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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - Winner!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Give me a couple more years and CHVRCHES will be in a serious position to make my 40.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    My votes are in. My top 3 - whew.
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  3. Ugh well that’s over...how dreadful that I had to cut the following:

    Culture Club

    Hall & Oates

    Howard Jones

    Jennifer Lopez

    Ji Nilsson


    The KLF

    Malcolm Mclaren








    Sarah McLachlan

    Sneaker Pimps

    Sophie Ellis Bextor

    Talk Talk

    Tori Amos

    Zero 7

    Already regretting two and started to mentally reshuffle but what’s done is done...kind of why I posted LOL.

    ETA: @londonrain just checked that you are scheduled to participate I think u should've known why. xoxo
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Good. You know I was checking that list to see if a certain artist had been cut... because I would have been so gone if you had cut her xoxo
  5. I have literally just seen this - thanks for the invite, sounds good!
  6. Hmm, but was that artist already on the list before you two had a say?

  7. What kind of Sophie’s Choice is Like A Prayer / Frozen / Vogue when choosing a single track for Madonna though?!
  8. The fact that none of these three were mine...she's amazing.
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  9. If you heard Madonna's performance ofLiike a Prayer at Eurovision, you'd turn that into a coinflip between Frozen and Vogue.
  10. Frozen, always Frozen.
  11. With Madonna - you all are getting an "underrated" song on my ballot!
  12. *looks at ballot*

    There aren't enough quotation marks to cover that amount of sarcasm.
  13. Well - I barely see that track mentioned here so I assume it is underrated? Maybe not afterall...
  14. @Madonna get the damned Miami Mix of the Evita song on Spotify challenge
  15. You’re getting the deepest of cuts from me too, but if you followed the Madonna rates or the Ultimate PJ song rate then you’d already expect it.
  16. I think Madonna made my previous ballot, but I can't remember. Once upon a time she would have made my list for my love for Confessions On A Dance Floor alone.
  17. We're up to 44 voters now, listed here:

    1. @Dangerous Maknae
    2. @CorgiCorgiCorgi
    3. @Reboot
    4. @Sprockrooster
    5. @Iggypig
    6. @WoW73
    7. @LKane
    8. @One Stop Candy Shop
    9. @CasuallyCrazed
    10. @Island
    11. @DJHazey
    12. @KingBruno
    13. @31entrance
    14. @Ironheade
    15. @Eric Generic
    16. @saviodxl
    17. @enjoy v2.0
    18. @soratami
    19. @Angeleyes
    20. @WhenTheSunGoesDown
    21. @livefrommelbs
    22. @əʊæ
    23. @WowWowWowWow
    24. @GimmeWork
    25. @roborovsky
    26. @Lila
    27. @Glitterizer
    28. @Sail On
    29. @sfmartin
    30. @funkyg
    31. @Music Is Life
    32. @lemonsqueezyy
    33. @Eric
    34. @invertedbutterfly
    35. @ohnostalgia
    36. @Filippa
    37. @Riiiiiiiii
    38. @pop3blow2
    39. @Trouble in Paradise
    40. @DominoDancing
    41. @berserkboi
    42. @2014
    43. @rawkey
    44. @chanex

    That's well over 700 artists and again I repeat no one has come close to being shutout as far as having some of their choices get mutual love from at least one other voter. Most people have at least one solo-pick though, but there have been a few 'populist' voters where all 40 of their favorites got other voters.
  18. Exclusive footage of @DJHazey entering the 700th artist write-up after doing 699 of them
  19. More like 900 after voting closes.
  20. So even though some of my picks might flop in the long run, there was a period in this rate that all my entries made it top 40.

    Not everybody has that!
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