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Ultimate Popstars 2019 - Winner!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Either "Second Helpings" or the later budget "Platinum Collection" (when Warners went mad with cheap back catalogue compilations of all their roster) are a great starting place. For me, obviously, the first three albums are close to perfect with barely a filler between them, but avoid the 2CD "Very Best Of" with the black/green sleeve as the sound is a bit crap and often mp3 sourced.
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  2. Actually, I personally didn't like that bonus multiplier that much but since I started that way with albums I finished it that way. It will simply be the total number of points. If an artist is someone's #1 all-time (40 points) why penalize that artist just because a couple/few people rank a different artist lower on their ranks but the points happen to add up to the that 40, for example.

    Basically, I feel like breaking the ties like that devalues the idea of ranking your artists/albums/etc.
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  3. 1019th - 2 Points

    Maggie Lindemann



    Origin: Dallas, USA

    Genres: Pop, Alternative Pop, Indie Pop

    Active: 2015-present

    Peak: 2016

    Albums: 0

    UK/US Top 40 Hits: 1

    Biggest Hit: Pretty Girl

    Voter Picks: Obsessed




    Origin: San Pedro, Los Angeles, USA

    Genres: R&B, Alternative R&B

    Active: 2000-present

    Peak: 2010-present

    Albums: 4 (2010-2017)

    Biggest Albums: Kaleidoscope Dream (2012), Wildheart (2015), War & Leisure (2017)

    UK/US Top 40 Hits: 3

    Biggest Hit: Adorn

    Voter Picks: Coffee

    Milli Moonstone



    Origin: London, England

    Genres: Indie Pop

    Active: 2009?-present

    Albums: 2 (2009-2017)

    Voter Picks: Lotsa Money

    OLIVIA (Olivia Lufkin)


    2011: 280
    2019: 1019


    Origin: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

    Genres: Trip Hop, Pop, Rock, Ambient, Alternative, Electronica, Industrial, Downtempo

    Active: 1996-present

    Peak: 1999-2009

    Albums: 3 (2000-2007)

    Biggest Album: Synchronicity (2000)

    Biggest Hit: A Little Pain

    Voter Picks: Stars Shining Out




    Origin: Mexico City, Mexico

    Genres: Latin Pop, Pop Rock, Teen Pop, Dance-Pop

    Members: Alfonso Herrera, Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Christopher von, Uckermann, Maite Perroni

    Active: 2004-2009

    Peak: 2006

    Albums: 6 (2004-2009)

    Biggest Album: Celestial (2006)

    Biggest Hit: Tu Amor

    Voter Picks: Santa No Soy

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  4. Milli Moonstone! What a great name.
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  5. I liked Olivia’s 2000 album synchronicity, Dress Me Up is a bop
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  6. Maggie Lindemann's Obsessed is a very good song. She's also very pretty.
  7. Get your summer bop life!

  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    YATH @KingBruno pick Miguel’s best song.

    Definitely the one that made me get into his music.

  9. I love this. I'm listening to her (small) discography right now and everything is really good.
  10. Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann is a tune.
  11. I don't know much of Miguel's material at all, but I love 'Pineapple Skies' so will definitely have to try him out.

    Yeah I see what you mean - I just thought I'd ask as I realised I didn't know. Really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out now...
  12. Oh I’m intrigued to give Maggie lindemann a listen and also feel confident that Miguel will be one of the Top 10 sexiest men in the thousands of artists we’re gonna see in this rate.
  13. Yas the Maggie Lindemann stanning. Pretty Girl was such a hit but for some reason radio didn't take to Obsessed, which is criminal because it's such a straight up bop.

    She's like a mixture between Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez.
  14. God, just seeing OLIVIA in the post gave me chills, what a woman! If you like weird-ass songs you should check her earlier works and if you like something more streamlined than her later songs for NANA are amazing.

    Funnily enough, I was basically choosing between her and Tsuchiya Anna to be included in my list, dddd.
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    jesus christ it was one of my favorite groups when i was a kid

    i'll blame their post-nuestro amor albums
  16. 1019th - 2 Points

    Sara Watkins



    Origin: Vista, California, USA

    Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Country

    Active: 1989-present (also a member of Nickel Creek)

    Albums: 3 (2009-2016)

    Biggest Album: Young in the All the Wrong Ways (2016)

    Voter Picks: When It Pleases You

    Simon Curtis



    Origin: Alpena, Michigan, USA

    Genres: Electronic, Dance-Pop

    Active: 2006-present

    Albums: 4 (2010-2016)

    Biggest Album: R∆ (2011)

    Voter Picks: Berlin Wall




    Origin: Liaoning, China

    Genres: Electronic, Electro

    Active: 2011-2012

    Albums: 1 (2012)

    Voter Picks: Drunk




    Origin: Kansas City, USA

    Genres: Punk, Dance, Electronic, Pop

    Active: 1996-present

    Albums: 6 (1999-2018)

    Voter Picks: At Least the Sky Is Blue

    The Feeling



    Origin: Horsham, West Sussex, England

    Genres: Power Pop, Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Post-Britpop, Progressive Pop

    Members: Dan Gillespie-Sells (lead vocals/guitars), Richard Jones (bass/vocals), Kevin Jeremiah (guitars/vocals), Ciaran Jeremiah (keyboards/vocals), Paul Stewart (drums)

    Active: 1995-present

    Peak: 2006-2008

    Albums: 5 (2006-2016)

    Biggest Album: Twelve Stops and Home (2006)

    UK/US Top 40 Hits: 6

    Biggest Hit: Never Be Lonely

    Voter Picks: Love It When You Call

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  17. Ever since I entered I was waiting to realize I forgot someone and last night it hit me...Whitney Houston oops lol. Oh well I assume she’ll be well-represented.
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  18. PSA: That one SingerSen song from the PJSC is a 'Teenage Dream'-esque megabop.

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  19. Speaking of artists we forgot to put on our list, I just realized that I forgot to include Indila - how on earth did that happen!? She would've probably been in my top 30 or top 20.
    I talked more about her in the French Divas rate, so let me just quote myself:
    So mad that I totally forgot about her..
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