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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - (Top 80) Rank: 63-60 Points: 182-191

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. My favorite iamamiwhoami memory is still when she first appeared and everyone lost their minds thinking it was Legend X's latest re-invention in a bid for artistic legitimacy.

    I remember being fully convinced for a solid month...


    The entire forum was on the case, following rabbit holes for hidden clues and sifting through evidence for leads, where all signs pointed to Christina, tracking birth charts & numerology for release dates, domain registration history, freckle placement...
    It got so out of hand that Xtina's own friends & collaborators were forced to speculate on the possibility of her going rogue creatively with a top secret new identity...

    And then the "Not Myself Tonight" video dropped out of nowhere like a lead balloon and single-handedly crushed all the fighters' hopes and dreams.

    God the Bionic rollout was such a rollercoaster ride.
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  2. The ones whose music career started while still tied to Disney, so Britney and Christina don't really count.

  3. That whole saga was peak PopJustice.
  4. Okay, first things first:

    I will always remember @WhenTheSunGoesDown hosting quite an
    amazing rate for K3. As you could probably guess from my passionate
    comments in the K3 rate, K3 are pretty much my number one
    favorite girl pop group of all time. They just have everything I'd
    ever want from a girl group. Incredible voices, great personality,
    amazing musical production, extremely catchy tunes and great single
    CD covers. Yes, K3 are everything to me for quirky girl pop, in
    the form of a group. I love their harmonies and when all three of
    the girls sing together in a chorous! Breathtaking and so moving.
    K3 have countless hit songs and one great album after another.
    Even the new line up, which I refer to as K3v3 have some really
    solid albums! Whenthesungoesdown has a great pick with "Pina Colada"
    which I think might be one of K3's best album openers and singles ever.

    I was really hoping for a top 100 or at least a top 150 finish for
    my all time favorite girl group, but it appears that we don't have
    many other true resident K3 fans other than my fellow K3 fan
    Whenthesungoesdown. Or at least for those of us who voted.
    I can't say that I'm that surprised, but I am definitely very
    disappointed. I know for some, K3 only show as a novelty group act
    that are not established enough to be taking seriously as a top girl
    group like Girls aloud or the Sugababes but for those of you that
    like quirky pop that is uplifting that decide to give K3 a chance,
    and who don't mind the language barrier, they will certainly fall
    in love with these wonderful girls and their music.

    It was kinda obvious with the K3 rate that there would only end up being a
    small handful of fans and newbie fans that would take a major liking
    to them, but I still thought we might have a chance to have K3
    represented by a few more people than what we got. No doubt K3
    deserved the top 100 but we just didn't have enough support for
    them here. I did appreciate Mvnl's comment on K3 though. That still
    means something to the rate and to K3 fans.

    Those of you that call yourselves K3 fans or that got into them in a
    big way after Whenthesungoesdown's amazing K3 rate should be ashamed
    of yourselves for not voting for them or voting at all in this rate.
    K3 needed your help and you let them down. Still, I'm kinda happy
    with the rather high placement that they "did" get. It could have
    been a lot worse and K3 weren't even in the 2011 edition. Shocking!
    Thank you Whenthesungoesdown and @Reboot for helping K3 to make it
    this far! K3 ended up still beating out a lot of other major quality
    acts, and that is a rewarding feeling. I was just really hoping that
    my top three would continue to be safe. Please tell me that my top
    two will still be safe for a while, at least until we make it to
    the top 100. Spoiler for me: jolin was not safe. As for top girl pop
    groups, this rate is now dead to me that K3 has left. I don't care what
    other talented girl groups you might throw at me later on, don't care.

    Okay that was kinda harsh, sorry.

    I will just share the first song that first got me into this incredible
    band and made me fall in love with the girls amazing voices, which
    all seemed to be slightly different from each other..and I should
    say that I'm delighted to know a few K3 fans and cool Dutch popheads
    on this forum, including one person that hosted quite an amazing
    video reveal rate of Ultimate popstars and was surprised and delighted
    to find a big fan of such an act that was from America. I pride myself
    on this too. I love you @Mvnl ! You will always be awesome to me.

    This video is so cute, fun and truly showcases what K3 are all
    about. Yes, I mean one of the best moments brought to you by K3v1,
    the original line up of K3, with Krystal, Karen and Kathleen.
    Definitely one of K3's best singles ever and I love the music video
    and the girls color coded outfits, which they seem to do for a lot
    of K3's videos. And as said before in the K3 rate, my favorite
    ballad is "Je hebt een vriend". That one is just breathtakingly
    gorgeous, as well as the girls in the video.

    No matter what way you slice it, K3 are totally awesome and have
    enriched the lives of so many popheads from all over the world with
    their incredible, life giving bops. And they've always done it in
    style too. K3 were probably the first Dutch act I got into and
    their voices made me love the Dutch language. A legendary girl pop
    group should always have a massive discography, which K3 are in no
    short supply of! Wait, you ask what is my favorite K3v2
    album, with Josje? That would be Kyo! One of their best albums!

    Another thing I've always loved about K3 is how their music is
    always done so well for the pop trends of the decade, especially
    for the 00's! "Oka lele" is a prime example of that. Also K3
    always do very well showcasing different fun themes on their
    albums, like with their sixth album, "De wereld rond" which is a
    album about traveling around different countries and appreciating
    culture. What an awesome theme right? My favorite themed song
    on that album was for Jamacia..

    Since the original members of K3 have moved on, 2 of them
    had a solo career, including Josje from K3v2. I actually
    really liked Josje's solo single "Gasoline", despite not
    ever taking a major liking to her in K3 when she replaced
    Kathleen. I also really enjoyed Kathleen's first solo album!
    It was beautifully produced and Kathleen's vocals sounded so
    good for the style of music, which was contemporary ballad.
    Her later two solo albums however were pretty generic.

    But the best thing to ever come from a solo K3 member was
    no doubt Karen's amazing folky pop album just released last
    year! That album is gorgeous! And Karen's voice has never
    sounded more beautiful and sincere. It must be heard!

    Oh and bytheway...
    I got a friend of mine on last fm into K3. He said their music
    changed his life forever. He didn't think he'd like them at first
    but after he took my advice and sat down with one of the albums
    and listened to it in full a couple of times, he opinion of the
    group quickly changed. Now he has been listening to more of their
    music than he has most other artists in his library in the last 5
    years! The power of K3, do not ever deny it!

    Thank you @Mvnl for mentioning your love for K3! Thanks
    for sharing the K3 stats for the 2017 edition, I found that
    very interesting. Plus airlines is indeed a bop!

    I need to quote you here for this:

    @Mvnl "I will never stop loving how this kind of thread at this stage
    is just one big celebration of great pop acts.
    And the top 200 is basically all legends. Or one-era-wonders who are
    still fondly remembered. Or recent promising acts. But in general:
    we're getting to the big names. And K3"

    I love your Ultimate popstars appreciation and spirit! Now I'm
    really curious, if you did vote for this edition, how many points
    would have K3 received? Thus how much farther would they have

    Yep, like I said, it could have been way worse. A top 200 victory
    for K3 is still pretty good. Thanks @WhenTheSunGoesDown for reminding
    me of what we were still able to accomplish. "Jij bent mijn Gigi" is
    indeed a lovely summer bop! One of their very best! Taste!
  5. @saviodxl I agree about Geri's third album being weaker
    and having a few mess ups with songs, but Passion is still
    a pretty good album by her. Indeed, both of our tastes in
    quirky pop queens are on point, sharing a vote for Geri. This is
    everyone else's "wake up call" to get into gear and give Geri's
    music more listens and let her voice warm your hearts.

    En Vogue are such a talented vocal group! "Don't let go" is
    quite the jam! I think they were in berserkboi 's girl group
    rate? They probably stood out to me more in that rate too.
    What a group! Definitely Sugababes vocal level! I love girl
    pop groups with fiesty attitude and epic vocal performances.

    "Surf's up" is a fine pick for The Beach boys. Simply gorgeous!
    What a iconic and legendary band! I actually never listened
    to that much of their music, but I've heard a good handful of
    their biggest classic hits, as I grew up around a big Beach
    boys fan. A certain very special band of mine is inspired by
    their music in a big way. So I certainly don't deny their
    brilliance in song writing and epic vocal ability.
    Great song choice @pop3blow2 ! I now feel like it's time
    to invest more listening into their music and albums. I
    wasn't aware that they had so many! Smily smile sounds like
    one of their best albums! I love their magical vocal harmonies
    and creative song craft. Their music certainly creates a
    very soothing atmosphere and relaxing, comforting feeling.

    This one is big. baby spice big..
    Okay now, are you telling me that noone other than my previous
    fellow Geri voter @saviodxl voted for the awesome, breathtaking,
    incredibly talented solo spice Emma Bunton!? You have to be
    kidding me PopJustice! I was so sure that Emma was not going
    to be showing up until a lot later in this rate. I was so wrong.
    Not only did she leave before we even got under 200 artist left,
    but she left soon after Geri! Once again, I am honored and happy
    to share a good helping of points for Emma with saviodxl! And
    I think it's pretty cool that we both gave Emma the same amount
    of points! I'm kinda surprised that @iheartpoptarts didn't
    end up voting for her! She is always talking about how much she
    loves and admires her music. Emma leaving at 206 is definitely
    not bad, but I expected and hoped a much higher placement for her.

    Emma Bunton's voice is a dream. She has so many great songs and
    her solo material is more consistent than probably any other solo
    spice for me. I still listen to her music regularly all the time.
    I was so happy when Emma finally released a new album earlier
    this year! Her two new songs were both great, as well as several
    of her new cover songs. Emma proved that she's still got it and
    that she still sounds just as beautiful as she did before singing
    last decade. For me her best album is probably "Free me". That album
    is just non stop fire! One bop after another. Almost no weak moments
    and Emma's vocals probably never sounded more powerful and devoted.
    Thankfully I was also introduced to a unreleased collection of
    great songs recorded by Emma that a fan put together that leaked
    online several years ago. Really Emma can do no wrong. Everything
    that she sings on turns to magic. I'm so happy that she is back
    in the music recording lifestyle, even if only briefly.

    In addition to Emma's gorgeous smile, her voice is one of the
    most beautiful and unique that I've ever heard before. Emma
    was also lucky to work with many excellent, very talented
    music producers and song writers that helped craft the perfect
    pop style for Emma that really brought out her vocals in the most
    satisfying way possible. I love it all! From Emma's early R&B pop
    to her brilliant bossanova and gorgeous acoustic pop ballads
    to her overlooked dance bops. I love her solo music catalog, and
    here's hoping for more new releases to come in the future because
    she is a true pop star and wonderful person. In some ways, or
    even in many, Emma is my favorite solo spice, even before Geri
    and she will always be close to my pop heart forever.

    @soratami you rate Emma as number one by the spices but
    according to your votes for this rate Emma isn't even your
    number five out of five. What happened!?

    @phoenix123 mentioned the pop group Five star and posted my
    favorite song by Mandy Moore, "let me be the one". I had kinda
    forgotten that Five star did the original, even after pop3blow2
    mentioned them a while back in the Mandy Moore rate. I really
    love the original by Five star as well as mandy's cover! I think
    I should check more of Five stars music out! They do seem like
    brilliant song writers! Thanks Phoenix123 for reminding me!

    @Maki What can I say? Geri is full of surprises! Glad to hear
    that you enjoyed "calling" and "there's always tomorrow", as
    well as her amazing b side "summertime"! And surely that not
    be the only songs that you are able to appreciate by Geri.
    I think you'd enjoy certain songs by Emma Bunton as well!

    My thoughts on Maki's number one and Paul Simon
    Wow, I guess it isn't much of a surprise to see @Maki 's number
    one favorite artist get picked as France Gall. It makes
    sense as Maki is always talking about how much he loves her
    music. Or was that Berserkboi? Heck I guess the both of them,
    as they both voted for her. She does have a great voice and
    her music is always so well produced. I recognize several songs
    that other chanson artists I love covered by her, so that say's
    quite a lot of her immense talent and big influence to other
    artists. I've heard several classic chanson songs by her that
    I've really liked a lot. She is definitely one of the best
    chanson singers for her music catalog!

    I should dive more into her catalog but it is kinda hard to find her
    proper albums on spotify and I'm still not really into her voice as much as
    I am into other female chanson pop singers, but that may change
    later on. It is good to see France Gall do so well in this rate
    but honestly I feel like she should have went even further because
    she is a freaking legend, is she not?

    Oh my, I love her singing and her voice on "Ce soir je ne dors pas"!
    I hear at least two songs that I know the chanson pop artist "Jenifer"
    covered. (Like "besoin d'amour") I wonder if anybody voted for her.
    She is great too.

    Paul Simon is certainly good at what he does. I like how he
    tells stories through his music, while making his music really
    catchy and relaxing. Edie Brickell does the same with her solo
    music, so I can see why she got with Paul. Paul Simon's music
    is so lavishly produced, so that's definitely part of the
    enjoyment of his music for me. Good on @Filippa and @pop3blow2
    voting for him! I need to get more acquainted with his music.

    Oh Amy..
    Wow, so the awesome Amy MacDonald made it to 69 points and
    192 placement! That's pretty good! She has become one of my
    new favorite artists to listen to ever since I finally checked
    out her debut album, which I think is a masterpiece of sensible,
    well produced pop rock with passionate vocals. Very nice song
    choices by @Sprockrooster and @Iggypig ! I love the opener,
    "Mr. rock and roll", such an excellent song! As well as the next
    hit song that follows afterward on her debut, which was my song
    pick. This is the life just sounds so well constructed by very
    talented musicians who I wouldn't be surprised are professionals
    and have been making music for a long time. Amy included!

    Amy is a brilliant song writer and multi-talented no doubt. I
    wanted to give her even more points but since I haven't heard
    her later albums yet, she ended up with just 30 points. I
    highly suspect that later I will end up being even more fond
    of her music. I love her voice! Such a good tone and so passionate
    on every single song. I can't say enough good things about her.
    I just think that she is wonderful and that everyone should hear
    her music that appreciates well produced pop rock with loads
    of sharp personality and well sung vocals that just glide like
    the wings of a bird in the breezy sky. Amy MacDonald is already
    a pop legend in my mind. Thanks to my fellow voters for helping
    Amy to get this far! Especially Sprockrooster, you are awesome!
    What great taste you have!

    I really liked what I just heard from Suzanne Vega just now! I've
    seen her name pop up several times before but I never decided to
    hear much of her music, but her music is actually really decent!
    Suzanne has such a beautiful voice and her compositions are so
    lovely, multi-layered works of art. Definitely a very talented
    artist capable of doing different styles of pop really well.
    Her music reminds me of Edie Brickell & new Bohemians which
    is really awesome. She's now added to my list of new exciting
    artist discoveries, thanks @funkyg @Eric Generic and
    @invertedbutterfly ! Great artist pick!

    Craig and Annie...not that Annie
    Wow, Craig Armstrong sounds like a really lavish movie composer.
    So thematic, so many nice touches and cool sounds, all wrapped
    around an engaging melody and beautiful piano. Excellent artist
    pick by @roborovsky and @Auntie Beryl ! I will be listening to
    some of his music later for sure! I really love his multi layered
    and passionate thematic sound to his complex compositions. Crazy
    that I've heard of him before but I never paid much attention to
    his music. Craig sounds like a legendary composer, one of a kind
    in his craft. I say much of this in excitement from hearing his
    "space between us" album.

    Of course Annie Lennox has an incredible voice. I didn't realize
    how good her solo albums were. Glad that Annie L. did better this
    edition than the first one. Obviously people are just recognizing
    major talent and justice is being served. I found it kind of hard
    to get into her former band material but I'm feeling pretty drawn
    into her solo work. Her Bare album really is fantastic!
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  6. She was in my long list, but unfortunately there were just too many acts I wanted to give points to!
  7. Back to post once more. I apologize for hijacking this
    wonderful thread in order to get caught up. So I'm now
    down to only two artists left and I'm really hoping that
    at least one of those artists can make it to top 100.
    I have been steadily losing more artists, but not at
    that bad of a pace, so I'm relieved about that.
    There are literally SO many amazing, high profile
    artists coming through now on every post that it
    is really a major rollercoaster ride! Brace yourselves
    indeed PopJustice!

    As if I haven't poured my heart out enough for her yet..
    Mandy Moore making it to 181 with 72 points and four voters makes
    me so happy! I can only imagine that @pop3blow2 's Many Moore rate
    had some doing in helping to promote Mandy for voters in the
    2019 Ultimate popstars rate. Seeing Mandy being pop3blow2's
    number one favorite artist is so awesome! What a great artist pick
    for the number one spot! Now all of those long passionate write-ups
    about her in his Mandy rate are starting to make better sense now.
    How Pop3blow2 is always referencing Mandy's music to other acts
    pop3blow2 loves and vice versa. Mandy is very deserving of that
    golden number one spot! Well done Pop3blow2! I have to admit that
    I'm not as passionate about Mandy and into her music as much as I
    used to be. Doing Pop3blow2's Mandy rate helped me to further realize
    this. Blame it on my musical evolution and expanding taste.

    Don't get me wrong though, I still love Mandy's music and her voice
    very much. But she would have got more points from me if I'd done
    a rate on her many years ago. At least Mandy still made it on my list.
    There were several other high quality acts that had to be cut for
    Mandy to get a spot, but I'm glad I did it. I see our fellow new
    Mandy fan @LKane here giving Mandy some points, but @unnameable
    giving Mandy some points is unexpected. What a lovely surprise!

    Well, this say's it now..Pop3blow2 is popjustice's ultimate
    Mandy Moore fan. I thought it was me before, as others have mentioned
    on the forum and in my PJSC yearbook before, but now we know who
    the real stan is. I have so much respect for Mandy as a artist
    number one. Mandy really doesn't have any bad albums and she has
    something for everyone in her music catalog. She is a brilliant
    song writer and fantastic vocalist. I can't say enough good things
    about her, and if you want to read more on my fond thoughts of Mandy,
    you must follow Pop3blow2's amazing Mandy Moore rate! I will speak
    more on her later, but for now I'm just shocked and at a loss for

    Just realize, I love Mandy with all of my heart and her debut album
    was my very first album that I ever bought on CD in a small
    music store in 1999. I have such fond memories enjoying her music
    and discovering her. My favorite two albums by her are her first
    and last album. Kinda weird right? I bet noone else has a top
    favorite set of Mandy album picks like mine.

    Well said to @pop3blow2 on your love for Mandy last Saturday!
    Very nice top 5 and I will for sure be trying to follow your
    Mandy rate more closely soon. So proud to be a part of your
    rate and help Mandy get this far, to the top 200! Go Mandy!

    Atomic Kitten, OMD and Toni Braxton oh my!
    Oh Atomic Kitten! I've always liked them but I never really got
    that acquainted with their music. They have a very interesting
    wikipedia read! A very talented group of singers and some great
    production to their music. That kind of lovely 2000's teen pop
    production that is so full of life and so catchy. Nice to see
    them get three voters! I know someone on last fm that is a huge
    Heide Range fan! She might just be my favorite from the group
    as well. Oh no, I said I wouldn't care about any "girl bands"
    showing up after K3, but I just can't help it. Atomic Kitten
    seem really good! An overlooked pop group for me. I guess
    I'm in a better mood now than i was earlier on my K3 write up.
    Plus it is a known fact that uplifting chorous by talented,
    beautiful women put you in a better mood and soothe your pop

    O.M.D. for sure had some really beautiful, touching songs.
    I used to have a pretty big O.M.D. fan around me playing
    their music all the time, so I got pretty acquainted with
    their music. "Souvenir" is a great song pick by @Eric Generic !
    Overall I find their music too lo-fi for me, so I don't
    listen to them that much. I don't deny their talent for
    writing dreamy, captivating synthpop though. I read this before
    but I forgot that O.M.D. got Atomic Kitten started, which are
    on the same batch of artists for 173. Ha! It is destiny!

    Ahh, Toni Braxton ! I heard this one song a while back that I
    really loved and I felt like maybe I could get really into her
    music. The song I heard may have been a b-side. However, I'm
    not sure if she's album worthy for me but I do think she is
    tremendously talented. Of course @londonrain stans her, I
    fully expected that. Nice to see her get this far in the rate!
    With a big helping from Londonrain! Those 2011 vs 2019 leaps!
    Certainly deserved! I need to give her music more listens
    to decide if she's an artist I can listen to regularly or not.
    I'm not really into R&B singers that much but if I was, I
    feel like Toni would be a good contender for me.

    I'm not a Alizee fan but @Island 's song picks were really
    great! Almost made me question why I've turned away from
    her music before.

    So Melanie C didn't make it to the top 100 either, Hmmm.
    Melanie C made it this far thanks to the forums new resident
    fan @Maki and our fellow spice fan @saviodxl, as well as a few
    other voters. (chanex, LKane and Daniel_O) It makes sense that
    Melanie C would out perform the other spices, as she did the best
    in the solo spices rate, and as others have mentioned, Melanie C
    has more albums released. I've never been able to fully get behind
    her voice but I do respect her talent as a song writer and singer.
    I have heard some pretty good songs by her, but my personal
    favorite has always been her touching ballad..

    Feel the sun is very pretty, so good choice @chanex !
    Melt is also great, her vocals sound really powerful on
    that one! And I've always liked "never be the same again".
    What a jam! Great song choices all around! I don't deny
    Melanie C's music being very good, often with well written
    lyrics and good production as well. I even opened up to
    her music more and started to appreciate it more on the
    solo spice rate. Multi-talented for sure! When will others realize
    that Geri and Emma's music has just as much treasure to
    explore!? It looked like perhaps Maki was starting to realize
    this after hearing some of the Geri's songs I shared, but
    we will see. In any case, I realize that Melanie C will
    always receive more recognition than the other spices here.

    I think her album "Northern star" does a good job of exploring
    different styles of music well. It helped early on to show
    how versatile Melanie C is, as well as very talented. I wish
    her other albums were less rock oriented and had more
    fun dance jams. Or maybe they do and I'm just not realizing..

    Shakira, a great singer! Very unique talent! I bought her
    Laundry service album when it came out and enjoyed it for
    a long while. Her single "whenever, whereever" won me over.
    My go-to song on that album was "ready for the good times".
    After that I fell out of interest in her music. Still I
    think she she has one of the best Latin voices ever and
    so much potential as an artist. Good to see her make it
    to top 200! "Don't bother" is a great song pick @DJHazey !
    I like that one a lot too, as well as the video for it.

    Talk talk, Scissors and Sky..
    Wow, Talk talk! I love that band! I really wanted to vote
    for them but I'm not yet acquainted enough with their music
    to warrant doing so. Still they are no doubt one of my
    favorite 80's bands. So cool to see Talk talk get picked
    as @Auntie Beryl 's number one favorite! What taste you
    have, oh my! Thanks to Talk talks other voters @Ironheade
    and @Eric Generic for helping them to almost make the top
    150! And they did slightly better than in 2011, nice.
    If I had voted for them, my song would have been "life's
    what you make it". What a fantastic alternative synth pop
    group, and one with all around amazing musicians. I love
    Mark's voice a lot. I've always thought he had a very unique
    voice for an 80's pop group. Too many great songs to mention
    but I will mention one more, "This party's over".

    Scissor Sisters are such a unique and creative pop outfit.
    The few songs I've heard in the past I mostly liked and I
    really liked what I just heard from a couple of their albums
    and most of the voters song picks. The lead singer has a great
    voice and their musical compositions are so rich and lively,
    innovative even for electronic and dance. I think I will
    be checking more of their music out later. Thanks for reminding
    me of their brilliance @OspreyQueen @rawkey @mung_been @Iggypig
    and @GimmeWork !

    I really like Sky Ferreira ! Her voice is very pretty. I don't
    know for sure yet if her music is for me but I know I remember
    hearing some really nice songs by her before. Nice to see her
    do a lot better in this edition of Ultimate popstars!

    Oh so my beloved Jolin Tsai
    barely made it to top 150.
    I had suspected @Pecans as a voter so I'm pretty thrilled to see
    Pecans give her 31 points. And the extra 16 points by
    @Ana Raquel is very much welcoming and appreciated. Wow, Jolin
    ended up making it pretty far. I first didn't really expect
    Jolin to receive any more voters, but she did. Pecans was correct
    when he said that he is a fan of Taiwanese pop! You can't be a fan
    of Taiwanese pop without being a fan of Jolin Tsai. She is a legend!
    I discovered her earlier this year while browsing a Taiwanese
    music site and she came up as a recommendation to the amazing
    Hebe Tien. So perfect! Afterwards Jolin quickly became my favorite
    Taiwanese singer and even my all time favorite Asian singer!
    Now, at this point I can say that Jolin has become my all time
    favorite solo singer, period. Hence why she got my number two
    spot! So well deserved! I'm not yet acquainted with all of her
    albums but I've heard a good amount of them so far and I pretty
    much love them all.

    The first album I heard by her that helped get me really into
    her music was her amazing 72 hours album from 2003. It was
    a breakthrough album where Jolin drastically changed her pop
    style to a bigger sound, with a larger production format. The
    result was pretty fantastic! Jolin changed pop music and improved
    her music career by a large scope! I love her pre-72 hours
    albums as well, which I have recently finished listening to.

    You really can't go wrong with any Jolin album. At least for
    Jolins first three or four label album periods. One of her later
    albums I highly recommend for amazing dance and touching ballads
    is her Muse album. That album is just fantastic! Vocally-wise,
    if I'm being truly honest, I'd probably still pick Hebe Tien
    as my favorite but Jolin still is very capable vocally and she
    continues to amaze me on a daily basis with her passionate and
    breathtaking vocal performances. I picked "shadow dancer" as
    my signature Jolin song because it represented what I love the
    most about Jolin. She was never afraid to do fun pop with a
    catchy beat and cool exotic style to it..

    I still can't believe that she is already out. I was hoping
    Jolin would make it to top 100 at least. but oh well. There's
    not enough love here for Taiwanese singers, clearly. That's
    others loss, not ours. I'm honored to share votes with one
    of my favorite voters of this rate, Pecans and Ana Raquel,
    which I've seen have some cool taste in artists in this rate.
    You two are awesome for voting for my Taiwanese pop queen.
    She truly is..I have never loved an artist this much before.
    Since I've discovered her, I have not only been heavily enjoying
    her albums, but I have also really enjoyed one of her famous
    live concert videos on youtube. I loved her live performances
    so much that I later bought her live concert titled "J1 live"
    on dvd, which also came with a calender. Here it is here..

    Just check out the cool opener to the concert, I love
    everything about this! She sure is flexible too!

    I have been obsessed with her ever since I first discovered her.
    Jolin is a true pop star and Icon in the Asian music industry.
    Well there you have it, my number one favorite girl band and
    solo singer, both of which left sort of close to one another.
    Now you are probably wondering who my number one is. You will
    just have to wait and find out. This is so exciting, isn't it?

    @Pecans you picked a great song by her from her Muse album!
    "Dr. Jolin" is classic Jolin! What a bop!
    "Honey trap" is a banger too! @Ana Raquel
    Also love your favorite song picks from later Tuesday
    evening! Especially "tacit voilence" and the song you
    first discovered Jolin by. I love hearing of others
    Jolin discoveries!

    God, I must have already watched the Jolin J1 live concert like over
    six times so far. It's so good! SO many great performances and
    great songs featured! Must of which I already know well from her
    albums. Oh and remember that other artist I was mentioning earlier
    that seemed to drastically later change her style of music? Well
    for better or worse, that was Jolin. I haven't yet heard her later
    two albums, but after hearing one or two songs from her "Ugly beauty"
    album, I got the big impression that at that point, the classic
    pop Jolin that I have come to love and adore is no more on that
    album. She sounds like a completely different artist at that point.
    Not sure what happened there, but as I said earlier, this has
    happened several times before with other big artist favorites like
    Anna Abreu. Anyway, in any case, weather I later warm up to later
    Jolin or not, I will always love all of Jolin's earlier material.
    Her catalog almost seems flawless, like a real pop treasure!

    I am already talking too much about Jolin, as to be expected as
    she is such a big deal favorite of mine. I will just end this
    with another incredible song by her that I love.

    This is one of her earlier bops with a cool R&B sound to it
    from her amazing Lucky number album..

    @soratami you wondered if there were any acts that only showed
    up in this edition? I think my Anna Abreu was one. K3 were definitely
    one as well. I had several artists that I voted for actually that weren't in
    the 2011 edition. See how I help bring new pop heros to the rate?

    Garbage had some really nice songs that appealed to teenagers
    back in the day. Not sure who they appeal to now, but I used
    to jam to their version 2.0 album, pretty great! Also their
    first album and pretty garbage had some great moments on it.
    Not sure what really happened to them after that. Still, I rather
    listen to Curve. Still love stupid girl and I think I'm paranoid,
    what a fantastic first impression of Garbage @londonrain !
    Love the piano at the end of stupid girl and the video is so
    cool. Garbage at one of their finest moments. You look so fine,
    another fine moment.

    Ashley Tisdale's "over it" is surprisingly great! What is this from?
    @Music Is Life

    I like "how do you love someone" more than I thought I would as well!
    Perhaps I should go back and investigate further with her music.
    I really do like her voice a lot. Did you know she was in the Hellcats
    show? She was so amazing in that!

    Okay, I have to say it. Rita Ora and Red velvet sound like two
    very high quality acts! makes sense they'd be in the same post

    I really love the sound of Solange! I think I've heard "losing you"
    before and enjoyed it. She just has this creative and fresh way
    of making urban R&B that really appeals to me. I didn't expect
    to like an R&B artist today, but she isn't your typical R&B
    sensation. Really lovely voice and production! Great pick indeed
    by @Sprockrooster @eccentricsimply and @Maki !

    oh and @Sprockrooster if you were still doing your small Solange
    rate I might have joined now! She just left me with a great
    impression from this rate!

    Perfume sure have some amazing production to their music!
    Definitely fairly unique for a Jpop group. That's about it.
  8. I was actually asking about the opposite, acts that were in the 2011 edition, but not in this one!
  9. Oh I see. That would be really interesting to know as well! I love
    Ultimate popstar stats either way.

    @DJHazey you have been doing a top job
    (as usual) with this rate! I love that we're doing
    one of these before next year hits, such great timing. And that
    thing that happens where a few day's after a artist is mentioned
    in a countdown comes out with a new song or album does sound
    really magical.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  10. I need to finish Kumi's rate first, but I'll be all in for hosting Perfume rate, they are me favorite Japanese group after all. Although we did play with the idea of a "versus" rate for some other Japanese artists. We'll see which one comes first.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  11. Next batch has a genuine shocker to me that they're aren't Top 100 and also that they didn't snag at least one stray vote in 2011.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  12. 133rd - 94 Points

    Ellie Goulding

    @saviodxl (39) + @əʊæ (32) + @Sail On (15) + @roborovsky (5) + @Untouchable Ace (3)


    saviodxl: Lights

    əʊæ: My Blood

    Sail On: Goodness Gracious

    roborovsky: Anything Could Happen

    Untouchable Ace: Figure 8


    @chanex (37) + @gezza76 (27) + @unnameable (15) + @rawkey (12) + @KingBruno (3)


    chanex: Take Me Back

    gezza76: You Surround Me

    unnameable: Ship of Fools

    rawkey: Drama!

    KingBruno: A Little Respect


    @chanex (35) + @londonrain (34) + @Daniel_O (25)


    chanex: U Should've Known Better

    londonrain: Street Symphony

    Daniel_O: Angel of Mine


    @Aester (39) + @pop3blow2 (21) + @Auntie Beryl (19) + @Russron (9) + @marie_05 (6)

    2011: 102
    2019: 133


    Aester: Let Down

    pop3blow2: Idioteque

    Auntie Beryl: Fake Plastic Trees

    Russron: Paranoid Android

    marie_05: Fake Plastic Trees

    Tom Waits

    @Aester (35) + @Ironheade (33) + @Russron (26)


    Aester: Alice

    Ironheade: Clap Hands

    Russron: 16 Shells from a 30.6
  13. Ellie has quite a few bangers behind her back and I love listening to the majority of her music from time to time.

    Erasure's "Always" is one of the best songs that has ever been created, period.
  14. THIS GEM!

    ALREADY? I mean, I know sometimes she pulls a Jess Glynne and her last singles were a mess, but sis delivers constantly
  15. I've got the oddest/most eclectic set of favorites from Ellie that you'll ever see, trust me.

    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  16. Bright Lights is still THAT album

  17. Also love Guns and Horsies* from her debut.

    *I'll never get over how much I love how she sings that word.

    berserkboi, Lila, 2014 and 9 others like this.
  18. Lights and Bright Lights are amazing! Delirium also has some peaks!
    I have a playlist where I keep my faves from her. That for some reason I can't embed here, so here's the link

  19. Oh and the Cascada fans out there might want to know what this stan's Top 10 looks like. Well I can tell you it's all from their first three albums when I was obsessed with them beyond compare. They bridged me into Eurodance and pop in general almost simultaneously along with other artists we'll reveal later but obviously more on the dance side of things. Hearing Natalie's voice over these dynamic beats changed my life as a metalhead in my youth. The exact kind of female vocal I crave with such catchiness behind it, I was amazed. I set out to find literally anything the internet had to offer that came close to what Cascada was giving, which is why I have the 'vault' of Eurodance favorites I'm always talking about. Just night after night of 'youtube deep dives' in the mid to late 00s, thanks to Cascada. That Top 10:

    1. Reason
    2. A Neverending Dream
    3. Perfect Day
    4. Ready For Love
    5. Ready or Not
    6. Bad Boy
    7. What Do You Want From Me?
    8. Dangerous
    9. One More Night
    10. Because the Night
  20. Poor Ellie! The excessive trend-hopping killed my interest in her, but Lights and Halcyon are still absolutely precious records.
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