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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - Winner!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Me making "Turn Me Up" the only other #1 song in the first Carly rate other than Run Away With Me.
  2. And me making "Dress" the only other #1 song in BPG 2017 rate other than Green Light and helping talent finally win somewhere. @ohnostalgia @Babyface
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    What is a dress?
  4. So I have more a less narrowed down my list of artist, though I have a bit of a problem ranking them after the first 10. Does anyone know a website where you can put the list of things in and it then lets you rank the things by showing you them pair by pair until you compare all of them to reveal their final placement in the list?

    I remember I have stumbled upon something like this a couple of times, but now I can't find anything similar.
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  5. @Mvnl might know!
  6. What @soratami, @ohnostalgia, and I came up with is to put your options into a spreadsheet as a list and then use a random number generator to pit two artists on the list against each other over and over and give them 'Wins' and 'Losses' until you start to see how it's shaping up.


    Hey everyone, I'm going to be away on my annual trip up to our family camp this long Memorial Day weekend, so keep the ballots coming in but I won't be able to enter any in and won't be around the forum until next week. (bad spot for cell phones where I'll be)
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  7. Not to be judgy but...anyone who’s not listing 40 artists simply isn’t trying hard enough...

    ...that said I feel like maybe I could have lost five who I just picked to give them some shine over another dozen or so they felt pretty much equal to. So ok I can see the logic in listing less and I stand corrected.
  8. Here hoping.
    Sounds a bit tedious... Guess I'll just try going down the list comparing the artists two at a time. Have fun on your getaway!
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  9. I must do this…..

    There will be no doubt who my #1 is

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  10. I'm once more listening to my special playlist with all my submitted acts' "best" albums and, whew, I have such good taste. (I don't have good taste.)

    Do you use last.fm? You could rank your artists based on amount of plays or, if you have more time on your hands, the amount of times they show up in your top 10 "most played" per year. I did the latter, and I ended up with an order I was pretty happy with and that felt accurate.

  11. Thank you for the suggestion. I do use last.fm, and I actually looked through it to decide who to put onto my list, still I can't decide on the final order. Like there are artist whose music I might have not listened for couple of years at that point, but it doesn't mean they should be lower on the list compared to someone who I listened to more.

    Anyway, in the end only the Western artists' placements on my list would matter, dddd. I mean, if @soratami didn't put Kumi on hers, then who else would? No one, except me, hah!

    Although it would be nice to have the "definitive" list of my all time faves at hand for personal satisfaction.
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  12. It did take a while, but it was pretty fun actually. The worst part was doing it and then realising there was an act you forgot to include at the start ddd
  13. A little reminder that LP exists and should be a consideration on some of your lists. She's going to be on my list based on these three songs alone:

    I'm seriously thinking of listening to her whole discography as soon as possible.
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  14. For what it's worth, my list will feature three Japanese acts (that no one else will have, I fear). Plus three more in the last 15 that didn't quite make it.
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  15. Oh! There's definitely one of those in mine! And for the sheer talent they have across everything to create their own music - I am hoping @Russron is supporting that talent too!

    You too, @ohnostalgia!
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  16. Finally made a quick shortlist and it consists of... 41 artists/bands!
    I'm sure that there are some missing, but the main ones I intended to include are all there.

    Decided to go as much PJ friendly as possible, therefore the vast majority of the list consists of the artists and bands that I've first started listening to from 2016 onward.
    Also, there were only few artists that I listened to before, and the ones I did are really obscure (but there will be a couple of those on the list, too).
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  17. So after I more or less sorted out the placement of the artists on my list I was struck with another issue - how do I choose only one favorite song? In the end I got through this, whew.

    Breaking down my list we have the following:

    22 Japanese
    9 American
    5 Korean
    3 English
    1 French

    37 female
    3 male

    32 solo acts
    8 goups

    Kylie Minogue - All I See
    sifow - love regrets
    Nishino Kana - MAYBE
    Jennifer Lopez - Villain
    lecca - Akashi
    Katy Perry - Wide Awake
    Leona Lewis - Favourite Scar
    Lee Hyori - Highlight (feat. Bizzy)
    Foxxi misQ - NAKED
    HALCALI - Look
    melody. - with you
    Alexandra Burke - Dumb
    YA-KYIM - Feel The Sky
    Tohoshinki - Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?
    Ito Yuna - losin'
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - If You Go
    Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot
    Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss
    ICONIQ - Light Ahead
    Shimatani Hitomi - ~Mermaid~
    Tomoko Kawase (aka Tommy february6 or Tommy heavenly6) - ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥
    MAA - Mayday
  18. OMG!

    She was on my almost list too, with the same song! Paradise Kiss forever!!!
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  19. Noice! She's so creative, both sides of her persona are so fascinating. The songs are great as well.
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  20. That song flopped when I sent it to PJ00s unfortunately :( RUNAWAY seems to have done well enough in pjsc however...
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