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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - (Top 200) Rank: 110-105 Points: 112-115

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Okay, whew. good.
    Okay, so Ashley Tisdale. Her acting was more influential for me as a kid than her music as I only knew like three songs (He Said, She Said, Headstrong and Kiss The Girl) but her character as Maddie on Suite Life of Zack & Cody is one of my favorites in Disney Channel. Then of course, there's the iconic and amazing Sharpay Evans in High School Musical, arguably the most influential Disney Channel Original Movie series, even getting her own solo movie. It wasn't until I got WiFi at my house at the end of 2014 that I could fully explore her music. This is when I discovered Guilty Pleasure and was blown away. Honestly one of the best pop-rock albums I've heard from a Disney act ever and is in my top 10 albums of those artists. Maybe even 5. Headstrong is pretty great too though, and a solid debut. Her recently released third album - her first in 10 years - Symptoms was one of the most anticipated releases of the year for me. I know it disappointed some people, but I love it. It's such a great little album. And thankfully, she seems to be continuing to work on music, so I'm really glad that it wasn't the end.
    My top 5, if I had to pick one, in no particular order:
    Whatcha Waiting For

    Over It

    How Do You Love Someone

    I'm Back

    and Looking Glass

    Other faves include:
    Be Good To Me and Not Like That from Headstrong
    Guilty Pleasure, It's Alright, It's Okay, Overrated, Tell Me Lies, What If and Crank It Up from Guilty Pleasure (and the rest of the album)
    Symptoms, Insomnia, Love Me Or Let Me Go, Vibrations & Feeling So Good from Symptoms.
    And of course, all the HSM songs.
  2. I didn't think anything would ever surpass Skylar Stecker's "Only Want You" for the crown of that song title but then Spotify's algorithms @Robsolete's trickery put this on one of my daily lists earlier this year and I've been obsessed since. What a song.

  3. That was a classic

    Kidding! This is her ultimate bop for me
  4. Rita Ora has some bops and I quite enjoy her stuff

    and Red Velvet have honestly one of the best discographies I’ve ever heard when it comes to girl groups (especially their album tracks/b-sides), I’m not gonna say much but treat yourself to one of these:

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  5. Because I like making Spotify playlists (and I got bored of waiting for Phoenix to materialise and wanted all the singles in one place), here’s my Rita singles playlist:

  6. Iconic post @Music Is Life! I knew her as Maddie the most as The Suite Life... was one of my go-to Disney Chanel shows back then. Also this:

    How about Top 5 all-time? Some nice reading for you this morning. xx
  7. I love Sade, but my relationship with her (their?) music is...weird. The Best of Sade is one of my favourite albums of all time, every single second of it is perfect. But I've never felt the need to listen to any of her albums proper...because I feel like I've already had my fill? The Best Of is such a perfect album in its own right, and I feel like listening to its songs out of that context amongst other songs I don't know would ruin the experience in some way. I decided that to include an artist on my list I had to have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of their discography, so sadly I couldn't include her on the basis of that.

    No Ordinary Love is one of the greatest songs of all time though, and that is not up for debate. I've listened to it so many times in its 7 minute entirety and I never get bored of it.
  8. I wonder who the top-placing Disney girl's going to end up being...

    It has to be:
    1. Miley
    2. Hilary
    3. Selena
    4. Demi

    I think that's it, unless there's still a huge Vanessa Hudgens voting block we don't know about.
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  9. Of all people, you discounting the Slay Sisters is puzzling.
  10. Rita Ora being your 7th top artist?! Genuinely shocked.

    Rita would most likely have got some points from me, she just has tune after tune.
  11. 142nd - 90 Points


    @Sprockrooster (37) + @eccentricsimply (34) + @Maki (14) + @Posh Spears (5)


    Sprockrooster: Losing You

    eccentricsimply: Lovers in the Parking Lot

    Maki: Don't Touch My Hair

    Posh Spears: Cranes in the Sky

    141st - 91 Points

    Arcade Fire

    @ohnostalgia (36) + @roborovsky (24) + @enjoy v2.0 (11) + @sfmartin (11) + @Sprockrooster (9)

    2011: 75
    2019: 142


    ohnostalgia: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

    roborovsky: Rebellion (Lies)

    enjoy v2.0: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

    sfmartin: Wake Up

    Sprockrooster: Keep the Car Running
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  12. Ouch. Two cuts. Then again I am glad they both made top 150. And both new entries. Much needed!!!! Especially Solange as my niche rate of her did not attract many voters and if only @Maki was here already.
  13. Well we all know America's favorite Cow Belles have fully transcended their humble Disney origins and evolved into something far more integral to the fabric of the pop cultural discourse at large...

    (Or I moreso just have no idea where they will end up placing to be honest...)
  14. T.a.s.t.e.
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  15. Rita is certainly on my bubbling under list. She's kinda where Carly Rae was a few years ago... where I wasn't certain if I just stanned one album or the whole artist, yet. Of course that changed quickly with her & with Phoenix being as amazing it is, Rita could be on a similar trajectory.

    When you got bops as hard as New Look, its gonna be hard to deny her!

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  16. This was amazing, thanks for the read! Made me want to listen to the album, so now I'm doing that. As for an all-time Top 5/10 album list, I don't think I could ever create one. And if I did it would change like a week later. But Guilty Pleasure would definitely have a place in there at some points in my life.
    Hmmmm I think it'll be:
    1. Aly & AJ
    2. Miley
    3. Hilary
    4. and 5: Demi and Selena
    As for Rita, y'all have seen me stan up and down for Phoenix since I listened to it earlier this year, so I love that, and her debut is pretty good too.
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  17. Still to this day, any mention of Garbage reminds me of this exchange I had as a younger lad with a classmate.

    Me (in what I believed to be a clearly joking tone): "Hey Classmate, did you know that Garbage wrote a song about you?"
    Classmate: "What? Which one?"
    Me: "Stupid Girl!" (Classmate was a boy. HILAR! Well played, middle school Wow.)
    Classmate: "Oh? Well I heard they wrote a song about you."
    Me: "And which one was that?"
    Classmate (in a clearly angry, punching-down tone): "QUEER!"

  18. 138th - 92 Points


    @DJHazey (32) + @Ana Raquel (28) + @Eric (16) + @WhenTheSunGoesDown (16)


    Reason (Diamond version)

    Ana Raquel: Bad Boy

    Eric: Dangerous

    WhenTheSunGoesDown: Pyromania

    iamamiwhoami // ionnalee

    @Glitterizer (35) + @sfmartin (27) + @OspreyQueen (18) + @Untouchable Ace (12)

    2011: 148
    2019: 138


    Glitterizer: Gone

    sfmartin: Not Human

    OspreyQueen: Gone

    Untouchable Ace: Dunes of Sand


    @31entrance (36) + @evilsin (35) + @Reboot (21)


    31entrance: polyrhythm

    evilsin: 1mm

    Reboot: Spring of Life
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  19. @DJHazey my friend are any of these versions of "Reason" the one you prefer for playlist's sake?

    I always had a version I bopped to thinking it was the original, but come to find out it's the Kareema mix. Oops!
  20. I was going to get it when I got home. (I can't listen to youtube/Spotify links at work and want to be sure)
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