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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - Winner!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Why whatever do you mean??
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  2. Hence the "I'm delusional" part...
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  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  4. This is on my to-do list today. Terrified I'm gonna forget someone very obvious and be dragged for it later.

    Also, how much jazz and old school soul are others doing? It's a big part of my listening but obviously not oft discussed here?
  5. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    There's defo both on my list - even with my rejigged criteria, which took more into account how amazing a popstar I thought each choice was (as well as how much I liked them/their output), there were several choices that fulfilled that as well.
  6. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I submitted a list of my favourites no matter what, so Sinatra is in my top 5 and there are other jazz/swing singers and a lot of non-PJ friendly acts generally on my list.
  7. Yes, all I can give is the lists are very eclectic so far.
  8. Mine is about 'done'... should have it to you a few days. It's one of the hardest music list things I've had to do in awhile.

    I don't think I'll be brave enough to post who I cut, because once people see who I picked in their place I might get voted off the island here.
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I did my list in five hours over two days. No overthinking it here dddd.
  10. I didn't even begin compiling the list... all I know is who is my #1 artist.
  11. Last time, I rated Carly Rae super-high because Emotion was awesome, and I gave points to Aly & AJ because "Insomniatic" had a special place in my heart.

    Watch those two score a stack of votes from other people because of recency bias. I shouldn't complain about being vindicated.
  12. All I know for sure at this point is that my top 7 is locked in and that I have well over 40 artists to pare down.
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  13. I am having a hard time sorting through anything outside my Top 10! Can 11-40 get equal points instead?
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  14. I've included one act on the basis of my thoughts regarding a single album too. I'm slightly worried I'm going to be the only one voting for her!

    Carly wasn't on my mind for this at all, but in a couple of years' time, who knows.
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