefront over this decade.

    What do you have to do?

    Well, it's easy. Just send in a list of at least 20 and up to 40 of your favorite artists (via PM to me). This should be subjective and not objective, but I can't stop anyone from forming their list however they'd like. There is absolutely no limit to the genre of said artist, how old the music is, or how many songs they released...anything goes. Obviously, the artists can be solo or a band/group. Your top artist gets the most points and your last one gets the least points. So for example, if you send in 28 artists, #1 gets 40 points, and #28 gets 13 points, etc. Along with each artist simply put down your favorite song by that artist. That's it. No commentary is needed for this one, as I'd rather save any comments for when artists are revealed and they can be made in the thread. (Plus, I definitely don't want to sort through all of that commentary) I will provide a full artist capsule with most information coming from Wikipedia, but it will give everything a nice formal aesthetic. I will also provide a Spotify play link (or youtube if need be) of your favorite song and their signature song based on charts/sales (if they differ). Please provide a youtube video of any special versions of your favorite song as I really would rather not have to hunt for it and if you don't specify, I can't read minds ddd.

    One other thing, solo careers are separated from any band they were in. So you could obviously enter Beyoncé and Destiny's Child for example, if you should choose to. Or a singer that was the lead man for multiple bands, all of those bands are available as they're own entry.

    I will try to post artists on daily basis. I'm not sure how many per day, but a group of them at least...unless I can't get to a computer on a given day. Just know that results will be consistent. Once we get down to the big names, I will definitely slow down a bitsy. I was the host of the album version of this kind of countdown so rest assured, this will be completed.

    Please format your ballots like this:

    1. Artist - Favorite Song
    2. Artist - Favorite Song

    Not sure how long people need to get their lists in, so I'll just go ahead and give a month unless people need less/more time. So let's say June 1st.
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  2. Reserved in case.
  3. Iconic! Albumjustice is still one of my favourite ever things here.
  4. This should be fun!

    How will scores be calculated? Simply by adding the total number of points or is there more to it? I'm just asking because if it's simply by point toal, then it looks like the votes of the people who submit longer lists will weigh more than those of people who submit shorter lists.
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  5. Can we campaign for artists the way we do in the Monthly Charts? Asking for a friend! Ddddd
  6. I will submit 40 artists but I personally think #1 should get 40 points regardless of how many artists you vote for. It doesn't seem very fair if someone's ultimate favorite artist gets 20 points, as much as someone else's #20 favorite artist, only because the former submitted a shorter list than the later.
  7. Ddd, woops yeah that is obvious what I meant to do but my mind wasn't matching up to what I was typing.
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  8. Absolutely! - but I think people are going to be pretty set on what the all-time Top 40 artists are, but who knows you may remind someone of an artists they forgot about.
  9. Well, in that case - @soratami, @Sprockrooster, @Maki and everyone - please put Dalida and/or Sheila somewhere on yours!! My list will have Mylène and France on it! :D
  10. There are at least two non-English artists on my long list, but they sing in Swedish and German.
  11. You might enjoy some Mylene at some point if you try her iconic bops :)
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  12. Do I win something if I can guess?
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  13. I don't have any prizes ready, but if you want to guess go for it. I'm sure you'll get it in one try.
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  14. I'll PM you. I'm sure you'll come up with something!
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  15. Re: foreign language singers, I voted for 4 Korean acts and an Arabic one ddd.

    Oh and not a single male act can be found on my list, kii.
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  16. Thanks to my superior guessing skills and @DJHazey knowledge I'm proud to announce that I've won myself five extra ballots.

    This is totally legit, I didn't make it up.
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